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Main Cast
Bailey Salinger
Charlie Salinger
Julia Salinger
Claudia Salinger
Sarah Reeves-Merrin
Kirsten Bennett
Griffin Holbrook
      Scott Wolf
Matthew Fox
Neve Campbell
Lacey Chabert
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Paula Michelle Devicq
Jeremy London
      DOB: 06/04/68
DOB: 07/14/66
DOB: 10/03/73
DOB: 09/30/82
DOB: 02/21/79
DOB: 07/07/65
DOB: 11/07/72

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Fox Promos

94 PF-501 9/16/98 9/16/98 [unknown] [171011] moving on
Return: The popular series begins a fifth season after a four-month hiatus. As the episode opens, the Salingers are in transition. Although Charlie's pregnant girlfriend Daphne is now living at the house, Julia's settling into a dorm at Stanford with roommate Maggie, Claudia's packing for prep school in New England, and Bailey and Sarah are moving into a loft. The house seems empty to Charlie and it could get even emptier: Daphne is getting fed up with his constant nagging about her lifestyle.

Maggie: Heather McComb. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Josh: Adam Scott. Ned: Scott Bairstow. Owen: Jacob Smith. Dr. Murtry: Bari Hochwald. Dr. Bob: Pat McNamara. Hanover Parent: Andy Umberger. Labor Nurse: Anne von Herrmann. Professor Robison: Mary Portser. Expectant Mother: Karen Elizabeth White. Expectant Father: Brad Kalas. Pediatric Nurse: Cathrine Grace. Freshman Boy #1: Ryan Odum. Freshman Boy #2: T.J. Thyne.
[22/8.1/13 (8.1/13:8.1/13)] [44:18]

95 PF-502 9/23/98 9/22/98 [unknown] [171012] separation anxiety
Daphne has second thoughts as she struggles to make it on her own. Meanwhile, Charlie looks for a job after sonsulting an attorney; Josh and Ned get into a row because of Julia; troubles with her estranged parents force Sarah to grow up in a hurry; and Claudia tries to avoid being seen as a teacher's pet by new classmates she's trying to impress.

Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Jamie: Ross Malinger. Maggie: Heather McComb. Ned: Scott Bairstow. Josh: Adam Scott. Martha Leviton: Isabella Hoffman. Dave: Rodney Eastman. Mr. Reeves: Richard Gilliland. Mrs. Reeves: Alyson Reed. Hallie: JoAnna Garcia. Parker: Lynsey Bartilson. Ms. Levison: Isabella Hofmann. Mr. Kroop: Willie Garson.
[63/7.2/11 (7.3/11:7.2/11)] [44:55]

96 PF-503 9/30/98 9/29/98 9/28/98 171013 naming names
Charlie delights in learning the sex of his unborn child, but Daphne has no interest in knowing anything about the baby; JUlia seems incapable of interacting with Josh, especially after finding out that Griffin is trying to move on; Sarah tries to reconnect with her birth mother; and Claudia takes little interest in rebelling at school.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Josh: Adam Scott. [unknown]: Jacob Smith. Mrs. Reeves: Alyson Reed. Mr. Merrin: Eddie Jones. Zora: Mimi Lieber. Ms. Levison: Isabella Hofmann. Parker: Lynsey Bartilson. Hallie: JoAnna Garcia. Dr. Murtry: Bari Hochwald. Shachter: Bette Rae. Director: Matt Gottlieb. Clerk: Mark Robman. Cheryl: Rebecca Jackson. Laurine: Susan Patterson. Derrick: Larry Dorf. Bob: Leon W. Grant. Jill: Cathy Lemkau. Janine: Julie Feldsher. Rachel: Tiffany Friddle. Hollie: Amanda Fuller. Mia: Marika Casteel.
[56/7.4/12 (7.1/11:7.8/12)] [44:47]


SP-9915 10/14/98 [na] [na] [na] Party of Five: A Family Album
This hour recaps in clips the top-notch drama that has become a hit among young viewers during its four seasons on the air. Cast members Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt are among those interviewed in behind-the-scenes footage, as are series creators and executive producers Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman. Also appearing are actors Lacey Chabert, Jeremy London and Paula Devicq; casting director Susan Edelman; and executive producer Ken Topolsky.

