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      Shiri Appleby
Jason Behr
Katherine Heigl
Majandra Delfino
Brendan Fehr
Nick Wechsler
Adam Rodriguez
William Sadler
      DOB: 12/07/78
DOB: 12/30/73
DOB: 11/24/78
DOB: 02/20/81
DOB: 10/29/77
DOB: 09/03/78
DOB: 08/31/71
DOB: 04/13/50

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44 10/09/01 10/06/01 9/26/01 3ADA01 Busted
When Max begins to have visions of his missing son, he and Liz go on a desperate search for the child. Their quest leads them to hold up a convenience store where an alien space ship is being concealed. Betrayed by a mysterious informant, they are arrested and jailed - and forbidden by their families from ever seeing one another again. Meanwhile, Isabel revels in her secret love affair with Jesse, a handsome young attorney, and Michael begins to straighten out his life.

Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Ferrini: Dayton Callie. Mr. Seligman: Michael Chieffo. Jeff Parker: John Doe. Nancy Parker: Jo Anderson. Judge Davi: Phil Reeves.

45 10/16/01 10/13/01 10/03/01 3ADA02 Michael, the Guys and the Great Snapple Caper
Michael asserts a new responsibility for himself - and his earth-bound life - when he gets a second job. However, when he gets himself and his new crew fired, it takes a previously untapped maturity for him to make things right. Meanwhile, Kyle is dismayed to find himself the family breadwinner after Jim chooses a less than lucrative new career as the leader of a musically challenged bar band, and Max and Liz confront a major threat to their relationship.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Steve: Steven Roy. Fly: Michael Peña. Monk: Martin Starr. George: Earl C. Poitier. Karl: Terence Quinn. Bartender: Kathy Byron. Singer: Joseph Williams.

46 10/23/01 10/20/01 10/09/01 3ADA03 Significant Others
With Alex's ghost as her guide, Isabel must finally confront her fears about love and her conflicted feelings for Jesse. Meanwhile, Maria happily discovers a whole new, "human" part of Michael in, of all places, a bowling alley.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Nancy Parker: Jo Anderson. Mr. Seligman: Michael Chieffo. Steve: Steven Roy. Monk: Martin Starr. Fly: Michael Peña. George: Earl C. Poitier. Estelle Ramirez: Ivonne Coll. Alex's Ghost: Colin Hanks.

47 10/30/01 10/27/01 10/16/01 3ADA04 Secrets & Lies
Max's travels to Hollywood where, after auditioning for a role as an alien on the series "Enterprise," he unmasks the sole surviving shape shifter - a man named Kal Langley who offers Max's last chance for finding his son. But his fellow alien, who has become an extraordinarily successful movie producer in his earthly incarnation, has other ideas. Back in Roswell, Isabel and Jesse struggle over how to reveal their engagement to their families.

Kal Langley: Joe Pantoliano. Jules Walters: Stephen Tobolowsky. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Bunny: Bitty Schram. Joey Ferrini: Dayton Callie. Journalism Teacher: Adilah Barnes. Jim Valenti Sr.: Stanley Anderson. John Billingsley: John Billingsley. Bess Covendall: Eve Brent. Actress: Aimee Nicole. Deputy Brown: Barry Wiggins. Detective Kerr: Rocky McMurray. Detective Erlick: Richard Eck.
Jonathan Frakes: Jonathan Frakes.

48 11/06/01 11/06/01 10/31/01 3ADA05 Control
Using his commanding alien powers, Max forces a Hollywood mogul - in reality a mysterious alien shape shifter going by the name of Kal Langley - to exploit his military connections in order to locate the spacecraft that brought them to earth. Together, Max and Kal undertake a dangerous journey as they seek to learn of the fate of Tess and his son. Back in Roswell, Isabel and Jesse must face the negative reactions of their parents and friends to their impending marriage.

Kal Langley: Joe Pantoliano. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. General Edward Chambers: Richard McGonagle. Windy Sommers: Missi Pyle. Brian: Dylan Kussman. Blonde Woman: Julie-Anne Liechty. Scott: Ron Fassler. Customer: Randall Rapstine.

