Season Two Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Brooke McQueen
Samantha McPherson
Lily Esposito
Harrison John
Carmen Ferrara
Josh Ford
Nicole Julian
Sugar Daddy
Mary Cherry
Jane McPherson
Michael McQueen
Miss Bobbi Glass/Nurse Jessie Glass/Tipton Glass
Leslie Bibb
Carly Pope
Tamara Mello
Christopher Gorham
Sara Rue
Bryce Johnson
Tammy Lynn Michaels
Ron Lester
Leslie Grossman
Lisa Darr
Scott Bryce
Diane Delano
DOB: 11/17/74
DOB: 08/28/80
DOB: 02/22/76
DOB: 08/14/74
DOB: 01/26/79
DOB: 04/18/77
DOB: 11/26/74
DOB: 08/04/75
DOB: 10/25/70
DOB: 04/21/63
DOB: 01/06/58
DOB: 01/29/57

Opening Title Sequence

WB Promos

# Air
23 9/22/00 9/21/00 9/07/00 P-823 Timber!
In the second-season opener, Brooke bonds with her long-lost mother---much to her dad's chagrin. Meanwhile, Lily and Sugar Daddy try to save a tree from being cut down, and Carmen delays telling her friends about her pregnancy.

Kelly Foster: Peggy Lipton. Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. Exquisite Woo: Michelle Krusiec. Nurse Pittman: Virginia Capers. Dr. Donald Dave: Bill Chott. Police Officer #1: Ty Upshaw.

24 9/29/00 9/28/00 9/15/00 P-824 Baby, Don't Do It
Science teacher Bobbi Glass saddles her students with electronic dolls that require maternal care in an attempt to teach them about "the burden of parenting"; Mary Cherry and Nicole plot to replace Brooke as the most popular girl in school; and Carmen sets out to help all the disenfranchised kids at Kennedy High.

Kelly Foster: Peggy Lipton. Emory Dick: Hank Harris. Penelope Poppins: Kellie Waymire. Emily/Emma: Alessandra Toreson. April Tuna: Adria Dawn.

25 10/06/00 10/05/00 9/29/00 P-825 Citizen Shame
Bobbi Glass's rich uncle arrives and requests a dinner with Bobbi and the child she has told him she has, forcing the science teacher to recruit someone for the role. With no other takers, Bobbi reluctantly agrees to let Nicole play the part. Elsewhere, Jane learns that she's pregnant and Carmen decides to move out of her parents' house.

Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. Bonnie: Andréa Bendewald. Joy Ferrara: Susan Ruttan. Police Officer #1: Ed Beechner. Business Man: Bryan Kestner. Waiter: Ron Kochevar. Lady Officer: E. Fay Butler.

26 10/13/00 10/12/00 10/09/00 P-826 The Sweetest Taboo
Nicole tries to seduce principal Krupps in order to get back on the Glamazons, but her advances are rebuffed by the administrator, leading Nicole to plot her revenge. Elsewhere, a new student-athlete irritates Sam and worries Josh.

Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. Jean Ford: Dey Young. George Austin: A.T. Montgomery.

27 10/20/00 [10/19/00] [unknown] P-827 Joe Loves Mary Cherry
Mary Cherry and Nicole try to persuade Brooke to dump Josh and start dating George, in hopes that the new coupling will save Brooke's plummeting popularity, as well as their own. Meanwhile, Harrison is jealous of Sam's blossoming romance.

Randy: Marco Gould. Andy: Jarrett Lennon. George Austin: A.T. Montgomery.

28 11/03/00 11/02/00 10/20/00 P-828 Style and Substance Abuse
Brooke withdraws from the homecoming queen competition, whose nominees include Sam and Carmen, and joins the race for student-council president. Meanwhile, Carmen has no place to live until she gets an offer from an unusual source.

Hellacious Akers: Michelle Phillips. Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. April Tuna: Adria Dawn.

29 11/10/00 11/09/00 11/03/00 P-829 Ur-Ine Trouble
Principal Calvin Krupps announces plans for random drug tests of the student body, while Sam decides to drop out of the race for homecoming queen to save her relationship with George. Elsewhere, Mary Cherry, Nicole and Hellacious Akers try to sabotage Carmen's queen campaign and find help from an unusual source.