[80/4.8/8 (4.9/8:4.7/8)] [43:32]

97 PF-504 10/28/98 10/27/98 10/01/98 171014 a midsemester's night dream
Charlie is nothing but supportive when Daphne's doctor orders bed rest; Julia hopes to avoid Ned at a Halloween party---but realizes she can't get him out of her mind; Will, along with his excess emotional baggage, pays an unexpected visit to pals Bailey and Sarah; and Claudia wants to leave Jamie in her past.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Will: Scott Grimes. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Josh: Adam Scott. Jamie: Ross Malinger. [unknown]: Jacob Smith. Hannah: Kim Murphy. Maggie: Heather McComb. Parker: Lynsey Bartilson. Hallie: JoAnna Garcia. [unknown]: Jim Antonio. Ted: Tim Van Pelt. Waitress: Tanya Linette Smith. Sales Clerk: Claire Kirk.
[55/7.6/12 (7.3/11:7.8/13)] [44:21]

98 PF-505 11/04/98 11/03/98 10/08/98 171015 the baby
Panicked and powerless, Charlie struggles to remain strong for Daphne, whose pregnancy crisis has landed her in the hospital and jeopardized her life and that of the baby. Elsewhere, Julia and Ned resolve to tell Maggie about their relationship; and Bailey helps Hannah make an important decision about her future.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Will: Scott Grimes. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Owen: Jacob Smith. Hannah: Kim Murphy. Dr. Murtry: Bari Hochwald. Paul: Tim Dekay. Maggie: Heather McComb. Neonatalogist: Barry Cutler. Nurse: Susan Chuang. NICU Nurse #1: Louise Ashby. NICU Nurse #2: Kathleen M. Darcy. Orderly: Reggie Lee. Agent: Stanton Schnepp.
[56/7.8/12 (7.5/12:8.1/13)] [44:48]

99 PF-506 11/11/98 11/10/98 10/22/98 171016 forgive and/or forget
Family members maintain a vigil at the hospital. Meanwhile, Claudia delays returning to school to help Charlie around the house; Maggie's anger overflows at Julia and Ned; and Sarah begins to have second thoughts about intimacy with Bailey.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Owen: Jacob Smith. Nurse Cactis: Dori Drenner. Maggie: Heather McComb. Dr. Nampur: Kris Iyer. Prof. Beech: Jeff Michalski. Ray: Sean Nadean. Navin: Keith Alexander. Student #1: Yvette Helene. Student #2: Roger Fan. Ray's Friend: Christian Moralde. Hilary: M. Darlene Hunt.
Note: Fox is promoting this as the 100th episode, because they counted the special as an episode.
[63/7.4/11 (7.3/11:7.5/11)] [44:40]

100 PF-507 11/18/98 11/17/98 11/05/98 171017 tender age
Fears that Owen has been abducted grip Charlie, who lost the youngster at the mall on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, amid the holiday confusion, Daphne is left to prepare dinner; a phone call leads Claudia to suspect there's trouble at home; Bailey tries to ease Sarah's fears; and Paul and Kirsten have a spat.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Owen: Jacob Smith. Mr. Kroop: Willie Garson. Off. Flaherty: Scott Paetty. Paul: Tim Dekay. Carlin: David Hart. Saleswoman: Amanda Wilmshurst. Mrs. Chao: Alice Lo. Bailey's Cop: Benjamin Busch. Woman Shopper: Barbara Crampton. Leon: Ezra Buzzington. Julia's Cop: Beth Kennedy. Franklin: Garret Davis. Woman/Mother: Elizabeth Storm. Santa: Jim Hanna. Nurse Smith: Moira Price. Mrs. Chao's Kid: Emmy Yu. Boy: JB Gaynor. Little Girl: Jessica Sara.
[57/7.8/12 (7.5/12:8.1/13)] [44:48]

101 PF-508 12/02/98 12/01/98 11/12/98 171018 love and war
As a new father, Charlie is afforded little quality time with brother Owen; a would-be competitor has Bailey running scared with threats to open a trendy new eatery across the street; Julia catches Ned in a lie; and a homesick Claudia resorts to drastic measures at school.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Barbara: Christina Pickles. Owen: Jacob Smith. Mr. Kroop: Willie Garson. Richie: Tim Griffin. Sean Sullivan: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Dr. Grayson: Daniel Von Bargen. Joe: Tom Mason. Parker: Lynsey Bartilson. Hallie: JoAnna Garcia. Abby: Caryn Richman. Shachter: Bette Rae. Alix: Tracey Costollo. Joy: Tanya Linette Smith. Vinh: Andrew Nguyen. Bar Patron: Doreen Calderon. Mia: Marika Casteel.
[51/7.4/11 (7.4/12:7.3/11)] [44:48]

