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Season Two Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Clark Kent
Lana Lang
Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor
Peter "Pete" Ross
Chloe Sullivan
Lionel Luthor
Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent
      Tom Welling
Kristin Kreuk
Michael Rosenbaum
Sam Jones III
Allison Mack
John Glover
Annette O'Toole
John Schneider
      DOB: 04/26/77
DOB: 12/30/82
DOB: 07/11/72
DOB: 04/29/83
DOB: 07/29/82
DOB: 08/07/44
DOB: 04/01/54
DOB: 04/08/60

Episode Photos

# Air
22 9/24/02 9/23/02 175051 Vortex
The adventures continue for the Teen of Steel as the drama kicks off its sophomore season with Smallville still in the grips of a devastating twister.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Clark rescues Lana from the storm and rushes her to a hospital before he races home to aid his folks. But Clark soon discovers that his dad is missing and was last seen chasing a nosy newspaper reporter off the farm. Elsewhere, millionaire Lex Luthor has his own problems when his conflicted feelings for his father cause him to hesitate in a moment of crisis.

Roger Nixon: Tom O'Brien. [unknown]: Rekha Sharma. [unknown]: Julian Christopher. [unknown]: Jerry Wasserman. [unknown]: Mitchell Kosterman.

23 10/01/02 9/25/02 175052 Heat
It appears that shrewd billionaire Lex Luthor has taken leave of his senses when he marries a woman he hardly knows.

The new Mrs. Luthor is Smallville High School teacher Desiree Atkins, who has the ability to temporarily control a man's mind by emitting a kind of pheromone mist. She and Lex wed shortly after they meet, and Desiree immediately sets out to steal the Luthor fortune by planning her transition from wife to widow. She tries to persuade Clark to murder her new hubby, but her powers don't work on the Kryptonian so she's forced to find another pawn. Meanwhile, Clark's troubles aren't over; he's struggling with his latest gift---heat vision.

Desiree Atkins: Krista Allen. [unknown]: Shawn Reis. [unknown]: Mitchell Kosterman.

24 10/08/02 10/03/02 175053 Duplicity
Clark tells Pete about his extraterrestrial powers after Pete finds Clark's spaceship and insists on hiding it in a shed in his own yard, but the craft is soon stolen by a scientist. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor claims he wants to spend more time with Lex; and Lana is suspicious of her aunt's new boyfriend.

Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. Dr. Steve Hamilton: Joe Morton. [unknown]: Andrew Jackson. [unknown]: Michael Kopsa. [unknown]: Cameron Cronin.

25 10/15/02 10/10/02 175054 Red
The Boy of Steel has his first run-in with red kryptonite in this exploration of classic Superman mythology.

Clark's transformation begins after he gets his high-school ring. The memento's red-kryptonite gem insidiously begins to alter his behavior as his inhibitions melt away. The usually respectful teen starts mouthing off to his parents and friends, and the problems escalate when Clark's indifference causes him to slam his father against a truck during a scuffle. Elsewhere, a new Smallville student is pursued by a murderous U.S. marshal, who has already killed the informant who pointed him in the town's direction.

Jesse Brooks: Sara Downing. [unknown]: Michael Tomlinson. [unknown]: Garwin Sanford. [unknown]: Daryl shuttleworth. [unknown]: Geoff Clements. [unknown]: Brad Loree. [unknown]: Jake Moyer.

26 10/22/02 10/16/02 175055 Nocturne
A teen who is kept locked in the basement of his parents' house during the day sneaks out at night and leaves love letters for Lana at her parents' graves. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor hires Clark's mother as his personal assistant.

Byron Moore: Sean Faris. [unknown]: Gwynyth Walsh. [unknown]: Richard Moll. [unknown]: Mitchell Kosterman. [unknown]: Jonathan Sutton.

27 10/29/02 10/23/02 227621 Redux
Family secrets abound as Martha goes behind Jonathan's back to ask her father for money after the family's bills pile up; and Lana finds pictures of her mother with another man that were taken after her parents were married. Meanwhile, a healthy high-school student dies of old age shortly after kissing his girlfriend; and Clark has a run-in with the new school principal.