Hellacious Akers: Michelle Phillips. Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. Joy Ferrara: Susan Ruttan. George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. [Unknown}: Joseph C. Phillips.

30 11/17/00 11/16/00 [unknown] P-830 Misery Loathes Company
Mary Cherry recruits Sam to ghostwrite her memoirs after learning that her mother has plans for a book that paints the younger Cherry in a bad light. Meanwhile, Sugar Daddy enters an eating-disorder clinic and clashes with a member of his group; and Brooke goes on an eating binge after a stressful encounter with Harrison.

Clarence: Mike Damus. Nurse Gretchen: Anne Haney. Nurse Dan: Dan Finnerty.

31 12/08/00 12/07/00 12/04/00 P-831 Are You There God? It's Me, Ann-Margret
Harrison encounters a ghostly figure in a hospital storage room who knows personal things about him; Carmen attends a meeting for teens of alcoholic parents and runs into Nicole, who acts as if she doesn't recognize the former cheerleader.

Clarence: Mike Damus. Joy Ferrara: Susan Ruttan. [unknown]: Arnetia Walker. Brad: Robb Derringer. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. Nurse Dan: David Noroña. [unknown]: Jim O'Heir. [unknown]: Charley Lang. [ghost]: Ann-Margret.

32 12/15/00 12/14/00 12/08/00 P-832 The Consequences of Falling
Harrison's roommate Clarence dies, sending Harrison into a depression that leads to a suicide attempt...and a glimpse of what life would have been like if he had never been born, a tour led by Clarence---who's now an angel.

Clarence: Mike Damus. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. Nurse Dan: David Noroña. Robin John: Alley Mills. Misty Dawn: Ashley Edner. Bruno: Miles Jeffrey. Jimmy: Dane Northcutt. Nurse: Cheryl Carter.

33 1/19/01 1/18/01 1/05/01 P-833 Fire in the Hole
Bobbi Glass tells her students that they must perform in a play she has written about sexually transmitted diseases. Elsewhere, Sugar Daddy teases Harrison about being a virgin, causing the teen to vow that he will sleep with someone by the end of the week.

George: A.T. Montgomery. Candi Baux: Maria Canals. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. Irving Handelman: Eric Poppick.

34 1/26/01 1/25/01 1/19/01 P-834 The Shocking Possession of Harrison John
Harrison decides to change his image and his outlook on life by asserting himself in social situations, but Mary Cherry worries that he is acting too much like Nicole. Meanwhile, Sugar Daddy laments the lack of attention he is getting from Josh, who spends more and more time with Lily.

George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. Judy: Randee Heller. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. Godfrey: Robert Clendenin. Trailer Park Woman: Lisa K. Wyatt.

35 2/02/01 2/01/01 1/26/01 P-835 Mary Charity
Karma slaps Mary Cherry hard on the cheek when the rich and spoiled teen is forced to live like a pauper in this humorous comeuppance.

Because of her mother's financial troubles, Mary Cherry winds up losing all of her personal possessions when law-enforcement officers seize her home, clothes and jewelry. With her pride still intact, Mary tries to hide her precarious situation from her classmates, even as she appears at Kennedy High wearing nothing but a trash bag (she tries to pass off her new look as the latest fashion craze from Paris). Then a concerned Lily, who knows something about Mary's predicament, offers to help her blonde tormentor.

Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. [unknown]: Marnie Crossen. Sheriff #1: Brett Miller.

36 2/23/01 2/22/01 2/15/01 P-836 The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Mary Cherry and Bobbi Glass scheme to get a day off from school following a car accident involving a Kennedy High student, but their efforts only lead Principal Krupps to bring in a grief counselor. Meanwhile, Nicole suspects that her birth mother may still be alive.

Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. Shaggy Louise Grout: Brenda Bakke. Emory Dick: Hank Harris. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. [unknown]: Conchata Ferrell.

