Breaker High

Lance H. Robbins

Lance H. Robbins serves as the Executive Producer of Breaker High, a new half hour live action series produced by Saban Entertainment, Inc. for broadcast on UPN.

As President, Motion Pictures and Television, Saban Entertainment, Robbins oversees development and production of the company's motion pictures, television movies and series for prime time, as well as the continuing development of international co-productions.

Since joining Saban as Vice President in 1990, Robbins has been the driving force behind Libra Pictures, formed as a separate live action, non-children's programming division of the company. He has since built the company's motion picture and television library and established a significant presence in the live action area by acquiring and producing features, made-for-video, and network television movies for Saban International, the company's worldwide distribution arm. During this time, he also established a Canadian co-production relationship which results in seven to ten movies per year produced in Vancouver and in Toronto. Domestic video partners have included New Line Cinema, Live Entertainment, Prism Pictures, WarnerVision, Showtime, and Concorde/New Horizon, among others. He has served as producer or executive producer on nearly 50 motion picture and television films, and in 1993 was named President, Libra Pictures. In addition, Robbins serves as executive producer for the popular series BeetleBorgs and Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High, as well as the new live-action series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, scheduled to begin airing on Fox this Fall.

Before joining Saban, Robbins was Vice President, Creative Affairs, Premiere Entertains Group, where he oversaw the development, acquisition and production of more than 20 feature films in three years. Prior to that, from 1983 to 1986 he was a partner in Barnett^_Robbins Enterprises, a leading producer/distributor of nationally syndicated radio and television programming.

Robbins received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, and his L.L.B. degree from Southwestern University School of Law. He is also a graduate of the UCLA motion picture and television extension program.

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