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[James Calvert]

James Calvert

DB: 10/9 Coronado Island, CA

James Calvert stars as Dr. Gus Lloyd, the scientist who finds that he must battle the real life products of his own creative, if somewhat tormented, imagination after a lab experiment brings an army of video game super-villains to life, in Deadly Games, a new science fiction action adventure series from Viacom Productions for broadcast on UPN.

Calvert's television credits include a regular role on the series Superboy. He has starred in two network teen specials, Two Teens and a Baby and Perfect Date, and made guest appearances on such series as Beverly Hills 90210, Almost Home, Matlock and Who's the Boss? In the Fall of 1996, Calvert will appear in an episode of the Showtime series Picture Windows. The segment, directed by Bob Raselson and entitled "Merce," is a thriller dealing with patricide and is based on a David Hockney painting.

Calvert also appeared in the television movies Willing to Kill: A Texas Cheerleader's Story, The Last Mafia Marriage and My Life as a Babysitter.

He performed on stage in projects including "The Lion in Winter" (Philip) at the Pasadena Playhouse, "The Dancing Bear" at the Tiffany Theatre, and "Honeymoon" at the Wooden-O.

He is a native of Coronado Island, California.

Deadly Games is produced by Viacom Productions for broadcast on UPN.


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