Tim O'Donnell

Executive Producer

Tim O'Donnell, a veteran writer, director and producer of half hour television, serves as executive producer of UPN's "Clueless," a half-hour filmed comedy series satirizing the hyper existence of a popular, pampered Beverly Hills teen and her "way cool" friends. The series is based on the blockbuster motion picture of the same name.

O'Donnell served as executive producer of "Clueless' for the entire 1997-98 season and for five episodes produced during the 1996-97 season. Subsequently, he was executive producer of the prime time series "Arsenio" before returning to the post of executive producer of "Clueless."

During the previous two years, O'Donnell was executive producer of "Dave's World." His other credits include creator of the series "Home Free," "Free Spirit" and "Uncle Buck," the latter based on the John Hughes film.

O'Donnell also wrote and produced the hit series "Growing Pains" for four and a half years and was at the helm of the television series, "The Mommies," during its second season. His additional writer/producer credits are "Gloria" (a spin-off of All in the Family), "Off the Rack," and "Just the Ten of Us."

Prior to entering the situation comedy arena, O'Donnell was an award-winning journalist for CBS Radio and CBS Television. He worked for KNX-AM/KCBS-FM in Los Angeles and WBBM-TV in Chicago as a news producer, writer and executive and also appeared as an on-air commentator.

A graduate of Loyola University in Los Angeles, O'Donnell is the father of four daughters. He and his wife, a psychotherapist, make their home in the Los Angeles area.


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