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Tuesday (8:30 pm, ET/PT)

The colorful, half-hour comedy series "Clueless" tracks the funny, flighty, popular and privileged Cher and her zany friends, Dionne and Amber, as they journey through the various escapades of their senior year at Beverly Hills' Bronson Alcott High. Based on the blockbuster motion picture of the same name that spawned its own fashion craze and expanded the vocabulary of a young generation, the television series enters its second season on UPN.

Cher, on the rebound from a lamentable summer in Bakersfield, makes it from the first day of school to the Senior Prom with a sense of adventure, humor and, of course, style. Armed with designer clothes, fashionable accessories, manicured nails and cellular phones, she, Dionne and Amber plus their guy friends - Sean and Murray (Dionne's ex) - take on senior year in their own inimitable way, facing impending adulthood and all that it entails: serious romance, life beyond the shopping mail and choosing a college and career path.

Cher talks too much, spends too much and - although focusing her attention on the world outside the mall may seem impossible - the bubbly teen considers herself a caring and dependable person. She always has time to dispense her unique, though somewhat illogical brand of advice to others, especially her two flighty friends - the high-spirited, untraditionally, yet somehow flawlessly dressed, Dionne, and the uppity, excessively trendy, misinformed Amber.

Of course, Cher and her friends never lack the most fashionable accessory of all - boys. Frequently side by side with the girls are Dionne's ex-boyfriend, the handsome, teasing and streetwise Murray, and his best friend, the charming and ultra hip, Sean. These two "men about town" always seem to find themselves ensnared in the wild schemes concocted by Cher, Dionne, and Amber.

Starring are Rachel Blanchard as Cher; Stacey Dash as Dionne; Donald Adeosun Faison as Murray; Elisa Donovan as Amber; and Sean Holland as Sean. The latter four reprise their roles from the motion picture "Clueless." Also starring is Doug Sheehan as Cher's "totally prominent" attorney father, Mel.

The series is filmed at Paramount Studios and on location in the Los Angeles area. Tim O'Donnell and Brad Johnson are the executive producers. The series is a production of Paramount Network Television.


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