[unknown]: Maggie Lawson. [unknown]: George Coe. [unknown]: Richard Gant. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. [unknown]: Jesse Hutch. [unknown]: Fulvio Cecere. [unknown]: Neil Garyston.

28 11/05/02 11/04/02 175056 Lineage
A strange woman arrives in Smallville and tells Clark that she's his biological mother and informs Lex that Lionel is the father. And she wants Clark take a DNA test to confirm her story. Meanwhile, Lana decides to meet the man who could be her biological father.

Henry Small: Patrick Cassidy. [Rachel Dunlevy]: Blair Brown. [unknown]: Mitchel Kosterman. Young Clark: Malkolm Alburquenque. [unknown]: Angela Moore. Young Lex Luthor: Matthew Munn. [unknown]: Shelly Schiavoni.

29 11/12/02 11/07/02 175057 Ryan
This taut episode illustrates why the Superman saga has soared in the ratings so far this season.

The plot continues to develop the show's mythology, as Clark meets up again with Ryan, a teenage mind reader the Kents befriended last season. This time, Clark tries to protect the teen from a scientist who has been conducting cruel experiments on the boy. Meanwhile, Lex crosses swords with Smallville's corrupt mayor over a potential business deal that could have serious ramifications for the town.

Ryan James: Ryan Kelly. [unknown]: Martin Cummins. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. Mayor Tate: William B. Davis. [unknown]: Mitchell Kosterman. [unknown]: Mark Gibbon. [unknown]: Catherine Lough Haggquist. [unknown]: Michael St. John Smith. [unknown]: Sylvesta Stuart. [unknown]: Robert Seckler. Music Guest Appearance By: VonRay.

30 11/19/02 11/18/02 175058 Dichotic
A Smallville honor student who can clone himself at will kills a teacher to avoid a bad grade, then develops a romantic interest in Chloe and Lana. Meanwhile, Martha feels guilty about her career choices after Jonathan is injured in an accident on the Kent farm while she is at work.

Ian Randall: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. [unknown]: Robert Wisden. [unknown]: Serge Houde. [unknown]: David Richmond-Peck.

31 11/26/02 11/21/02 175059 Skinwalkers
Clark meets a Native American girl in a cave and discovers drawings on the walls from the girl's ancestors that tell a tale mirroring Clark's arrival in Smallville during a meteor shower. Meanwhile, Lana learns the results of a DNA test that could prove her kinship to Henry Small.

Henry Small: Patrick Cassidy. Kyla: Tamara Feldman. [unknown]: Gordon Tootoosis. [unknown]: Mitchell Kosterman. [unknown]: Rob Morton. [unknown]: Michael Tiernan.

32 1/14/03 1/09/03 175060 Visage
[TVG] One of Clark's former adversaries returns to Smallville and causes a rift between Lana and Clark. Elsewhere, Lex accuses a woman he's dating of spying on him for Lionel Luthor.

[WB] WHITNEY RETURNS TO SMALLVILLE! - Whitney returns home from the Marines looking to rekindle his relationship with Lana but his suspicious behavior prompts Clark to question his true motives, ultimately revealing a shocking truth about "the new Whitney." Lex becomes suspicious of his new girlfriend after he discovers a questionable photo of her with Lionel.

Whitney Fordman: Eric Johnson. Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. [unknown]: Lizzy Caplan. [unknown]: Catherine Barroll. [unknown]: Santo Lombardo. [unknown]: D. Neil Mark.

33 1/21/03 1/15/03 175062 Insurgence
[TVG] Tension rises as high as a Metropolis skyscraper when Lex Luthor's clandestine plan to bug his father's office goes horribly wrong.

The caper begins to fall apart when Lex's hired thugs double-cross him and decide to rob the LuthorCorp vault instead of planting the listening devices. The situation worsens when the thieves discover that Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent are working in the building. The unfortunate duo become hostages when they get caught up in the intruders' nefarious scheme. Elsewhere, Lana is feeling the strain when her biological father's wife agrees to meet, an encounter that proves a stressful one.

