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Nick Benson


Nine-year-old Nick Benson makes his television-starring debut in "Summerland" as Derrick, the youngest of three children who come to California to live with their aunt Ava after their parents die in a tragic accident.

Born in Springfield, Missouri, Benson began his acting career in Gainesville, Florida at the age of seven, and landed leading parts in a number of commercials. He soon traveled to Los Angeles to guest star in an episode of "King of Queens." This past summer, Benson was the youngest performer at the LA Improv's "Standup Comedy Kids" show, where he gave a hilarious commentary on what it is like to live with two teenage brothers.

On the big screen, Benson recently completed a supporting role in Jerry Bruckheimer's upcoming adventure film "National Treasure" starring Nicolas Cage. Benson was also featured in the documentary "Walk His Way."

When he is not working, Benson enjoys playing games, drawing, swimming, bowling and playing on the computer. An excellent student, he is always looking to challenge himself. Benson lives in Los Angeles with his parents and two older brothers, both of whom are actors.


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