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Season One Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Clark Kent
Lana Lang
Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor
Whitney Fordman
Peter "Pete" Ross
Chloe Sullivan
Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent
      Tom Welling
Kristin Kreuk
Michael Rosenbaum
Eric Johnson
Sam Jones III
Allison Mack
Annette O'Toole
John Schneider
      DOB: 04/26/77
DOB: 12/30/82
DOB: 07/11/72
DOB: 08/07/79
DOB: 04/29/83
DOB: 07/29/82
DOB: 04/01/54
DOB: 04/08/60

Episode Photos

# Air
1 10/16/01 10/15/01 475165 Pilot
Debut: Superman takes to the airwaves again in this hip drama, which gives the Man of Steel feet of clay.

The focus is on Clark Kent's teen years after arriving as a small child in Smallville, Kan., during a 1989 meteor shower. Now in high school, Clark agonizes over his nerdy persona while dealing with his evolving powers and his infatuation with classmate Lana Lang. His cautious parents try to protect his secret, even refusing to let him play on the school's football team. In the opener, Clark saves the life of budding entrepreneur Lex Luthor after a car accident.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. Jeremy Creek: Adrian McMorran. [unknown]: Jade Unterman. Young Clark: Malkolm Alburquenque. Young Lex Luthor: Matthew Munn. [Smallville Resident]: Dee Jay Jackson. [unknown]: Alvin Sanders. [Football Jock]: Steve Bacic. [unknown]: Justin Chatwin. [unknown]: Wendy Chmelauskas. [unknown]: Ben Odberg. [unknown]: Jay Kirby. [unknown]: Amy Esterle.
[50:45 NDFTC][50:03 edited]

2 10/23/01 10/22/01 227601 Metamorphosis
A bug-loving teen is infused with superpowers after a bizarre accident, and the boy sets out to steal Lana's heart and dispose of her current boyfriend, an intimidating jock who warns the "bug boy" to stay away from Lana. Meanwhile, Lex asks the Kents to cater a party he is throwing.

Greg Arkin: Chad E. Donella. Mrs. Arkin: Gabrielle Rose.

3 10/30/01 [unknown] 227603 Hothead
Clark takes to the gridiron in this offbeat look at sportsmanship. The future Man of Steel is asked to join his high-school football team after the head coach sees Clark fire a pass to another player. Jonathan, however, refuses to sign the permission slip, fearing Clark might accidentally hurt another player or inadvertently show off his powers. Determined to play, the teen defies his father's wishes and gets his mother to sign the slip. What Clark doesn't know is that the coach has some powers of his own, and he's using them to cover up a cheating scandal involving his players.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Dominic: Jason Connery. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah-Jane Redmond. Principal Kwan: Hiro Kanagawa. Trevor: David Paetkau. Coach Walt Arnold: Dan Lauria. [unknown]: Allan Franz. Cafe Owner: Jada Stark.

4 11/06/01 [unknown] 227604 X-Ray
Clark battles intense headaches as he tries to adjust to his emerging power of X-ray vision, an ability that he cannot control. Also, Lex is framed for an armed robbery by a teenage girl who can take on the appearance of anyone she chooses. Elsewhere, Lana finds her mother's journal and accuses her aunt of lying to her.

Tina Greer: Lizzy Caplan. Roger Nixon: Tom O'Brien. Rose Greer: Beverly Breuer. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah-Jane Redmond. [unknown]: Annibel Kershaw. Mr. Ellis: Mark McConchie. [Second Coach]: Brian Jensen. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitch Kosterman.

5 11/13/01 11/09/01 227605 Cool
After falling through the ice and nearly drowning, a teen finds that he cannot keep himself warm without extracting heat from an outside source---mainly other people. Meanwhile, Lex persuades Clark to ask Lana out on a platonic date.

Sean Kelvin: Michael Coristine. Jenna Barnum: Tania Saulnier. [unknown]: Elizabeth McGlaughlin. [News Anchor]: Ted Garcia.

6 11/20/01 11/20/01 227606 Hourglass
Clark gets a glimpse of things to be in this creepy episode.

While volunteering at a nursing home, he meets a blind resident who is rumored to be able to see the future. When Clark touches the woman's hand, she warns her guest that someone close to him will die soon. The prediction so unnerves Clark that he asks his parents to leave the dangerous farm work to him. His fears become intensified when he visits the woman again and has his own vision of the gravestones of his family and friends. Meanwhile, another resident regains his youth after falling into a lake lined with kryptonite and sets out to settle an old score.

Young Harry Volk: Eric Christian Olsen. Cassandra Carver: Jackie Burroughs. Old Harry Bollston/Volk: George Murdock. [unknown]: Lisa Calder. Jim Gage: Alf Humphreys. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitchell Kosterman. [Doctor]: Reg Tupper. [unknown]: Lois Dellar.

7 11/27/01 11/26/01 227607 Craving
A Smallville High student's crash diet takes a horrifying turn and endangers her classmates in this eerie episode.