[WB] CLARK MAKES A LEAP OF FAITH TO SAVE HIS MOTHER FROM A HOSTAGE SITUATION - After Lex discovers that Lionel installed cameras in the mansion, he hires some thugs to bug Lionel's office, but things get out of control when Lionel and Martha surprise the thugs and are taken hostage. Clark must figure out a way to save his mother without exposing his powers and sees his chance on an adjacent tall building - if only he could make the leap in a single bound.

Henry Small: Patrick Cassidy. [unknown]: Kevin Gage. [unknown]: Byron Mann. [unknown]: Colin Cunningham. [unknown]: Jill Teed. Jennifer Small: Eileen Pedde. [unknown]: Karen Holness. [unknown]: Paul McGillion. [unknown]: Dagmar Midcap.

34 1/28/03 1/23/03 175061 Suspect
[TVG] The comic-based series takes a page from classic mysteries to ask the question, "Who shot Lionel Luthor?"

When the detested billionaire is felled by a bullet and left fighting for his life in a Smallville hospital, Jonathan Kent is arrested after he is found with a gun and a bottle of tequila. The police quickly begin to build a case against their prime suspect---who unfortunately has no memory of the last few hours. Meanwhile, Lex does some digging of his own and begins to suspect that someone else pulled the trigger, but his reluctance to share the information puts him on a collision course with Clark.

[WB] WHO SHOT LIONEL LUTHOR? - When Lionel is shot, Jonathan is arrested, but after Clark and Pete perform their own crime scene investigation, they realize that more than one person had the opportunity to kill Lionel - including Lex. Meanwhile, Lana is suspicious after she asks her father to take on Jonathan's case and he declines for mysterious reasons.

[unknown]: Jason Connery. [unknown]: Mitchell Kosterman. Henry Small: Patrick Cassidy. [unknown]: Eric Keenleyside. [unknown]: Barclay Hope.

35 2/04/03 2/03/03 175063 Rush
[TVG] A strange parasite invades Pete's body and feeds on the teen's adrenal glands, causing him to shake off his inhibitions and engage in wild and dangerous behavior. Meanwhile, Clark gathers his courage and asks Lana for a date, which she eagerly accepts.

[WB] RED KRYPTONITE RETURNS - After Pete and Chloe are infected by a parasitic worm, it turns them into thrill-seeking daredevils and Pete uses red kryptonite to get Clark to join them on a dangerous adventure. Not only does Clark show off his powers, but he kisses Chloe in front of a stunned Lana.

Dr. Fredrick Walden: Rob LaBelle. [unknown]: Shaun Sipos. [unknown]: Haig Sutherland. [unknown]: Jason Jenkins. [unknown]: Luciana Carro.

36 2/11/03 2/05/03 175064 Prodigal
[TVG] Lex finds his long-lost brother, Lucas, and tries to persuade his sibling to help him stage a financial coup against their father. Unfortunately, Lex's plan backfires. Meanwhile, Clark applies for a position at Lana's coffee shop.

[WB] LEX FINDS HIS LONG-LOST BROTHER LUCAS - Lex finds Lucas, the son Lionel gave up for adoption, and brings him home in the hope that the two of them can unite against Lionel. When Lionel's machinations end up putting all three of them in a dangerous situation, Lex is left to wonder whom he can really trust. Meanwhile, Clark decides to take a job at the Talon.

Lucas Luthor: Paul Wasilewski. [unknown]: Zen Shane Lim. [unknown]: Colin Foo. [unknown]: Darryl Quon. [unknown]: Randy Lee. [unknown]: Vannessa Zwez.

37 2/18/03 2/13/03 175065 Fever
[TVG] Martha is hospitalized after becoming seriously ill from exposure to kryptonite spores in the Kent's storm cellar, and Jonathan learns there are complications. Meanwhile, Lex's girlfriend is offered a lucrative position at a hospital far away from Smallville.