102 PF-509 12/09/98 12/08/98 11/19/98 171019 gifts
Kirsten steps in yet again when Daphne seems unable to handle the tasks of motherhood; Julia's efforts to get to know Richie upset not only Ned but Richie as well; Griffin comes to Claudia's rescue when her siblings won't; and Bailey's generosity has Sarah feeling like a "kept" woman.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Owen: Jacob Smith. Richie: Tim Griffin. Arthur Entous: Paul Wilson. Nora: Denise Dowse. Sales Clerk [Giles]: John Demita. Corkery: Larry Hankin. Paul: Tim Dekay. Parker: Lynsey Bartilson. Hallie: JoAnna Garcia. Rita: Kitty Swink. Librarian: Linda Kim.
[59/6.9/11 (6.8/11:7.1/11)] [44:48]

103 PF-510 12/16/98 12/15/98 12/14/98 171020 one christmas, to go
As the world celebrates peace and good will toward men, the Salingers usher in Christmas with tension and discord. For Daphne, her routine of quiet desperation is interrupted by a visit from her inattentive mom. She arrives unannounced---with her latest "very good friend" and claims she wants with hopes, she says, for real family life again. Although Daphne is understandably dubious, Charlie insists the visitors stay. But this year, Christmas lacks the warmth of most family holidays: Charlie is angry with Claudia and Griffin; a dejected Owen is staying with Bailey, and Julia is at school helping Ned with a paper.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. [unknown]: Tom Virtue. Les: O'Neal Compton. Doreen: Karen Black. Owen: Jacob Smith. Print Shop Employee: Adam Borstein. Bus Station Employee: Cheryl Francis Harrington. Jason-Wiseman: Scott E. Cox. Mary: Katelin Petersen.
[52/6.9/11 (6.7/11:7.1/11)] [44:47]

104 PF-511 1/13/99 [1/12/99] [unknown] [171021] rings of saturn
Daphne, upset with herself for ignoring Diana, pays a visit to a priest. Meanwhile, Daphne's puzzling behavior begins to worry Charlie; Bailey tries to find common ground with Owen in the great outdoors; Julia sees a new side of Ned; and Paul has a change of heart.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Paul: Tim Dekay. Owen: Jacob Smith. Karen: Michele Grogin. Michael: Gary Le'Roi Gray. Teresa: Yvette Nipar. Father Carroll: Paul Jenkins. Maggie: Heather McComb. Krystal: Amy Parrish. Mrs. Wilford: Hildy Brooks. Nurse Wolfe: Emily Kuroda. Michael's Mom: Disiree Walter.
[57/7.6/11 (7.3/11:7.9/12)] [44:48]

105 PF-512 1/20/99 1/19/99 12/21/98 171022 witness to the persecution
Charlie must cope with the fact that he's alone again; a traumatic incident at the restaurant leaves Sarah in need of counseling and Bailey feeling helpless; recent troubling events have Julia wondering if she really knows Ned; and Griffin and Claudia find a common musical connection.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Albert: Freddy Rodriguez. Cody: Chad Todhunter. Ms. [Valerie] Walsh: Mary Ward. Det. Danner: Phill Lewis. Ray: Scott Jaeck. Owen: Jacob Smith. Paul: Tim Dekay. Maggie: Heather McComb. Heath: David Tom. Protz: Marcus Toji. Salerno: Brian Skala.
[46/7.3/11 (7.3/11:7.3/11)] [44:41]

106 PF-513 1/27/99 1/26/99 1/14/99 171023 fillmore street
A courthouse confrontation spooks Sarah; Griffin gets bad vibes from Ned. Meanwhile,Claudia walks on the wild side, feeling good vibes from Cody; Charlie seems oblivious to his effect on women; adoption news lifts Kirsten's spirits-for now.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Ms. [Valerie] Walsh: Mary Ward. Albert: Freddy Rodriguez. Cody: Chad Todhunter. Asst. D.A. Fellows: Michael Reilly Burke. [unknown]: Jennifer Hetrick. Loraina: Diana-Maria Riva. [unknown]: Taj Mahal. Paul: Tim DeKay. Beth: Mandy Levin. Amanda: Andi Eystad. Emily: Casey Wallace. Waitress: Mildred Dumas. Secretary: Jill Remez.
[49/7.5/11 (7.3/11:7.6/12)] [44:45]

