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Season 4 Opening Title Sequence

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[Jennifer Love Hewitt #1] [#2] [Jeremy London #1] [#2]
[Created by] [Copyright] [Keyser/Lippman Productions] [Columbia/Tristar Logos]
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MOVIES (15 fps) [16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo]
Content Type Compression Length Size
Opening Titles AVI Indeo 5.03 48 Sec 11,027,440
MOV CinePak 6,919,888
Opening Titles [Textless] (silent) AVI Indeo 3.2 30 Sec 2,778,624
Episode 160919 Review AVI 6,756,352
Episode 160919 End Credits & Theme AVI 36 Sec 7,764,992

The end credits and theme are not heard in the U.S. on FOX. They'd rather dump the music for self-serving promos and make the credits real small.

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