When Jodi decides to shed some weight, she resolves to eat only the vegetables in her family's greenhouse, unaware that the soil has been poisoned by kryptonite. As the pounds melt away and Jodi's appetite grows, regular food isn't enough to satisfy her hunger and she seeks live prey---aided by jaws that expand like a snake's when she attacks. Clark's friend Pete finds himself in harm's way when he develops a romantic interest in the newly svelte teen.

Jodi Melville: Amy Adams. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah-Jane Redmond. Mr. Melville: Malcolm Stewart. Dr. Steve Hamilton: Joe Morton. [unknown]: Alex Rae. [unknown]: Damonde Tschritter. Dr. Vargas: Jeff Seymour.

8 12/11/01 12/07/01 227602 Jitters
An old Kent family friend, who suffers from uncontrollably violent convulsions after working for Luthor Corp., shows up on the farm after accidentally killing a man in Metropolis. Meanwhile, when Clark's parents head to the city for a romantic getaway, the teen decides to host a party that soon gets out of hand.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Gabe Sullivan: Robert Wisden. Earl Jenkins: Tony Todd. [unknown]: Michael Eklund. [unknown]: Andrew Johnston. [unknown]: Michele Goh. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitchell Kosterman. [unknown]: Terry O'Sullivan. [unknown]: Yvonne Myers. [unknown]: Jessica Amlee. [unknown]: Ken Kirby. [unknown]: Mark Gibbon. [unknown]: Marke Driesschen. [unknown]: Claudine Grant. [unknown]: Lucia Walters. [unknown]: Kendall Cross.

9 1/15/02 1/15/02 227608 Rogue
Clark's craftiness is tested in this intriguing installment when he matches wits with a corrupt Metropolis police detective. On his way back from viewing an art exhibition in the city, Clark stops an out-of-control bus from hitting a homeless man. His heroics are witnessed by a crooked lawman, who tracks down the Smallville teen and makes him an offer he can't refuse: Perform illicit tasks for the cop or face exposure. But Clark isn't so eager to capitulate. Elsewhere, Lex's love life heats up when an old flame breezes into town and asks him to reconsider his current position in his father's company.

Victoria Emerson: Kelly Brook. Detective Sam Phelan: Cameron Dye. Principal Kwan: Hiro Kanagawa. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitchell Kosterman.

10 1/29/02 1/24/02 227609 Shimmer
A teen whose family lives and works in the Luthor mansion has a crush on Lex, and her jealousy of the tycoon's new girlfriend brings forth vandalism by an invisible perpetrator. Meanwhile, Clark volunteers to work with Lana on a school blood drive after she and Whitney have a fight.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Victoria Emerson: Kelly Brook. [unknown]: Jesse Hutch. Jeff: Kett Turton. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. [Amy's Mom]: Glynis Davies. Amy: Azura Skye. [unknown]: Brenda M. Crichlow.
[76/4.2/6 (4.1/6:4.3/6)]

11 2/05/02 1/31/02 227610 Hug
A crooked businessman who can get people to do whatever he wants by touching their hands sets out to buy the Kent farm so he can build an industrial plant in Smallville. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana argue over a physical confrontation between Whitney and a town hermit.

Victoria Emerson: Kelly Brook. Bob Rickman: Rick Peters. Kyle Tippet: Gregory Sporleder. [unknown]: Ben Cotton. Toby: Nelson Brown. [unknown]: Mark Lukyn. Nurse: Leanne Adachi.

12 2/12/02 1/30/02 227611 Leech
The Teen of Steel becomes mere flesh and blood in the aftermath of an ill-timed rescue attempt. While trying to save a classmate from falling off the edge of a dam during a rainy class trip, Clark grasps the student's backpack, unaware that it is contaminated with Kryptonite. At the same moment, a bolt of lightning strikes, stripping Clark of his superpowers---and transferring them to the imperiled teen. Blessed (or cursed) with his newfound extraterrestrial abilities, the student sets out to win the heart of a popular girl, while Clark adjusts to life as a normal person.

Victoria Hardwick: Kelly Brook. Mr. Summers: Kevin McNulty. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. Mrs. Summers: P. Lynn Johnson. Sir Harry Hardwick: William Samples. Eric Summers: Shawn Ashmore. Brent: Will Sanderson. [unknown]: Ashley Presidente. Nicodemus: Julian Christopher. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitchell Kosterman.

13 2/26/02 2/20/02 227612 Kinetic
Chloe is seriously injured during a robbery at Lex's mansion that is perpetrated by three masked young men who can pass through walls. Meanwhile, Whitney's personal problems make him a target for the three bandits.

Derek Fox: David Lovgren. Wade Mahaney: Kavan Smith. Scott Bowman: David Coles. Aunt Nell Lang: Sarah Jane Redmond. Lex's Butler: Kwesi Ameyaw.

14 3/12/02 3/06/02 227613 Zero
Lex's shady past catches up with him when a man he thought was dead turns up in Smallville.

