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Liz Parker
Max Evans
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Michael Guerin
Alex[ander C.] Whitman
Kyle Valenti
Tess Harding
Sheriff Valenti
      Shiri Appleby
Jason Behr
Katherine Heigl
Majandra Delfino
Brendan Fehr
Colin Hanks
Nick Wechsler
Emilie De Ravin
William Sadler
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DOB: 12/30/73
DOB: 11/24/78
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# Air
23 10/02/00 9/30/00 9/13/00 2ADA01 Skin and Bones
The sci-fi drama about four alien teens begins its second season.

The intergalactic saga wrapped its freshman run with the extraterrestrial quartet finding a message from home. It revealed that in previous lives, Max was their planet's leader and Michael and Isabel were great warriors. Tess was Max's bride and Isabel was Michael's betrothed.

In this installment, their lives on Earth are again in jeopardy after a geologist discovers the remains of FBI agent Pierce. He presents his findings to Sheriff Valenti, who tries to stall the investigation---despite interference from an eager Deputy Hanson.

Agent Pierce: David Conrad. Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker: Gretchen Egolf. Ed Harding: Jim Ortlieb. Grant: Jeremy Davidson. Congressman: Frank Birney. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Psychologist: Dennis Lipscomb. Courtney: Sara Downing. Doctor Bender: Austin Tichenor. John Shanahan: Phil Abrams. Engineer #2: Kenneth Choi. Mitch: Bill Glass. Guard: Daniel Fester. FBI Agent: Colin McClean.

24 10/09/00 10/07/00 9/21/00 2ADA02 Ask Not
Max deals with the pressure of being the aliens' chieftain in this well-scripted episode that examines the burden of leadership. The extraterrestrial teens look to Max for guidance after they discover that a murderous alien entity is pursuing them and that a potential new threat has taken over the UFO Center. Max's plan is for them to stay put and not draw attention to themselves, but Michael fears that inaction could be fatal. As Max holds firm to his decision, the severity of their dilemma gives him a special appreciation for his history class's study of the role that JFK played during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker: Gretchen Egolf. Ed Harding: Jim Ortlieb. History Teacher Mr. Lafeber: J.G. Hertzler. Courtney: Sara Downing. Welder: Bill Jacobson.

25 10/16/00 10/14/00 10/04/00 2ADA03 Surprise
Isabel's friends throw her a surprise birthday party at the Crashdown Cafe, but a mysterious headache and hallucinations of Tess in jeopardy grip the alien teen during the festivities. Meanwhile, Liz discovers that Congresswoman Whitaker has been recording Liz's personal phone calls at work.

Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker: Gretchen Egolf. Courtney: Sara Downing. Grant Sorenson: Jeremy Davidson. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor.

26 10/23/00 10/21/00 [unknown] 2ADA04 Summer of '47
Michael interviews a WWII veteran from Roswell for a school paper and gets a first-hand account of the alien crash of 1947. Cast members portray the tale's participants in flashback segments.

Captain Hal Carver: Charles Napier. Teacher: Eric Saiet. Barkeep: Tom Kenny. M.P. #1: Michael Roddy. Patron #1: Finn Curtin. Patron #2: Lisa Kaseman. Bus Driver: Jeff Johnson.

27 10/30/00 10/28/00 10/18/00 2ADA05 The End of the World
Max travels back in time from the year 2014 to the present to warn Liz that their personal relationship will result in Earth's conquest by alien forces. Meanwhile, Michael begins to suspect that Courtney is not who she appears to be.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Courtney: Sara Downing. Madame Vivian: Winnie Holzman.

28 11/06/00 11/04/00 11/01/00 2ADA06 Harvest
Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess head to Arizona to find a secret organization called the Universal Friendship League that Congresswoman Whitaker belonged to. Meanwhile, Michael and Maria hunt for a missing Courtney.

Nicholas Crawford: Miko Hughes. Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker: Gretchen Egolf. Courtney: Sara Downing. Mr. Crawford: Chris Ellis. Mr. T. Greer: Holmes Osborne. Ida Crawford: Jenny O'Hara. Willy: Joshua Wheeler. Newscaster: Bella Shaw.

