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Lois Lane

[Erica Durance] Erica Durance joined the Superman legacy by portraying the iconic Lois Lane in "Smallville." In the role of the feisty Daily Planet reporter, Durance plays Lois as a street-smart, tough young woman who bonds with the Kent family, much to Clark's (Tom Welling) dismay.

Growing up in Three Hills, Alberta, Durance is dual citizen of Canada and the United States. She has guest starred in the television series "Stargate SG-1," "The Chris Isaak Show," "Andromeda" and "Tru Calling." She also starred in the 2004 pilot "Gramercy Park" and guest starred in the fantasy series "The Collector."

Durance was most recently seen in the Lifetime Television movie “Marry Me.” She is currently gearing up for production on the feature film “Ecstasy.” Other feature film credits include “The Butterfly Effect 2” and the thriller “Stranded” for Lifetime Television.

Durance currently lives in Vancouver.

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