Roswell Music Video Content List

Clip Start Episode Description
1 :00 1ADA08 Heat Wave
(Michael & Maria in crashdown standing)
2 30:29 1ADA08 Heat Wave
(Michael & Maria in crashdown on floor)
3 38:28 1ADA08 Heat Wave
(Max & Liz on her roof)
4 1:14:16
opening sequence
(Roswell title)
5 1:17:16 1ADA01 The Morning After [review]
(Liz gets shot and falls)
(Max heals Liz...includes flashbacks to childhood)
(Max tells Liz the truth)
(Max intercepts Liz at the door)
6 1:30:06 1ADA79 Pilot
(Kyle sees the handprint on Liz)
7 1:31:25 1ADA01 The Morning After [review]
(Max and Liz are examining a fake skeleton in class)
(Liz tells Maria the truth)
(Sheriff shows Liz the 1959 picture)
(Liz warns Max the Sherriff is suspicious)
8 1:42:21 1ADA79 Pilot
(young Isabel and Max turn toward the headlights)
9 1:45:05 1ADA01 The Morning After [review]
(Max talks to Liz @ Crash festival)
10 1:50:01 1ADA01 The Morning After
(Max and Liz in the hallway)
11 1:54:03 1ADA01 The Morning After
(Max and Liz spy on Topolsky)
12 1:59:14 1ADA02 Monsters
(Michael in a tux)
13 2:00:19 1ADA02 Monsters
(Max and Liz talking under a table)
14 2:04:07 1ADA05 285 South
(Liz talking to Max in the jeep)
15 2:07:03 1ADA03 Leaving Normal
(Liz talking to Max outside)
16 2:09:07 1ADA03 Leaving Normal
(Liz cries, Max puts finger to her lips)
17 2:13:28 1ADA04 Missing
(Max and Liz talking in the UFO Center)
18 2:17:05 1ADA05 285 South
(Max helps Liz into the jeep)
19 2:20:01 1ADA05 285 South
(Topolsky encrypts message)
20 2:21:15 1ADA05 285 South
(Isabel removes stain from herself)
21 2:23:20 1ADA05 285 South
(Isabel removes stain from Liz)
22 2:26:14 1ADA05 285 South
(Michael fries Maria's car)
23 2:31:17 1ADA05 285 South
(Michael and Maria in the motel)
24 2:34:13 1ADA05 285 South
(Michael and Maria on the floor)
25 2:35:29 1ADA06 River Dog
(Liz and Maria talk in hallway)
26 2:40:06 1ADA06 River Dog
(Liz stumbles through Max's window)
27 2:49:18 1ADA06 River Dog
(Max puts pendant around Liz's neck)
28 3:04:17 1ADA06 River Dog
(Michael and Maria kiss)
29 3:19:17 1ADA08 Heat Wave
(Maria sweeps floor)
30 3:32:16
opening sequence
(cast credits)


  1. Clip #2 can be considered as one or two clips. The scene is actually broken with a cutaway of Liz watching them. During editing I discovered that it was actually filmed as one take. Frames of film are actually repeated in the show. I edited it back together as one scene.
  2. The tricky bit, that no one entering the contest discovered, is that clips five, seven and nine were taken from the review at the start of the episode. I replaced two sections of the review with other material, as the original review contained material that didn't fit the theme of the video. The reason I used the review clip is that my recording of the pilot is partially from the WB broadcast, with the remainder from the Canadian satellite feed. The feed time was unknown and I didn't discover it until after the feed had already started. I wanted material for the video without the damn WB logo. The review material was perfect for the section after the Roswell title. After completing the video, I decided to do the contest and the tricky bit fell right into place. I was hoping that someone would have caught on to what I did, but no one did.
  3. The clip of the copyright slate, through the 20th Century logo, was not counted as part of the contest. Entries were not marked wrong if the clip was mentioned in the list. What made everyone miss was the tricky bit. :-)

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