The trouble stems from an incident in Metropolis three years before, when Lex escorted a woman to the hot spot Club Zero to make sure she caught her fiancÚ in the act of cheating. The furious groom-to-be attacked Lex, and the encounter ended with a purportedly fatal gunshot. Now the supposed corpse reappears at the cafe that Lex is renovating and leaves him a disturbing warning: the recently amputated hand of a security guard who assisted Lex that night at the club. Meanwhile, Clark is unsettled by a school assignment that has Chloe probing into his past.

Jude Royce: Corin Nemec. Sam Phelan: Cameron Dye. [unknown]: Eric Breker. Amanda Rothman: Jud Tylor. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitchell Kosterman. [unknown]: Darryl Quon.

15 3/19/02 3/14/02 227614 Nicodemus
Jonathan is unknowingly poisoned by the pollen of a stolen plant that was created with the DNA of an extinct flower, and he begins to act erratically as he becomes increasingly ill. Meanwhile, the scientist who created the plant tries to recover the purloined posy.

Principal Kwan: Hiro Kanagawa. Dr. Steve Hamilton: Joe Morton. James Beales: Bill Mondy. [Doctor]: Julian Christopher. Waitress: Nicki Clyne.

16 4/16/02 4/10/02 227615 Stray
Clark befriends a kindred spirit when his family aids a secretive teen who can read minds.

This strong installment has a refreshing twist: for once, the other boy with the superpowers isn't a villain. He's a benevolent lad who enters the Kents' life in dramatic fashion when he's accidentally struck by their pickup truck while fleeing from a murderous thief. Clark's parents take in the telepathic teen, but the boy's safety is soon jeopardized by the killer's return. Meanwhile, Lex a chance to leave Smallville when his father offers him a job in Metropolis, but their stormy history makes Lex wary of his father's generous impulse.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Ryan: Ryan Kelley. James John Gibson: Jim Shield. [Gibson's Girlfriend]: Brandy Ledford. [Doctor]: Rekha Sharma. [unknown]: Bill Finck. [unknown]: Joe Maffei.
[This is the first feed where it was also listed as feeding to the U.K.]

17 4/23/02 4/18/0 227616 Reaper
A fall from a tall building embeds a kryptonite fragment into a man's arm, and he develops the ability to burn his victims to death with his bare hands. Meanwhile, Clark dreads going on a yearly fishing trip with Jonathan and he tells him so in a fit of anger.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Tyler Randall: Reynaldo Rosales. Dominic Senatori: Jason Connery. Mrs. Randall: Sheila Moore. Rose Randall: Tiffany Knight. [unknown]: Brian Drummond. [unknown]: Patrick Keating.

18 4/30/02 4/25/02 227617 Drone
Clark decides to run for class president after Pete nominates him, but the teen faces off against a candidate with the secret ability to control a swarm of killer bees. Meanwhile, a Metropolis newspaper reporter sets out to write an exclusive feature on Lex, against the billionaire's wishes.

Claire Castle: Marguerite Moreau. Felice Chandler: Shonda Farr. Sasha: Chelan Simmons. Principal Kwan: Hiro Kanagawa. Paul Chan: Simon Wong.

19 5/07/02 5/07/02 227618 Crush
Clark finally learns that Chloe has a crush on him and he begins to question how he feels about her. But his indecisiveness leads to her interest in another student, an artist with telekinetic abilities whose hands were damaged in a car accident.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Justin Gaines: Adam Brody. Principal Kwan: Hiro Kanagawa. Pamela Jenkins: Donna Bullock. Dr. Nathan Wells: James Purcell. Danny Kwan: Kevan Ohtsji. [unknown]: Anaya Farrell. Betty Fordman: Cathrine Barroll. [unknown]: Serge Houde.

20 5/14/02 5/09/02 227619 Obscura
A head injury gives Lana the ability to see through the eyes of a kidnapper who abducts Chloe and keeps her bound and blindfolded in a dark room filled with giant teddy bears. Meanwhile, an ambitious newspaper reporter provides Lex with new information about the meteor shower.

Roger Nixon: Tom O'Brien. Deputy Gary Watts: Darrin Klimek. Deputy Birdego: Aaron Douglas. Gabe Sullivan: Robert Wisden. Dr. Steve Hamilton: Joe Morton. Eddie Cole: Frank C. Turner. [unknown]: John Dadey. Deputy Ethan Millar: Mitchell Kosterman.

21 5/21/02 5/20/02 227620 Tempest [aka Finale]
Smallville residents face tumultuous times when the town's major employer threatens to shut down as the series concludes its first season.

The commotion starts when Lionel Luthor announces that the LuthorCorp plant is closing, despite turning its first profit in years. Lex suspects that the decision is his father's retaliation for Lex's rejection of an earlier offer to work in Metropolis, so he's not taking the news lying down. Meanwhile, Clark finds his personal life in turmoil when he learns disparate circumstances may cause both Chloe and Whitney to leave Smallville. A performance by the band Remy Zero is also featured.

Lionel Luthor: John Glover. Gabe Sullivan: Robert Wisden. Roger Nixon: Tom O'Brien. [unknown]: Don Thompson. [unknown]: Scott Bellis. Erica: Angelika Baran. Musical Guest Appearance by: Remy Zero.


The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

All shows aired Tuesday at 9:00pm ET, except as noted.

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