49 11/13/01 11/10/01 11/06/01 3ADA06 To Have and To Hold
Alternative Rock Band Ivy Guest Stars

With her wedding imminent, Isabel is torn with doubt about her alien heritage and plagued with haunting dreams of her former alien lover, Kivar. Max, having returned from his failed mission in Los Angeles, reluctantly agrees to serve as Jesse's best man and, when the wedding finally seems to be going off perfectly Isabel's worst fears are realized.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Kivar: Spence Decker. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Estelle Ramirez: Ivonne Coll. Karter: Greg Zola. Mark: Chad Gabriel. Richie: Danny Seckel. Louis: Benjamin Benitez. Minister: Patrick T. O'Brien. Singer: Joseph Williams.

50 11/20/01 11/17/01 11/13/01 3ADA07 Interruptus
Jesse and Isabel go on their honeymoon and Isabel is nervous about having sex for the first time, esp, since Jesse still doesn't know about her alien identity. To complicate matters, Kavar[sic], her alien lover, shows up, and she is forced to call Michael and Max to come help her out. Jesse begins to have suspicions about who Isabel is, especially when Michael and Max show up. They reconcile and finally have sex.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Kivar: Spence Decker. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor.

51 11/27/01 11/27/01 11/20/01 3ADA08 Behind The Music
Cracks begin to form in Michael and Maria's relationship when Billy, an old flame of Maria's, comes to visit Roswell for a few days. While interacting with Billy, Maria begins to realize what is missing in her relationship with Michael and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Max's father is still trying to put together all the pieces of his investigation, leading Max and Isabel to try and stop it.

Billy Darden: Clayne Crawford. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Mysterious Man: Matt Southwell.
[The feed was delayed until 0200, yet the master date was seven days ago. The tape was not available.]

52 12/18/01 12/15/01 12/11/01 3ADA09 Samuel Rising
When an autistic child approaches Max, speaks to him, and then later presents him with a drawing of a flying saucer, Max is forced to consider if, in some way, his own lost child is trying to reach out to him. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get close to Maria again, Michael plays Santa, albeit badly, to Maria and Liz's elves at a charity event, and Isabel and Jesse share their first holiday as husband and wife


Now in its third season, Roswell — the cult favorite about alien kids coming of age in Roswell, N.M. — has experienced tough going of late. At the end of its sophomore season, its original home network, the WB, dumped it. And although UPN picked it up, the series has been far from a ratings success this year. In fact, although it has increased ratings for UPN in its Tuesday night timeslot, it routinely loses the Nielsen wars to ABC's NYPD Blue, CBS's The Guardian, Fox's 24, NBC's Frasier and the WB's Smallville. Understandable, perhaps, but still — not a good sign. And the news continues to get worse: UPN recently announced that it has reduced its season order of episodes from 22 to 19.

What's unfortunate about all of that bad news is this: Roswell is, in fact, a well-done drama that adroitly mixes paranormal flourishes with comedic and touching moments. Tonight's Christmas-themed episode is a good case in point. While "Christmas Nazi" Isabel (Katherine Heigl) is intent on making her first Christmas with husband Jesse (Adam Rodriguez) a success, brother Max (Jason Behr) meets an autistic boy who he thinks may be a link to his own lost son.

The episode opens with Max commiserating with friend Michael (Brendan Fehr), who can't understand why his girlfriend Maria (Majandra Delfino) has broken up with him. The two stop by a burger joint known as the Crashdown, where they meet up with Isabel, Jesse, Maria and Max's girlfriend Liz (Shiri Appleby). While Isabel holds forth about her plans for creating a "perfect" Christmas, Max can't help but notice that a little boy is staring at him. Soon enough, the boy — Samuel — approaches him and says one word: "Daddy." Although his mother quickly corrals him, explaining that he's autistic, Max is stunned, and comes away believing that his own son is attempting to use the child to communicate with him.

Meanwhile, Isabel's efforts to make the holidays memorable include overseeing the town's annual Santa Village, where Maria and Liz volunteer as helper elves to Michael's Santa. The result is some amusing repartee between Michael and Maria, especially in one scene where he tells her to get him something to drink. Fed up with his bossiness, she invites him into her "little elf house" to give him a piece of her mind — only to have the moment interrupted by a child's prying eyes. It's a laugh-out-loud moment, to be sure. Jesse, however, isn't laughing: Isabel's efforts to create the perfect Christmas mean that his cherished stocking, which he made in kindergarten, has been banished to the back of the tree; and his hopes of chilling to football must take a backseat to her whims. In essence, their first Christmas isn't theirs — it's hers, with Jesse along for the ride.

