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Taylor Cole

Erika Spalding

A recent high school graduate, Taylor Cole makes her television debut as a series regular in The WB's new drama "Summerland."

Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, Cole has had a full high school experience. She played on her high school's volleyball team and traveled the country with the Junior Olympics squad. Her stunning good looks also allowed her to travel the world as a professional model, taking her to Italy, France, Germany and Australia among many other countries. Cole had recently relocated to New York to pursue her career in modeling when the opportunity to guest-star in the "Summerland" pilot arose. She was visiting her mom and step-dad in Los Angeles when she landed an audition with the "Summerland" producers. She won them over, and the recurring part became a regular role.

Cole can soon be seen in two national commercials, one for Crest toothpaste and another for Old Spice deodorant. She also recently shot a print campaign for Dooney & Bourke handbags.

An avid sports enthusiast, Cole continues to play volleyball, likes karate and is learning to surf for "Summerland." She recently relocated to Los Angeles for the filming of the series.


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