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Season 3 Promos

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Date Code Length Size
Feb 7, 2008 S020A-207-SPR1-10 :23 5,519,360
Jan 31, 2008 S020J-131-SPR1-10 :23 5,855,232
Dec 13, 2007 S030J-D13-SPR1-10 :33 8,810,496

Earlier season promos to be added.


Date Type Length Size Notes
Jan 31, 2008 AVI 4:38 76,357,632 2 Clips

NOTE: All files are AVI 640x480/640x360, 29.97 fps DivX (video),
NOTE: 48 kHz, MP3 Dolby Surround, 192 kbps (audio)
NOTE: The DivX codec required to play these promos (video).
NOTE: Use Video Lan Client to play these files.

MicroCrap Windblows tends to configure browsers to stream AVI files. Save the file to your hard drive before attempting to play it. Right-click on the link and save the file.

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