These disparate plotlines ultimately intertwine and do so in delightful fashion. Only a hard-hearted Grinch would fail to be charmed. Myself, I say UPN would do well to not only hold onto Roswell, but find it a new home on its schedule — say, Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, where it would make the perfect companion to Enterprise.

Jeff Gemmill — TV Guide — 12/18/01

Samuel Turner: Gavin Fink. Rebecca Turner: Colleen Flynn. Warren Turner: Sean O'Bryan. Shelby Prine: Navi Rawat. Dr. Lynette Ramey: Yvonne Farrow. Deb: Alison Ward. Zeke: Zachary Isaiah Williams. Paul: Christopher Plumley. Another Kid: Haley King. Sanata #1: Gene Borkan. Sanata #2: Cole Dodson. Sanata #3: Alejandro Patino. Kid #1: Bret Loehr. Kid #2: Jenevieve Norris.
53 1/01/02 12/29/01 12/17/01 3ADA10 A Tale of Two Parties
The spirit of the season is turned topsy-turvy when Max and Maria join forces to find the infamous, ever-elusive Roswell New Year's rave. Meanwhile, as Isabel assists Kyle in finding his one perfect date, he is forced to rethink the feelings he has for her.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Bess Covendall: Eve Brent. Bitsy: Frieda Jane. Jock #1: Adam Frost. Jock #2: Jason Strickland. Party Guy: Jon Ryckman. Boyfriend: Scott Hamm. Daryl: James Ross. Susie: Erin Foster. Karen: Melanie H. Gassaway. Frat Guy: Frank Tignini. Girlfriend #1: Kimberly Russell. Girlfriend #2: Jennifer Humphrey. Singer: Joseph Williams.

54 1/29/02 1/26/02 1/22/02 3ADA11 I Married An Alien
A journalist friend of Jesse's comes to Roswell and begins snooping around for a story. After accidentally witnessing Michael use his powers and hearing some suspicious stories from Jesse about Isabel, he latches onto a theory that threatens to expose the alien identities of Michael, Max, and Isabel. Meanwhile, Isabel fantasizes about what her life would be like if Jesse knew her alien secret through the device of a 1960s sitcom a la "Bewitched" and also comes to realize why she can never tell her husband the truth after all.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Eric Hughes: Kristoffer Polaha. Social Worker: Susan Barnes. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown.
NOTE: The episode starts with the opening credits. The reason is that there is an "I Married an Alien" opening credit sequence.
[101/2.3/3 (:)]

55 2/05/02 2/02/02 1/29/02 3ADA12 Ch-Ch-Changes
Liz starts to undergo some strange, alien-like changes to her body (glowing hands, melting objects she touches), which get worse when she's near Max. Pent-up frustrations and emotions fly to the surface, and distraught, she decides she needs to get away from Max for good and leave Roswell to go to boarding school in Vermont. Maria gets offered a recording contract in New York, but she isn't sure she likes what the record label people are doing to her music to make it "popular."

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Dominique Lazar: Meredith Scott Lynn. Mr. Seligman: Michael Chieffo. Teacher: Hal Ozsan. Teacher: Aki Aleong. George Winkler: Michael Medico. Busboy: Ryan Ford. Singer: Joseph Williams.

56 2/12/02 2/09/02 2/05/02 3ADA13 Panacea
We learn that the head of Metachem, where Michael works, is a mysterious old man who has been searching for the alien healer and has been secretly investigating Michael. While investigating the company with Michael and Max, Valenti gets shot by the Metachem men. In order to save Valenti, Max is forced to use his powers on the old man and loses his powers and possibly his life. Meanwhile, Liz has entered boarding school in Vermont and tries to start a new life. Maria is in New York to record her demo but finds that her dream isn't all that she imagined it to be and goes to visit Liz in Vermont.

Billy Darden: Clayne Crawford. Dominique Lazar: Meredith Scott Lynn. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Dean Hackett: Freda Foh Shen. Eileen Burrows: Ashley Johnson. Monk: Martin Starr. Meris Wheeler: Morgan Fairchild. Clayton Wheeler: Jack Donner. Scientist: Karl Wiedergott.