[WB] MARTHA'S SECRET IS REVEALED - Clark rushes to find an antidote after Martha is infected with a toxic virus and falls into a coma, but when Clark also falls ill, it is up to Jonathan to find a cure in time. To further complicate things, Dr. Bryce demands an explanation from Jonathan when he refuses to let her treat Clark.

Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. [unknown]: Michael David Simms. [unknown]: Todd Talbot. [unknown]: Sean Millington. [unknown]: Craig Veroni. Musical Guest Appearance By: Steadman.

38 2/25/03 2/20/03 175066 Rosetta
[TVG] Christopher Reeve returns to the Superman saga as a scientist with information about Clark's otherworldly origins.

Reeve, who played the superhero in four theatrical releases in the 1970s and '80s, stars as Dr. Virgil Swann, a rich and reclusive physicist with an interest in extraterrestrial beings. The intrigued Swann asks Clark to meet with him after he sees a newspaper photograph of a Kryptonian symbol burned into the side of the Kents' farmhouse. "Every hero needs a wise man [to counsel him]," says co-executive producer Al Gough, describing Reeve's character. "It's sort of a passing of the torch from one generation of Superman to the next."

[WB] BIG-SCREEN SUPERMAN CHRISTOPHER REEVE GUEST-STARS - Determined to find out where he came from, Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Swann, a brilliant scientist who holds a message for Clark from his home planet. Meanwhile Lana decides to move out of Chloe's house after the two girls get into another argument about Clark.

Dr. Virgil Swann: Christopher Reeve. Dr. Fredrick Walden: Rob LaBelle. [unknown]: Barclay Hope. [unknown]: Joe MacLeod.

39 4/15/03 4/07/03 175067 Visitor
[TVG] Clark finds he may not be the lone alien in Smallville when a new student arrives and claims to be from another world.

The future Man of Steel befriends Cyrus after the awkward teen appears to use heat vision to ward off a group of bullies. Clark becomes even more intrigued when Cyrus tells a tale of his arrival on Earth that eerily parallels Clark's journey and later heals a sick horse with the touch of his hand. Elsewhere, Martha worries about her pregnancy and how the baby was conceived; and Lex tries to take his relationship with Helen to the next level when he asks her to move into the mansion.

[WB] CLARK BELIEVES HE HAS FOUND ANOTHER FROM HIS PLANET - After a schoolmate claims to be an alien and seemingly backs it up by using heat vision, Clark investigates and begins to believe that the guy is from his planet Krypton. Meanwhile, after Helen discovers a locked room in the mansion she demands to know what is behind it, forcing Lex to come clean about his investigation of Clark.

Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. Cyrus: Jeremy Lelliott. [unknown]: Chad Faust. [unknown]: Kris Pope. [unknown]: Jake Moyer. [unknown]: Kwesi Ameyaw. : .

40 4/22/03 4/10/03 175068 Precipice
[TVG] Clark is arrested and his family faces a civil lawsuit after the teen defends Lana by hurling an unruly college student onto the hood of an oncoming police car. Elsewhere, Helen's former boyfriend arrives in Smallville and causes trouble for Lex by filing a false assault charge against him.

[WB] CLARK MISUSES HIS POWERS AND CAUSES A SERIOUS INJURY - After Lana is almost assaulted by a college student, Clark loses control and injures the boy. When the Kents are sued for punitive damages that could cost them the farm, Clark begins to question his powers while trying to find a way out of the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Helen's ex- boyfriend arrives in town intent on winning her back, but when she turns him down, he stabs her, prompting Lex to take the law into his own hands.

[unknown]: Anson Mount. Sheriff Nancy Adams: Camille Mitchell. [unknown]: Michael D. Adamthwaite. Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. [unknown]: P.J. Prinsloo. [unknown]: Chris Harrison. [unknown]: Peter Kent. [unknown]: Michael Soltis. [unknown]: Julian Christopher.

41 4/29/03 4/24/03 175069 Witness
[TVG] Clark witnesses a popular Smallville baseball player steal a shipment of refined kryptonite from a LuthorCorp truck to enhance his athletic abilities. Meanwhile, Lana's relationship with her father improves, while Clark's friendship with Chloe deteriorates.

