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Thirteen-year-old Kay Panabaker is already a veteran of stage, television and film as well as a high school graduate. She makes her television series-starring debut as Nikki, the middle child and the voice of reason in The WB's new drama "Summerland."

Born near Houston, Texas and raised in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago, Panabaker got her start in community theater in Atlanta when she was 8 years old, then made her professional debut in a Chicago Shakespeare Theater production of "The Herbal Bed" at the age of 9. She won a lead in the film "American Girls: Kit's World" while in Chicago, and followed that with a one-week trip to Los Angeles to test the waters. During her week there, Kay landed the child lead in the film "Dead Heat," starring Kiefer Sutherland and Anthony LaPaglia, and there was no turning back.

In addition to commercial acting, Panabaker has appeared in a number of recurring roles in television series, including "The Brothers Garcia" and The WB's "Angel." She also appeared in The WB's "7th Heaven," as well as on "The Division," "Port Charles," "Fillmore" and "ER." She was nominated for a 2003 Young Artist Award for her performance in "ER." Panabaker can also be seen in a recurring role in the upcoming comedy series "Phil of the Future.

Panabaker lives in Los Angeles with her parents and older sister Danielle, who recently worked with four Oscar-winning actors in the upcoming HBO film "Empire Falls." The family has a Yorkshire terrier named Peanut. Kay is a 2003 high graduate who will begin her college career with the spring 2004 semester. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, skiing, bowling, rock climbing and dancing. She also loves to travel and has visited every state in the country with the exception of Alaska.


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