57 2/26/02 2/23/02 2/19/02 3ADA14 Chant Down Babylon
Michael, Jesse and Valenti call on a discredited doctor to help the wounded Isabel. Also, Clayton Wheeler undergoes an amazing transformation and soon finds himself drawn to Liz; and Jesse quizzes Michael about Isabel's alien roots.

Paul: Paul Fitzgerald. Eileen Burrows: Ashley Johnson. Meris Wheeler: Morgan Fairchild. Clayton Wheeler: Jack Donner.

58 4/23/02 4/20/02 3/18/02 3ADA15 Who Died and Made You King?
The gang attempts to return to "normal", but soon find that their lives have gotten a lot more complicated. Jesse's struggles to come to terms with his newfound knowledge are compounded when he finds himself under FBI scrutiny. Max's "death" creates a unique situation within the alien authority structure.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Agent Burns: Yorgo Constantine. Dr. Burton Weiss: Harry Groener. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Man In Black: Douglas Owen McDonald. Waiter: James Oberlander.

59 4/30/02 4/27/02 4/02/02 3ADA16 Crash
Michael witnesses an alien ship crash in the desert, and although the Air Force and government are busy trying to cover it up, Michael knows what he saw and convinces the rest of the gang that something mysterious is going on. While trying to investigate what happened, he ends up meeting and helping the daughter of the Air Force pilot that the governmant says dies in the crash. Meanwhile, Jessee has left on a business trip leaving Isabel to deal with their floundering marriage. When she goes to spend the weekend with her Mom, we learn that her parents are still suspicious of her and Max.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Major Pete Carlson: Woody Brown. Connie Griffin: Samantha Shelton. Agent: Paul Schulze. Colonel Griffin: Larry Poindexter. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Guard: Lamont Thompson. Reporter: Brien Blakely. Scientist: Stephen Rockwell.

60 5/07/02 5/04/02 4/09/02 3ADA17 Four Aliens and a Baby
We find out that it was Tess who was in the alien crash. She escapes from the government compound where the ship is being guarded and shows up at Max's...with his baby. With the miltary hot on Tess and the baby's trail, Max tries enlisting his friends' help, but no one is eager to help Tess, a girl they'd rather see dead. Later, in a desperate moment, Max and Isabel are forced to tell their parents the truth about who they are. Eventually Max comes to the realization that in order for the baby to ever have a normal, safe life, he has to give the baby up, and Philip agrees to help spirit the child away and to find a safe home.

Tess Harding: Emilie De Ravin. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Major Pete Carlson: Woody Brown. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Air Force Officer: Gunther Jensen. Colonel Thompson: Bart McCarthy. Reporter: Adrianna Banovich. Scientist: Chris Butler. Scientist #2: Gary Riotto. M.P.: Jonathan Fraser.

61 5/14/02 5/11/02 4/30/02 3ADA18 Graduation
The gang is readying for High School graduation and Liz starts getting premonitions, one of which is that the alien contingent is going to be gunned down. Knowing the government agents are hot on their trail, the aliens all decide they'll be safer if they leave Roswell. Max proposes to Liz who accepts, while Maria is torn up that she can't go with Michael, and Isabel and Jesse agonize over their impending separation. With agents stalking our crew at the graduation ceremony, the aliens make a daring escape out of the auditorium. When they all meet up in the desert, Maria and Jesse are there, refusing to be left behind, so - in a van - all our heroes make for the great unknown with nothing more than a personal pledge to do good in the world.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Madame Vivian: Winnie Holzman. [unknown]: Michael Shamus Wiles. Government Agent: Patrick Kilpatrick. Government Agent: Joel McKinnon Miller. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Hannah Mills: Taylor Young. Bryce McCain: Barry Livingston. Principal: Bob Morrisey. General Wallace: Brian Evers.

Editorial: There is a major flaw in the storyline for this episode. It is based upon the Air Force finding the tape of Isabel. The video cassette was melted. The tape would have been rendered unviewable as a result of the heat. Yet, they had a perfect image from the tape. I can suspend belief as much as the next guy, but this one is really wrong.


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