[WB] CLARK MEETS HIS MATCH - Clark stumbles upon a robbery of a LuthorCorp truck carrying kryptonite and is stunned to realize he can't stop the thieves because they are as strong as he is. To keep Clark from going to the police, the thugs attack Jonathan and Martha, leaving Clark feeling powerless and desperate for a way to protect his parents.

Eric Marsh: Zachery Bryan. Sheriff Nancy Adams: Camille Mitchell. Henry Small: Patrick Cassidy. [unknown]: Woody Jeffreys. Jennifer Small: Eileen Pedde. [unknown]: Nick Harrison.

42 5/06/03 5/01/03 175070 Accelerate
[TVG] The Superman mythology takes a backseat to an eerie tale involving Lana, who thinks she has seen the ghost of a childhood friend.

The story kicks off inside an empty movie theater as Lana encounters 10-year-old Emily Dinsmore, who drowned in a river years before. After the youngster suddenly vanishes, Lana wonders if she imagined the entire incident, but her doubts disappear when Emily visits her again. A curious Clark then sets out to find a logical explanation and discovers some startling details about the girl. Elsewhere, Lex prepares for his wedding by meeting with an event coordinator; and Jonathan begins building a crib in anticipation of the new baby's arrival.

[WB] LANA IS VISITED BY A GHOST FROM HER PAST - After Lana is visited by the ghost of a childhood friend, she turns to Clark for help in uncovering the truth about her new visitor. However, after Clark realizes the little girl is actually a kryptonite-enhanced clone, he rushes to save Lana before the revenge-seeking child harms her. Lex learns that Lionel is funding the krypto-cloning research.

NOTE: Emily died April 14, 1996. But, Clark said that was six years ago. Oops, that makes the current year 2002, not 2003.
Mr. Dinsmore: Neil Flynn. Emily Eve Dinsmore: Jodelle Micah Ferland. Sheriff Nancy Adams: Camille Mitchell. [unknown]: Jade Untermann. [unknown]: Ingrid Torrance.
43 5/13/03 5/08/03 175071 Calling
[TVG] In Part 1 of a two-part season finale, Clark kisses Lana, then he hears a cryptic message from an unknown source that matches the ranting of a crazed linguist who was injured by a Kryptonian energy beam while inspecting the cave. Elsewhere, someone breaks into Helen's office and steals a sample of Clark's blood.

[WB] CLARK'S SECRET IS REVEALED IN PART ONE OF THE SEASON FINALE - Dr. Walden wakes up from his coma and tells Lex and Lionel that Clark is an alien and must be destroyed. Meanwhile, a romantic encounter between Clark and Lana hints at a promising future, but after Chloe finds out they are together, Lana pulls back.

Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. Dr. Fredrick Walden: Rob LaBelle. The Voice of Jor-El: Terence Stamp. [unknown]: David Lewis. [unknown]: Sandra Ferens. [unknown]: James Tsai.

44 5/20/03 5/15/03 175072 Exodus
[TVG] The second season of the Superman saga draws to a close with the conclusion of a two-part episode that finds Clark torn between following his heart and giving in to his fate.

The dilemma facing the Kryptonian teen intensifies when he hears a voice that urges him to prepare for his role as Earth's ruler by leaving the town of Smallville at once. Clark, however, is in no hurry to abandon his family and friends, especially since his relationship with Lana is finally heating up. In other events, Lex's wedding is jeopardized when he makes a confession to Helen that causes her to question their entire relationship.

[WB] CLARK MAKES A DECISION ABOUT HIS DESTINY - A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Meanwhile, Lex and Helen plan their upcoming wedding, but outside forces may ultimately keep them apart. Also, a hurt Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate Clark.

The Voice of Jor-El: Terence Stamp. Dr. Helen Bryce: Emmanuelle Vaugier. [unknown]: Ivana Paduch. [unknown]: Arnie Walters. [unknown]: Dan Payne. [unknown]: Rekha Sharma. [unknown]: .


The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

All shows aired Tuesday at 9:00pm ET, except as noted.

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