Time of Your Life

Season One Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Sarah Reeves Merrin
Romy Sullivan
Cecilia Wiznarski
Jocelyn "Joss" House
John Maguire
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Garner
Pauley Perrette
Gina Ravera
Johnathon Schaech
Diego Serrano
DOB: 02/21/79
DOB: 04/17/72
DOB: 03/27/69
DOB: 05/20/68
DOB: 09/10/69
DOB: 02/05/73

Opening Title Sequence

Fox Promos

1 TL-101 10/25/99 10/25/99 171311 The Time She Came to New York
Debut: Jennifer Love Hewitt's popular Party 0f Five character Sarah Merrin goes to New York City in search of her biological father, and finds more than she expected, in this series spinoff. In the opener, Sarah's initial lead on her dad takes her to a dance instructor (RuPaul Charles), who steers her toward a more likely-and rather high-profile-candidate. (Rosie O'Donnell plays the man's receptionist.) Along the way, Sarah is befriended by a "starving actress" (Jennifer Garner); a waitress (Gina Ravera); a building manager (Pauley Perrette); and a somewhat mysteriuos musician (Jonathan Schaech).

[Ms.] Sullivan: Jennifer Savidge. [Mr.] Sullivan: H. Richard Greene. Archer Fitzwith: Denis Arndt. William Landford: RuPaul Charles. [Receptionist: Rosie O'Donnell.] Judge Kaliff: Alan Fudge. Eddie: Michael Crider. Mike L: Tom Pardoe. Lawyer: Scott Alan Smith. Assistant D.A.: Laura Jane Saluato. Clerk: Niecy Nash. Security Guard: Ajgie Kirkland. Fan: Adam Stradlin. Receptionist: Jodi Taffel. Transit Cop #1: Ed Hyland. Transit Cop #2: Marc Damon Johnson. Delivery Guy: Jesse Burch. Guy: Armin Armani. Sax Player: Paul Whiteman.
[69/5.7/9 (5.2/8:6.1/9)]

2 TL-102 11/01/99 [unknown] [171312] The Time Sarah Got Her Shit-Tzu Together
Sarah is hired as personal assistant to a matron with a menagerie; Macguire expresses feelings for Sarah; Romy and J.B. have their first date.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Georgia Halloway: Janet Carroll. Archer Fitzwith: Denis Arndt. Pawn Shop Clerk: Harriet Leider. Limo Driver: Lyle Kanouse. Peggy: Kate Norby. Phoebe: Phoebe Jonas. Michael: James Wallert.
[85/5.2/8 (4.6/7:5.9/9)]

3 TL-103 11/08/99 [11/08/99] [171313] The Time They Threw That Party
Romy and Sarah throw a singles party for profit; word from Bailey leads Sarah to do "something outrageous"; Macguire gets jealous when a musician pal hits on Joss.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Kenny: Robb Derringer. Andy Beam: Eric Matheny. Mike 1: Allan Steele. Brian: Joshua Preven. Larry: Michael Yavnieli. Party Woman: Cece Tsou. Woman Boss: Diane Robin. Sad Sack Man: Lee Shackelford. Elevator Guy: Dan Cashman. Woman #1: Gabrielle Wagner. Woman #2: Barrett Downing. Fred: Matthew Frauman. Guest: Heath Lourwood.
Bailey Salinger [voice]: Scott Wolf.
[92/4.0/6 (3.7/6:4.3/6)]

4 TL-104 11/15/99 11/15/99 171314 The Time She Got Mobbed
Sarah is steered toward a singing career by a well-connected man interested in more than music; J.B. is unavailable to celebrate Romy's role on a soap.

Joan: Faye Grant. Tony: Rino Romano. Mitchell: Robert Cicchini. [unknown]: Bruce Nozick. Mollie: Romy Rosemont. Dee Dee: Kim Oja. Vinnie: Lou Casal. Lauren: Marla Adams. Woman: Jayne Taini. Karen: April Winchell. Billy: Kevin Fabian. P.A.: Craig Watkinson. Customer: John Brantley Cole, Jr.. Themselves: Mike Viola & the Candy Butchers.
[93/3.9/6 (3.7/6:4.1/6)]

