Breaker High

Airday and Time: Monday-Friday (4:30-5:00 p.m. ET/PT),
Sunday (10:30-11:00 a.m. ET/PT) on UPN
Premiere: 9/15/97
Origination: Los Angeles, CA
Format: Breaker High, the world's most awesome high school, is a cruise ship with 500 teens on board. Together, they learn about math, science, geography, life, love, responsibility, -- and partying. Some come for the academics. Some come for the cultural opportunities. Some come for the escape. But aboard Breaker High, those who learn the most are those who are there for the experience -- of a lifetime.
Starring: Andrew Airlie as Captain Ballard
Kyle Alisharan as Alejandro "Alex" Garcia
Terri Conn as Ashley Dupree
Richard Ian Cox as Tony Gilford
Bernard Cuffling as Nigel Mumford
Ryan Gosling as Sean Hanlon
Wendi Kenya as Cassidy Cartwright
Tyler Labine as Jimmy Farrell
Anne Openshaw as Ana Mitchell
Scott Vickaryous as Max Ballard
Persia White as Denise Williams
Rachel Wilson as Tamira Goldstein
Executive Producers: Lance Robbins, James Shavick
Co-Producers: Simon Abbott, Randy Cheveldave
Supervising Producer: Victoria Woods
Production Company: Saban Entertainment, Inc.
Photos and text Copyright 1997 United Paramount Network

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