37 3/02/01 3/01/01 2/23/01 P-837 It's Greek to Me
Brooke is invited to a frat party by a sorority sister she meets during a college fair at Kennedy High, and the teen asks Carmen, Lily and Sam to go along with her. Meanwhile, Nicole attends a parent-teacher conference with her mother and Bobbi Glass.

George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. Shaggy Louise Grout: Brenda Bakke. Judy Julian: Randee Heller. Flynn Hudson: Rachel Wilson. Jamie Roth: Nick Stabile. [unknown]: Andrew Lukich. Bouncer: Drew Powell.

38 3/09/01 3/09/01 [unknown] P-838 Fag
Kennedy High crusader Lily takes on a new cause when she starts a gay and lesbian support group in this thoughtful installment of the teen comedy-drama. Lily announces the formation of the club after witnessing homophobic behavior in her science class that makes a new student visibly uncomfortable. Her initial efforts are met with opposition from her friends, who worry that she may do more harm than good; and from faculty member Bobbi Glass, who tells the teen that the school cannot promote the "gay agenda." The headstrong Lily begins to have her own doubts after someone spray-paints a slur on her locker.

George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. Jamie Roth: Nick Stabile. Bryan Rose: Joel Michaely. [unknown]: Huntley Ritter. Anna Lin: Linda Park. Jared: Chris Engen. Big Guy: Will Thayer. Girl #1: Shanola Hampton. Girl #2: La'Myia Good. Girl #3: Lia Johnson.
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39 3/16/01 3/15/01 3/13/01 P-839 Coup
Nicole sets out to prove that her power is not based on her looks, and her plan involves April Tuna, the student-body president, who must cut an extracurricular activity because of school-budget constraints. Meanwhile, Brooke spends the night at a college boy's house after falling asleep in front of the television and she asks Sam to cover for her with their parents.

Vice Principal Calvin Krupps: Robert Gant. Emory Dick: Hank Harris. Jamie Roth: Nick Stabile. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. Gus Latrine: Simon Helberg.

40 4/27/01 4/26/01 4/05/01 P-840 The Brain Game
Mary Cherry assembles a team to compete on a local cable-access channel's academic-challenge program in hopes that she'll be discovered for her looks and personality. Meanwhile, her mother, Cherry Cherry, enrolls as a student at Kennedy High after the discovery of her original SAT scores keeps her from joining a country club. The elder Cherry then competes with Josh for the final slot on the school's scholastic-challenge team. Ed McMahon appears as himself.

Cherry Cherry: Delta Burke. Judgey Judge: Jim J. Bullock. Stern Woman Judge: Alyson Reed. Serious Male Judge: Rick Fitts.

41 5/04/01 5/03/01 4/24/01 P-841 I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!
The Kennedy High students are quarantined at the school after Harrison shows symptoms of an exotic disease he may have contracted during his spring-break vacation in Yemen. Meanwhile, Mary Cherry thinks a psycho at the school is trying to kill her after a masked stranger tells her that he knows what she did during her break: she tried out for a part in a low-budget horror film.

George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. [unknown]: Jane Lynch. April Tuna: Adria Dawn. Godfrey: Robert Clendenin. [unknown]: Jennifer Rhodes. [unknown]: Montrose Hagins.

42 5/11/01 5/10/01 5/03/01 P-842 Big Bertha
aka "You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape..."
Sam and Brooke give Harrison the silent treatment after they realize that he misled both of them. Josh learns that his mother's new job requires them to move to another state, so he tries to find a way to remain in town. Meanwhile, Mary Cherry blames Nicole for a fender bender she had with a parked car.

Jean Ford: Dey Young. George Austin: A.T. Montgomery. Big Bertha Muffin: Lindsay Hollister. [unknown]: Larry Dobkin. James Ford: Geoff Pierson.

43 5/18/01 5/17/01 5/11/01 P-843 Promblems
In the second-season finale, Nicole asks Harrison to escort her to the junior prom but she has competition---Sam and Brooke suggest that he take both of them to the big dance instead. Meanwhile, Mary Cherry meets a girl who claims to be her long-lost sister.



The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

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The television universe is estimated at 100.8 million homes. One rating point is equal to 1,008,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

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