[Party of Five]

Season 5 Opening Title Sequence

[Po5 Sat Slate]
[Po5 Title Slate] [Po5 Title Image]
[Starring Scott Wolf #1] [#2]
[Matthew Fox #1] [#2]
[Neve Campbell #1] [#2]
[Lacey Chabert #1] [#2]
[Jennifer Love Hewitt #1] [#2]
[Paula Devicq #1] [#2]
[Jeremy London #1] [#2]
[Created by]
[Copyright] [Keyser/Lippman Productions]
[Columbia/Tristar Logos]
[End of Feed Slate]

MOVIES (14.985 fps) [16-bit, 11.025 kHz stereo]
Content Type Compression Length Size
Opening Titles AVI Indeo 5.06 38 Sec 3,845,172
MOV CinePak 3,997,893

The end credits and theme, which has not changed from last year, are not seen/heard in the U.S. on FOX. They'd rather dump the music for self-serving promos and make the credits real small.

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