Time of Your Life

Season 1 Opening Title Sequence

Type Length Size Notes
MPE 1:10 12,218,640 Open & Close
MPE :32 5,711,324 Open Textless (silent)

[ToYL Title Slate][ToYL Textless Title Slate]
[Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Garner/Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Garner/Jennifer Love Hewitt][Pauley Perrette][Pauley Perrette][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Gina Ravera/Jennifer Love Hewitt][Gina Ravera/Jennifer Love Hewitt][Johnathon Schaech/Jennifer Love Hewitt/Gina Ravera][Johnathon Schaech/Jennifer Love Hewitt/Gina Ravera][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Jennifer Love Hewitt][Johnathon Schaech][Johnathon Schaech][Pauley Perrette][Pauley Perrette][Gina Ravera][Gina Ravera][Jennifer Garner][Jennifer Garner][Diego Serrano][Diego Serrano][Created By][Created By][Created By][Created By]
[Copyright Credit][Keyser/Lippman Productions][Columbia TriStar]

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Theme Music

MPEG3 Length Size
Open :31 753,664
Close :36 870,400
Note: The title theme, "I've Just Seen A Face," is sung by the Bodeans. The closing theme will never be heard on Fox.

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