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Main Cast
Ava Gregory
Johnny Durant
Susannah Rexford
Jay Robertson
Bradin Westerly
Nikki Westerly
Derrick Westerly
Erika Spalding
      Lori Loughlin
Shawn Christian
Merrin Dungey
Ryan Kwanten
Jesse McCartney
Kay Panabaker
Nick Benson
Taylor Cole
      DOB: 07/28/64
DOB: 12/18/65
DOB: 08/06/71
DOB: 11/28/76
DOB: 04/09/87
DOB: 05/02/90
DOB: 06/08/94
DOB: 04/29/84

Episode Photos

# Air
6/01/04 40384-001
And So the Day Begins
IT TAKES A VILLAGE - The last thing on Ava Gregory's mind was settling down and starting a family. As an ambitious woman with a close-knit circle of friends, a great house in a beautiful California beach town and a growing career as a fashion designer, her life was in full swing. But everything changed the day she learned that her sister and brother-in-law were killed in an accident, leaving Ava to raise their three children, 16-year-old Bradin, 13-year-old Nikki and 9-year-old Derrick. Ava and her three best friends - Johnny, Jay and Susannah - all pitch in to help Ava provide the ultimate surrogate family for her sister's children.
3 6/08/04 40384-003 Fireworks
C. THOMAS HOWELL GUEST-STARS - Ava falls for Kyle, a recently divorced man, but their dating life becomes complicated when she learns that he is the father of Nikki's new crush Cameron. Meanwhile, Bradin's efforts to protect Erika from a guy with questionable intention don't go as smoothly as possible.

Kyle: C. Thomas Howell. Cameron: Zac Efron. [guy]: Riley Smith.

4 6/15/04 40384-004 Into My Life
JUST SAY NO - Bradin falls for a rich party girl, and Ava finds herself in a tough predicament when she discovers a joint in Bradin's jeans. Meanwhile, Johnny's promises to help Derrick with his baseball practice go unfulfilled when his work at the realty office consumes all of his time.
5 6/22/04 40384-005 The Grass is Greener than You Think
LOVE IS IN THE AIR - At the roommate's annual summer luau party, relationships are started, rekindled and ended. Ava learns a terrible secret about why Johnny broke up with her years ago; Susannah pretends to be involved with Jay to ward off advances from her ex-boyfriend; and Nikki believes she must seduce Cameron in order to keep him interested in her and away from his ex-girlfriend.

[unknown]: James Black. Cameron: Zac Efron. [unknown]: Shelley Buckner.

6 6/29/04 40384-006 Big Waves
POINT BREAK - Jay is devastated that an old knee injury is keeping him from competing in a local surfing competition, but Erika has plans of her own to get him in the event. Meanwhile, feeling overwhelmed by the disarray in the house, Ava asks Johnny and Susannah to help her organize things but no one can agree on how much structure is really needed.
7 7/06/04 40384-007 To Thine Own Self Be True
[aka Heat Wave]
THE BIRDS AND THE BEES - Ava has to do some damage control when Derrick's friend finds a naked picture of Ava and takes it home. Bradin goes to Jay and Johnny for advice when he considers having sex for the first time with Sarah. The next night, Bradin feels hurt and confused when he spots Sarah on a date with another guy. Meanwhile, Nikki's (possessive behavior puts a strain on her relationship with Cameron.

Sarah: Sara Paxton. Cameron: Zac Efron.

8 7/13/04 40384-008 Secrets
THE COMPLICATIONS OF LOVE - Ava becomes increasingly worried about Bradin's relationship with his wild girlfriend Sarah and even Bradin contemplates breaking up with her, but finds it harder to do than he expected. Meanwhile, Derrick misinterprets a friendly embrace between Susannah and Johnny on a camping trip.

Sarah: Sara Paxton.

9 7/20/04 40384-009 Skipping School
ROSANNA ARQUETTE GUEST-STARS - Ava thinks that it may be in Nikki's best interest to skip her last year of junior high and go straight to high school, but Nikki has a different opinion. Bradin is invited by Sarah to run away with her to Mexico, but he discovers that she's actually attempting to get out of going away to a strict boarding school. Erika's estranged mother shows up unannounced and attempts to get Erika to leave Jay and Playa Linda to come home to live with her.

Sarah: Sara Paxton. [Erika's mother]: Rosanna Arquette.

10 7/27/04 40384-010 Kicking and Screaming
MOVING ON - When Ava and Johnny chaperone Derrick and his friend Martha at the movies, they find themselves enjoying the date a little more than they expected. Meanwhile, Jay invites Erika to move in with him, and Susannah contemplates leaving her partnership with Ava to work for a high-end French designer.

Martha: Abigail Mavity.

11 8/03/04 40384-011 Life in the Fishbowl
LOVE HURTS - Johnny realizes his true feelings for Ava when he observes her having a great time on a date with Nikki's school principal, Dr. O'Keefe. Meanwhile, Bradin considers taking his friendship with Callie to the next level, but is confused when Sarah returns to town.

Dr. O'Keefe: Jay Harrington. Callie: Danielle Savre. Sarah: Sara Paxton.

12 8/10/04 40384-012 Yummy Mummy
WALKING THE LINE - Without her partner Susannah, Ava has a hard time finding the self-assurance to run a successful fashion business and likewise, finds it difficult to muster the confidence to take her relationship with Simon to the next level. Meanwhile, Jay helps Bradin with his surfing techniques to help him get on the Playa Linda High Surf Team.

Simon: Jay Harrington.

13 8/17/04 40384-013 On The Last Night of Summer
THE ENDLESS SUMMER - As the summer nears its end, everyone is left reconsidering the relationships they're in. Ava feels overwhelmed by Simon's desire for a serious relationship while she still has feelings for Johnny; Bradin becomes confused with Callie's hot-and-cold actions; Jay wonders if having Erika move in with him is such a good idea when she redecorates his place; Susannah considers quitting her new job; and Nikki suffers as she remembers the death of her parents.

Simon: Jay Harrington. Callie: Danielle Savre.


The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

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