Season Two Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Ava Gregory
Johnny Durant
Susannah Rexford
Jay Robertson
Bradin Westerly
Erika Spalding
Nikki Westerly
Derrick Westerly
Cameron Bale
      Lori Loughlin
Shawn Christian
Merrin Dungey
Ryan Kwanten
Jesse McCartney
Taylor Cole
Kay Panabaker
Nick Benson
Zac Efron
      DOB: 07/28/64
DOB: 12/18/65
DOB: 08/06/71
DOB: 11/28/76
DOB: 04/09/87
DOB: 04/29/84
DOB: 05/02/90
DOB: 06/08/94
DOB: 10/18/87

Episode Photos

# Air
14 2/28/05 40384-014 The Wisdom To Know The Difference
TIMES ARE CHANGING! - Thinking she is in love, Ava asks Simon to marry her causing Derrick to be excited to have a complete family, but making Nikki upset since she is certain Ava is meant for Johnny. After Bradin's coach questions his effort on the surf team, he considers performance-enhancing drugs. Meanwhile, after months of being gone, Johnny returns home, which causes tension between Ava and Simon.

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Amber Starr: Shelley Buckner. Callie: Danielle Savre. Colby Fried: Jonathan Slavin. Garrett: Billy Wirth. Lucas: Jesse Head. Minister: Jay Sefton. Coach Rich Andrews: Jason Collins.

15 3/07/05 40384-015 I Am the Walrus
CARMEN ELECTRA ("BAYWATCH") GUEST-STARS - Intent on making a fresh start, Johnny invests all his money into buying half of a restaurant and learns that his "silent" partner is sexy divorcée, Mona. Meanwhile, In the midst of her preparations to move to New York, Susannah is arrested when her boss is indicted for fraud. When Bradin is unfairly placed on probation by his coach, he takes some performance-enhancing drugs to improve his surfing and overdoses.

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Amber Starr: Shelley Buckner. Callie: Danielle Savre. Colby Fried: Jonathan Slavin. Lucas: Jesse Head. Anastacia Dubois: Serena Scott Thomas. Mona: Carmen Electra. Coach Rich Andrews: Jason Collins. Tim Howser: Michael Trevino. FBI Agent: Vince Duvall. Doctor: Ron Butler. Man: Vincent Rivera. Joey Bedolla: Aaron Perilo.

16 3/14/05 40384-016 Sledgehammer
TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Ava is angered that after she allowed Bradin to rejoin the high school surf team, he's skipping his tutoring sessions and his grades are dropping. When Jay defends Bradin's passion for surfing, it causes a rift between he and Ava. Also, Mona confronts Johnny about his feelings for Ava.

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Colby Fried: Jonathan Slavin. Amber Starr: Shelley Buckner. Lucas: Jesse Head. Coach Rich Andrews: Jason Collins. Mona: Carmen Electra. Carrie: Logan Browning. Student: Carlos Pena. Joey Bedolla: Aaron Perilo.

17 3/21/05 40384-017 Pik Nik
DIFFERENCE OF OPINION - When Simon confronts Ava about allowing her friends to help co-parent the kids, she is offended by his opinion. Meanwhile, Nikki's campaign to run for class president increases her rift with Cameron and when Erika returns to town, she and Jay confront each other about their hurt feelings.

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Colby Fried: Jonathan Slavin. Carrie: Logan Browning. Robbie Adams: Parker Goris. Ethan Tyman: Taylor Boggan. Dr. Wasserman: Dennis Bailey. Secretary: Jennie Fahn. Esther the Girl: Keegan Farrell. Regan: Amy Castle.

18 3/28/05 40384-018 Mr. & Mrs. Who?
THE NEXT BIG STEP - After witnessing a private moment between Ava and Johnny, Simon urges Ava to move their wedding date up to the coming weekend, which leaves Nikki and Derrick with mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Bradin and Callie decide that it might be time to take their relationship to the next level.

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Colby Fried: Jonathan Slavin. Callie: Danielle Savre. Mona: Carmen Electra. Paramedic: Yeni Alvarez. Minister: Robert Shampain.