5 TL-105 11/22/99 11/22/99 [171315] The Time They All Got Together For Thanksgiving
After a snag in her recording plans, Sarah finds herself hosting Thanksgiving for a quirky quartet of Maguire; aspriing suitors Spencer and Tony; and a former opera conductor.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Tony: Rino Romano. Jerome 'Jerry' Haggon: John Billingsley. Mitchell: Robert Cicchini. Ashley: Elizabeth Mitchell. Mike 1: Allan Steele. Lawyer: Stephen Hornyak. Guy #1: Jody Wood. Guy #2: Steven M. Gagnon. Twin #1: Zorab Ovsepyan. Twin #2: Zare Ovsepyan.
[82/3.6/5 (3.6/6:3.7/5)]

6 TL-106 11/29/99 11/29/99 171316 The Time the Truth Was Told
Sarah learns a dark part of Maguire's past after the arrival of his former crony; Romy presses the issue of J.B.'s lack of intimacy toward her.

Joan: Faye Grant. Taylor: Jeremy Renner. Dean: Christian Mills. Claire: Elizabeth Bogush. Evan: Thomas Burr. Nelson: Wentworth Miller. Roberta: Jennifer Rhodes. Cabbie: Eddy Donno.
[92/4.0/6 (3.6/6:4.3/6)]

7 TL-107 12/13/99 12/13/99 171317 The Time They Had Not
Sarah gets a break working for a personal shopper; Joss's problematic sister visits; Cecelia gets a health warning; J.B. crosses a line with Romy, who meets Joan.

Joan: Faye Grant. Joss's Mother [Victoria House]: Jenifer Lewis. Casey [House]: Tammy Townsend. Audrey: Heidi Mokrycki. Joss's Father [Edward House]: Wendle Wright. Charge Nurse: Octavia L. Spencer. Dr.Jan Adams: Jane Daly. Pauline: Bonita Friedericy. Ramon: Daniel Escobar. Med Tech: Jorge Luis Abreu. Jennifer: Molly Weber. Courtney: Megan Gray. Nurse: Michael Santorico. Cab Driver: Eugene Alper. Santa: Mark Robman. Caroler #1: Jim Kline. Caroler #2: Peter Neushul. Caroler #3: Sheri Izzard. Caroler #4: Michele Weir.
[91/4.2/7 (4.1/7:4.3/7)]

8 TL-108 12/20/99 12/20/99 [171318] The Time the Millennium Approached
As the millennium approaches, Maguire is robbed, Joss is fired and Sarah learns of their "arrangement"---after Romy kicks her out; J.B. stumbles into a dream date for the event.

Angela: Robia LaMorte. Jessica: Samantha Smith. Archer Fitzwith: Denis Arndt. Mike 1: Allan Steele. Tom: Tom Pardoe. Doorman: Dick Miller. Peter: Don Perry. Adele: Pamela Gordon. Police Officer: Wesley Thompson. Pawn Shop Owner: William Stanford Davis. Customer: Denise Poirier. Another Customer: Brian Munatones.
[83/3.4/6 (3.1/5:3.8/6)]

9 TL-109 1/10/00 1/10/00 [171319] The Time They Decided to Date
A contest to see who can have the first meaningful dating experience leads Joss, Romy and Sarah to men with varieties of baggage.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Cyril: Mailon Rivera. Oliver: Larry Poindexter. Walt: Jay Harrington. Connor: Taylor Sheridan. Randall: Shawn Christian. Arnetta: Shirley Prestia. Alleya: Arreale Davis. Ethan: Gabriel Mann. Ashley: Elizabeth Mitchell. Mike: Allan Steele. Tom: Tom Pardoe. Nancy: Marguerite Macintyre. Lucy: Cathy Lind Hayes. Irish Woman: Coleen Maloney. Instructor: Randy Kovitz. Nurse: Sharron Leigh. Strangled Man/Victim: Greg Fitzpatrick.
[?/3.8/6 (3.8/6:3.9/6)]

10 TL-110 1/24/00 [unknown] [171320] The Time She Turned 21
"Difficult" defines Sarah's new charge as an au pair; a smitten dentist hires Cecelia as his receptionist; Maguire and J.B. enter the party-DJ business; Sarah disdains 21st-birthday fanfare.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Andy: Eric Metheny. Sophie: Mia Korf. Flynn Halloway: Erika Christensen. Leya: Andrea Abenoza. Ashley Halloway: Elizabeth Mitchell. Mike 1: Allan Steele. Cop: Joe Hart. Unruly Mom: Judy Nazemetz. Kid 1: Devyn la Bella. Kid 2: Chelsea Parnell. Aubrey: Brandan Kaplan.
[84/3.9/6 (3.8/6:3.9/6)]




