UPN - The Burning Zone


SEPTEMBER 3 (9:00-10:00 P.M. ET/PT)

"Pilot" - At age 29, Dr. Edward Marcase is a brilliant young virologist. A childhood encounter with the ebola virus took the lives of his parents, but spared his and inspired him to become a leader in his profession. By all accounts, he is among the best scientific minds fighting the viral war - but he also has a bent toward the mystical.

When Marcase is called by the chief of a top secret chemical and biological task force, he finds himself heading up an elite bio-crisis team: Dr. Kimberly Shiroma, a molecular geneticist whose fiancé - a fellow scientist - died while fighting ebola under Edward Marcase; and Michael Hailey, a security specialist with a secret history with the CIA. For Marcase, science cannot always fully explain the things he has seen. He often finds himself faced with a crisis on the outer edges of medical science - with one part rooted firmly in the unknown.

In their first case, the team must isolate a virus that has led to the death of one anthropologist and has seemed to "possess" another, her husband. With a third infected scientist on the run, and an infected monkey in quarantine, the team has only hours to determine the root of and cure for this strange infection - a super-virus that seems to think with a collective consciousness and "speak through" its victims. With both Hailey and Shiroma soon infected, the race becomes all the more urgent. The premiere episode of "The Burning Zone" airs TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on UPN.

The series is created by Coleman Luck, who serves as executive producer with James D. McAdams. Co-executive producers are Carleton Eastlake and Rob Gilmer. The series is produced by Ed Ledding. Dr. Kimberly A. Shriner, M.D., F.A.C.P., serves as the series' infectious disease consultant. The Burning Zone is filmed in Los Angeles and is a Universal Television production for broadcast on UPN.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Dr. Edward Marcase, Tamlyn Tomita ("The Joy Luck Club") as Dr. Kimberly Shiroma, James Black as Michael Hailey.

Guest starring Denis Arndt as Dr. Rhinehart, Paul Guilfoyle as Arthur Glyndon, Peter Frechette as Matthews, Julie Araskog as Ann Glyndon, Mitchell Longley as Van Driver.