29 11/13/00 11/11/00 11/08/00 2ADA07 Wipeout
Most of the residents of Roswell disappear after a green pulse from the sky descends on the town, leaving only the alien quartet, Courtney, Liz, Maria and the Valenti behind to solve the mystery. The situation gets worse after Liz finds evidence of a Skin in the area.

Courtney: Sara Downing. Nicholas Crawford: Miko Hughes. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Ida Crawford: Jenny O'Hara. James: David Batiste.

30 11/20/00 11/18/00 11/15/00 2ADA08 Meet the Dupes
After murdering their leader, aliens resembling Michael, Isabel and Tess travel to Roswell from New York to persuade Max to attend a summit with leaders from other planets. Elsewhere, Brody is attracted to Maria, whom Michael begins to take for granted.
Part 1

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Bilogy Teacher: Michael Chieffo. Lance: Sean Allen Rector. Driver: Steve Picerni.
Zan: Jason Behr. Rath: Brendan Fehr. Lonny: Katherine Heigl. Ava: Emilie De Ravin.

31 11/27/00 11/25/00 11/21/00 2ADA09 Max in the City
Max and Tess travel to New York City, where Rath takes Max to meet an enigmatic individual called the Emissary, who tests Max's claim to the throne. Elsewhere, Maria tells Liz about a rumor going around school that Liz slept with Kyle.
Part 2

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. Nicholas Crawford: Miko Hughes. Emissary: Jerry Gelb. Kathana: Faline England. Sero: David Reivers. Hanar: Marji Martin.
Zan: Jason Behr. Rath: Brendan Fehr. Lonny: Katherine Heigl. Ava: Emilie De Ravin.

32 12/18/00 12/16/00 12/14/00 2ADA11 A Roswell Christmas Carol
It's not such a wonderful life for Max after he allows a man to die rather than use his powers in public to save him.

A car strikes a holiday shopper who pushed his daughter out of the path of the vehicle. As the man lies dying on a crowded sidewalk, Max resists the urge to help him. The man's ghost then haunts the alien teen (the only one who can see him), demanding that Max do something to "restore the balance" for letting him perish.

A more mundane Christmas crisis plagues Michael. He agonizes over a present for Maria, since he neglected to get her any gift at all last year.

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. John: John Littlefield. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Sydney: Adeline Allen. John's Daughter: Madison McReynolds. Nurse: Kelly Hill. Security Guard: Biff Wiff. Mother: Whitney Weston. Man: Bill Small. Caroler #1: Jaquita Ta'le. Caroler #2: Joshua Kranz. Caroler #3: Jeni C. Wilson. Caroler #4: Jordan Smith. Caroler #5: Holly Gray. Caroler #6: Christine Noh. Choir Member #1: Joseph Williams. Choir Member #2: Amye Williams. Choir Member #3: Jason Scheff.
Even though the master tape date is two days before the normal satellite feed date, the feed was delayed 11.5 hours because of "production delays."

33 1/22/01 1/20/01 1/03/01 2ADA10 To Serve and Protect
Isabel suffers from nightmares depicting a girl bound, locked in a trunk and screaming for help. Sheriff Valenti is questioned about the year-old shooting of Everett Hubble. Elsewhere, Maria's cousin Sean arrives in town, fresh from a prison stint.

Dan Lubetkin: Keith Szarabajka. Grant Sorenson: Jeremy Davidson. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Laurie Dupree: Allison Lange. Mayor: Robert Katims. Judith Foster: Breon Gorman. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall. Buddha: Woon Park. Melissa Foster: Sage Kirkpatrick. Brad: Sebastian Siegel.

34 1/29/01 1/27/01 1/24/01 2ADA12 We Are Family
Sheriff Valenti loses his tin star in this well-scripted episode, which finds the lawman taking orders from an ambitious FBI agent.

