as Sean

Sean Holland stars as Sean, the hip sidekick and best friend to Murray in UPN's half-hour comedy series "Clueless," a seemingly endless joyride through teenage life in Beverly Hills. He reprises his role from the blockbuster motion picture of the same name.

Holland began his career performing as the lead in Los Angeles' first hip-hop musical, "The Gang's New Threads." He also starred as the romantic lead in the play "A Song for You." Both performances earned him rave reviews.

He has appeared in numerous television series including UPN's "The Watcher," for which he wrote and performed two songs, and "The Parent 'Hood," "Sister Sister," and "Good Company." Holland also appeared in the short film "Tattoo Teardrop."

In addition, Holland has a career as a rap artist and performs under the name Novacain (cq). He has recorded an album entitled "Tales from the Crib," on A Street Records, with his rap group "Phunké Assfalt." His song "This Time" was featured in the feature film "Clueless" and his other rap tunes have been included in the "Clueless" television series storylines.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing softball, riding rollercoasters and performing "freestyle rap." He makes his home in Los Angeles.


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