11 TL-111 6/14/00 6/12/00 [171321] The Time They Got E-Rotic
Return: 21-year-old Sarah Merrin tries to find herself in New York City. An online romance develops between Sarah and Spencer.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Sophie: Mia Korf. Leya: Andrea Abenoza. Molly Hatcher: Jolie Jenkins. Mr. Halloway: Daniel Von Bargen. Alan: Harry Groener. Mrs. Liebowitz: Amy Aquino. Ashley: Elizabeth Mitchell. Nelson: Wentworth Miller. Tara: Joanna Canton. Kevin: Bill Harper. Woman: Jayne Taini. Hugo: Jonathan Antin. Adam: Justin Jon Ross. Giggling Girl #1: Sarah Carroll. Giggling Girl #2: Shira Roth. New Acting Teacher: Kellum Lewis. Young Actress: Christina Wilson. Karaoke Singer: Benny Quan.

12 TL-112 6/21/00 6/19/00 17132[2] The Time Everything Changed
Molly jumps in when Romy can't join Sarah to audition for a jingle-singing gig, which they win. But a tragedy precludes them from doing the job.

Douglas: Vincent Angell. Molly Hatcher: Jolie Jenkins. Hatcher: Mark Tymchyshyn. Tom the Bartender: Tom Pardoe. Man (Attacker): Joel Christian. Detective Elgin: Robert Catrini. 1st Cop: Ray Laska. 2nd Cop: Alex Morris. Murray: Nick de Mauro. Lab Tech: Vince Donvito. Cop in Ambulance: Bergen Williams. Store Owner: Bert Rosario. EMS Worker: Carmen Mormino. Customer: Nicole Tocantins. Cop at Scene: P.J. Marino. Patron: John Ciccolini. Neighbor: Patrice Walters. Passerby: Stephon Fuller. Bystander: Christine Krench.



Cancelled by Fox in the U.S.

13 TL-113 not aired 6/26/00 171323 The Time They Were Scared of the City
Maguire fortifies the apartment for a tense Sarah, and Spencer offers her a distraction; J.B. lobbies for Romy's return; Andy finds sex with Cecelia is an adventure.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Andy Beam: Eric Matheny. [Mr.] Sullivan: H. Richard Greene. [Ms.] Sullivan: Jennifer Savidge. Self Defense Instructor: Jim Cantafio. Salsa Instructor: Veronica Alicino. Preacher: Bill Lee Brown.
[NOTE: This episode did not air in the U.S.]

14 TL-114 1/04/02 in Australia [171324] The Time They Cheated
Spencer discovers Sarah's role in his e-mails with Leya; Romy fires her agent in a frantic career drive that prompts Sarah to set her sights on singing.

Spencer Halloway: Patrick Fabian. Arnetta: Shirley Prestia. Woodliff: Jeffrey Hutchinson. Guy: Peter Paige.

15 TL-115 1/07/02 in Australia [171325] The Time She Made A Temporary Decision
Leya's revenge against Spencer gives Sarah a chance to start a new business.

16 TL-116 1/08/02 in Australia [171326] The Time They Found A Solution
Maguire's efforts to help Sarah land an important client cost him his job.

17 TL-117 1/09/02 in Australia [171327] The Time They Got Busy
Sarah's temp business is really taking off and JB is thrilled with how much money he is making in his investment business with Danny.

18 TL-118 1/10/02 in Australia [171328] The Time They Broke The Law
Sarah is being sued by a client, leading her deep into debt.

19 TL-119 1/11/02 in Australia [171329] The Time He Saved The Day
Sarah and her father discuss their relationship. JB is sentenced to three months in jail.


The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by Fox.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. Once a program is listed below the top twenty, the ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 100.8 million homes. One rating point is equal to 1,008,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

The time within the [ ] is the show's edited length. The length is based upon the original version, which is reformatted for five commercial breaks.

The first ten episodes aired Mondays at 8:00pm ET, then it moved to Wednesdays.

In Australia, the episodes aired on Network Ten.


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