Jim Valenti's unorthodox methods during the search for a missing girl draw the ire of a by-the-book police officer and an equally intolerant judge, who suspends Roswell's leading law enforcer. The sheriff gets a temporary reprieve when an eager Federal agent requests his help with the case. However, playing second fiddle doesn't sit well with Valenti, who has no choice but to keep his demanding new boss in the dark when the investigation takes an unexpected turn.

Agent Suzanne Duff: Erica Gimpel. Dan Lubetkin: Keith Szarabajka. Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Laurie Dupree: Allison Lange. Mayor: Robert Katims. Gossiping Woman: Rachel Winfree. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall. Clerk: Shana O'Neil. Nurse: Seema Rahmani.

35 2/05/01 2/05/01 1/31/01 2ADA13 Disturbing Behavior
Laurie escapes from an ambulance on her way to a mental facility and unwillingly joins Michael and Maria, who were following her in the Jetta and witnessed her getaway. Meanwhile, Isabel is questioned by Agent Duff about her involvement in Laurie's case.

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. Laurie Dupree: Allison Lange. Grant Sorenson: Jeremy Davidson. Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Meredith DuPree: Heidi Swedberg. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Bobby DuPree: Dennis Christopher. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall. Agent Suzanne Duff: Erica Gimpel. Carmen: Rosana Potter. Reporter: Wendy Speake.
The Canadian feed was delayed an unprecidented three times. First it was to be at 1600 on Saturday, then 1700 on Sunday and finally 1745 on Monday. The reason given: tape unavailable. Looks like someone screwed up, since the master tape date is before the weekend.

36 2/19/01 2/17/01 [unknown] 2ADA14 How the Other Half Lives
The four-part "Hybrid Chronicles" concludes with this pivotal installment, which reveals how the royal four became human. The story centers on the manhunt for the kidnapper of Laurie Dupree, an enigmatic young woman who first appeared to Isabel in the alien's nightmares. In this episode, the Roswell teens discover why Laurie was abducted and her role in another life form's attempt to wipe out all living creatures on Earth. They also learn the anthropological origins of their existence and why Laurie's relatives want her to believe she is mentally ill: she is the heir to her family's vast estate.

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. Grant Sorenson: Jeremy Davidson. Laurie DuPree: Allison Lange. Meredith DuPree: Heidi Swedberg. Bobby DuPree: Dennis Christopher. Agent Suzanne Duff: Erica Gimpel. Carmen: Rosana Potter. Clerk: Antonio Vega.

37 2/26/01 2/24/01 2/23/01 2ADA15 Viva Las Vegas
Michael's nerves are shot, so he decides that he and Max should take a trip to Las Vegas to blow off steam. Isabel and Maria discover the boys' plan and invite themselves to go along. Then Tess, Kyle, Liz and Alex hear the news and join the road trip.

Dave: Samuel Ball. Traci: Linda Pine. Stripper Auditioner: Howard George. Señora Villa: Eileen Galindo. Glenn: Gregory Saites. Pit Boss: Ned Schmidtke. Security Guard: Michael Bailey Smith. Bellhop: Deondray Gossett. Dealer: Ken Cook. Stickman: Phil Nelson.
[Dido's "Thank You" can be heard in the background of one scene.]
The Canadian feed was delayed again. 20th Century Fox sure has a problem getting tapes for this show to the TOC on time. It was uplinked at 1030 Saturday.

38 4/16/01 4/14/01 4/11/01 2ADA17 Heart of Mine
Roswell PromMax and Liz agree to go to the prom together as friends, while Michael tells Maria that the festive event is "totally bogus." Isabel considers asking Alex to the dance and Kyle sets his sights on taking Tess.

Last photo of the group together.
Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall. Malamud: Taran Killam. Evan: Scott Clifton. Allie: Michelle Moretti. Juanita: Mya Michaels.

39 4/23/01 4/21/01 4/05/01 2ADA18 Cry Your Name
Jim Valenti breaks the news to the aliens and their friends that Alex was killed in a car accident. Max attempts to revive the teen, but his efforts fail. The group is then forced to deal with the loss of their friend. Maria and Isabel respond emotionally, but Liz remains oddly stoic.

