Breaker High

Andrew Airlie

Andrew Arlie as the no-nonesense Captain Ballard.

Andrew Airlie stars as the no-nonsense Captain Ballard, who has plenty of experience at running a tight ship but is out of his depth when it comes to controlling 500 teenagers, on Breaker High, a new half hour live action series set on a high school cruise ship that travels the world.

Airlie is a prolific actor with an impressive roster of film and television credits. He co-starred in the feature films "Homeward Bound II"; "Fear"; "Power of Attorney"; "Hard Evidence";"Intersection", "Look Who's Talking Now"; "The Crush"; "White Light"; and "Marguerite." "

For television, Airlie has guest starred on a number of popular series, including two episodes each of The X-Files and The Outer Limits, as well as Millennium; Viper; Kung Fu: The Legend Continues; Hawkeye; Robin's Hoods; Lonesome Dove; The Commish; Cobra; Nightmare Cafe; M.A.N.T.I.S.; and The Odyssey. He has also co-starred in numerous television movies and miniseries, including Dead Ahead; Frostfire; Beyond Suspicion; The Jimmy and Jennifer Stolpa Story; and Catch a Killer.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Airlie was a graduate student at the University of Toronto ten years ago when he took a year off from school to "get acting out of his system." After working in 12 commercials and two feature films the first year, he decided instead to pursue the craft full time.

A former professional soccer player, Airlie feels that Breaker High's Captain Ballard is a man who is firm but fair. As Airlie points out, "Ballard knows that the kids think he enjoys being a strict disciplinarian, but in reality he doesn't. He only does it because it's necessary." He looks forward to exploring Ballard's relationship with his troubled son. "Ballard will be working hard to mend his relationship with Max," he says. "That is extremely important to him."

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