19 4/04/05 40384-019 The Pleiades
THE AFTERMATH - After the debacle at Ava and Simon's wedding, Ava appears strangely calm, even though Nikki feels extremely guilty for breaking them up. Callie is having a hard time dating Bradin because she feels that all he wants is sex. Meanwhile, when Johnny and Mona's relationship intensifies, Mona warns Ava to stay away from him.

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Colby Fried: Jonathan Slavin. Callie: Danielle Savre. Lucas: Jesse Head. Mona: Carmen Electra. Hannah: Taylor McNeill.

4/11/05 40384-020
Where There's A Will There's A Wave
Leaving Playa Linda
AVA ADMITS HER TRUE FEELINGS FOR JOHNNY/BRADIN REALIZES HE CARES FOR ERIKA - After Ava is given the opportunity to design a wedding gown for a famous pop star, she decides that it's time to finally admit her feelings for Johnny. Meanwhile, Bradin realizes that he and Erika have feelings for each other. When the family sees the budding relationship between Bradin and Erika, they advise him against a relationship with her and encourage him to leave town to join a surf tour with Jay as his chaperone.

Mona: Carmen Electra. Gigi: Christy Romano.

22 6/13/05 40384-022 Signs
MAKING IT BIG - Several months have passed, and Bradin, who has just returned from his surf tour in Hawaii, is asked by his sponsor to replace Jay with a top sports manager who can turn him into a major media star. Meanwhile, Nikki learns something troubling about Cameron's home life, and when Ava returns from a business trip to Milan when she hears that something has happened to Mona. Old flames reignite between Ava and Johnny, although it may be too much for Johnny.

23 6/20/05 40384-023 The Space Between Us
GROWING UP IS HARD TO DO - When a group of older surfers convince Bradin to make his own decisions, he rejects Jay's parental opinions and humiliates Erika in the process. Meanwhile, when Nikki's poem is chosen for publication and she is asked to read in front of an audience, Amber offers Nikki alcohol to steady her nerves. After learning of Bradin and Nikki's troubles, Ava returns home from her European business trip.

Nikki's poem (listed here before airing anywhere in the U.S./Canada):


Two lights
the brightest lights in my life
went out of sight
went down a hole
went dark as coal
and I cried
'til my eyes went dry
in dark air
in despair
I made a promise
I made a swear
to those lights
that I would perservere
that I would hold them dear
I said goodbyes
then opened my eyes
I saw a glow
it lifted me from my low
I had new fight
then there were two new lights
and boy did they shine bright

Amber: Shelley Buckner.
24 6/27/05 40384-024 Safe House
C. THOMAS HOWELL AND DANIELLE PANABAKER GUEST STAR IN AN EPISODE THAT ADDRESSES ALCOHOLISM AND VERBAL CHILD ABUSE - Nikki and Cameron end up in the police station when Cameron's dad is taken in for a potential DUI. Nikki then discovers that Cameron may be living in an abusive household, and that his dad may be an alcoholic. Meanwhile, Bradin goes on a date with his friend's sister Faith, Jay pursues a single mother and Ava asks Johnny to move back into the house.

[Cameron's dad]: C. Thomas Howell. Faith: Danielle Panabaker. Isabel: Alexandra Barreto.

25 7/11/05 40384-025 Careful What You Wish For...
ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES - When Bradin saves his friend from drowning, he begins to contemplate a career in medicine rather than in surfing. Derrick, who is jealous over the attention Jay is giving his new girlfriend's son, lands in trouble after going to great lengths to impress the boy.

Danny: Eli Vargas. Faith: Danielle Panabaker.

26 7/18/05 40384-026 What's Past Is Prologue
THE SERIES FINALE: WILL AVA AND JOHNNY FINALLY GET BACK TOGETHER? - Nikki surreptitiously acts as a matchmaker to Ava and Johnny, but Johnny has his reservations about getting back into a relationship. Bradin becomes so upset that he considers quitting surfing altogether after his sponsors intentionally give him a bad-boy image. Feelings are confronted when Bradin and Erika discuss the possibility of a relationship, and Johnny finally makes a decision when Ava lays all her cards on the table and admits she still loves him.

Isabel: Alexandra Barreto. Danny: Eli Vargas.


The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

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