Jeff Parker: John Doe. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Mrs. Parker: Jo Anderson. Jerry: Jason Dohring. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Trucker: Hawthorne James. Mr. Whitman: Ted Rooney.
[not credited:]
Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall.

40 4/30/01 4/28/01 4/18/01 2ADA19 It's Too Late, and It's Too Bad
Liz continues her investigation into Alex's death and she enlists Sean's help in breaking into the school guidance counselor's office, where she makes a photocopy of Alex's personal file. Meanwhile, Isabel tells Max that she received a letter from a college that she hopes to attend in the fall.

Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Deputy Hanson: Jason Peck. Mr. Whitman: Ted Rooney. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall. Florist: Michael Caldwell. Derek: Jeremy Guskin. Mr. Stockman: Per Bristow. Deb: Alison Ward. Bank Teller: Antoinette Broderick. High School Security Guard: Brendan D. Pentzell. Cabbie: Stephen "Doc" Kupka. Crew Member: David Nathan Schwartz.

41 5/07/01 5/05/01 5/02/01 2ADA20 Baby, It's You
Max gets the shock of his young life when Tess tells him that they are going to be parents.

The news comes on the heels of the couple's first public display of affection as Max escorts Tess down the halls of their high school. With his arm around his latest flame, the alien king strolls through the parting sea of students and onlookers, including Michael, Kyle and a very annoyed Isabel. The announcement of their impending parenthood comes later that evening when Tess discloses her condition to Max. However, the extraterrestrial pregnancy yields unexpected complications---Earth's atmosphere proves inhospitable to the unborn child.

Biology Teacher: Michael Chieffo. Professor: Jeff Wadlow. Computer Guy: Sean Dwyer. Special Appearance By: Nelly Furtado. Jodi Ann Paterson: Jodi Ann Paterson. Derek: Jeremy Guskin. Bonnie: Lauren Roman. Leanna/Jennifer: Nicole Brunner.

42 5/14/01 5/12/01 5/09/01 2ADA16 Off the Menu
An electrical shock knocks out power throughout Roswell and causes Brody to recall his alien abductions. The frantic man then takes Max, Tess, Maria and her family hostage at the UFO Center. Michael and Isabel come looking for Max...and stumble into the crisis.

Brody Davis: Desmond Askew. Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Sheriff Hanson: Jason Peck. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall.
Because this episode is out of sequence, the Max/Tess storyline is screwed up. Max and Tess are "meeting" for the first time in this episode, totally out of sequence with regards to what has already aired. The storyline regarding the search for what really happened to Alex is missing, because he's not dead yet (ignore the recap, as it was done for this displaced episode). IMHO, it was a mistake to move this episode.

43 5/21/01 5/20/01 5/16/01 2ADA21 The Departure
The second season of the sci-fi series concludes as the alien quartet prepares to go home.

Max and his extraterrestrial pals have only 24 hours to say goodbye to their human families and friends as they prepare the Granilith for the journey to their home planet. According to producer Jason Katims, this installment also "solves, pretty definitively, the mystery surrounding [the death of] Alex." As for the future of the teen series, Katims says, "The only thing we know for sure is that we don't know anything for sure. It's similar to the situation we were in last year. We may return or we may not."

Amy DeLuca: Diane Farr. Philip Evans: Garrett M. Brown. Diane Evans: Mary Ellen Trainor. Sean DeLuca: Devon Gummersall. Leanna/Jennifer Coleman: Nicole Brunner. Young Michael: Nicholas Stratton.
The Canadian feed was delayed again. It fed at 0300, Sunday morning.


For some reason, there are only 21 hours instead of the normal 22.

The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. Once a program is listed below the top twenty, the ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 100.8 million homes. One rating point is equal to 1,008,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

The time within the [ ] is the show's edited length. The length is based upon the original version, which is formatted for five commercial breaks.

All shows aired Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET. Starting 4/10/00, the shows aired Mondays at 9:00pm ET.


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