107 PF-514 2/03/99 2/02/99 1/28/99 171024 stand by me
The unexpected arrival of Justin fuels Ned's jealousy; despite Bailey's objections, Sarah bonds with her attacker, but may soon regret it; Kirsten makes a major decision about her life; and jealousy prompts a creative performance from Claudia during a gig with the band.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Cody: Chad Todhunter. Helene Thomson: Jane Kaczmarek. Albert: Freddy Rodriguez. [unknown]: Jolie Jenkins. Det. Lopez: Rose Portillo. Martha Gordon: Isabella Hofmann. Paul: Tim Dekay. Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Heath: David Tom. Mr. Belmont: Frank Liberman. Ray: Sean Nadeau. Soccer Girl: Nikki Kloe Robinson.
[62/7.0/11 (6.9/11:7.0/11)] [44:48]

108 PF-515 2/10/99 [2/09/99] [unknown] [171025] whatever works
A recently rediscovered file on Daphne sends Charlie to L.A. - and arouses jealousy and fear in Kirsten. Meanwhile, without help from Julia's siblings, Griffin takes matters into his own hands with the abusive Ned; Bailey considers a risky partnership concerning the restaurant.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. [unknown]: Valerie Curtin. Cody: Chad Todhunter. Sean Sullivan: Anthony Tyler Quinn. [unknown]: Alex Hyde-White. Owen: Jacob Smith. [unknown]: Reggie Hayes. [unknown]: Scott Thompson Baker. Stu: Branden Williams. Julia's Lawyer: Larry Raben. Stanford Policeman: Joshua Preven. Internist: Bayani Ison. Detention Center Guard: Kenn Whitaker. Hughley: Brandon Michael de Paul. Student #1: Cad Cox. Student #2: Michael Patrick Crane.
[51/7.4/11 (7.4/11:7.5/11)] [44:48]

109 PF-516 2/17/99 2/16/99 2/11/99 171026 party of freud
Charlie and Bailey fight over which of them should be Owen's legal guardian. Julia convinces Ned that they should see a therapist, while Ned manipulates Julia into moving in with him. Kirsten leaves town when she realizes she still has feelings for Charlie.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. [unknown]: Gregory Itzin. Ms. Michelle Lo: Melissa Chan. Owen: Jacob Smith. Sharon: Ashley Edner. Hughley: Brandon Michael de Paul. Ray: Sean Nadeau.
[65/7.0/11 (6.9/10:7.2/11)] [44:48]

110 PF-517 3/03/99 3/02/99 2/25/99 171027 fam-i-ly
Family comes to mean frustration - and an impasse over custody of Owen - for Bailey and Charlie, whoalso confront an alarming truth about Julia. And for Sarah, family means something new about which she doesn't see eye to eye with her mother.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Mr. Day: Brian Markinson. [unknown]: Allan Royal. [unknown]: Danielle Weeks. Owen: Jacob Smith. Mrs. Reeves: Alyson Reed. Maggie: Heather McComb. Matthew: Jason C. Morgan. Arthur: Rudi Daniel David.
[67/6.4/9 (6.4/9:6.4/9)] [43:53]

111 PF-518 3/10/99 3/09/99 3/04/99 171028 driven to extremes
Griffin whisks Julia away to talk sense into her about the threat from Ned-and his words may later ring true for Julia. Meanwhile, Claudia feels pressured to take sides between Charlie and Bailey in their fight over Owen; and the family gathers under troubling circumstances at the hospital.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. Owen: Jacob Smith. Maggie: Heather McComb. Ms. Michelle Lo: Melissa Chan. Warner Cole: Christopher Allport.
[50/7.2/11 (7.0/11:7.4/12)] [44:48]

112 PF-519 3/17/99 3/17/99 3/11/99 171029 judgement day
Family members may be anxious to end the dispute between Charlie and Bailey over the proper care of Owen, but Bailey remains a holdout when Charlie refuses to hand over their brother's guardianship to him. Meanwhile, Julia makes another telling observation about Ned; and Kirsten and Griffin try to make a clean break from the Salingers.

Ned: Scott Bairstow. [Joan]: Roxanne Hart. Ms. Michelle Lo: Melissa Chan. Mr. Day: Brian Markinson. [unknown]: Gregory Itzin. Owen: Jacob Smith. Mrs. Kranther: Erica Yohn. Mr. Kranther: Alfred Dennis. [unknown]: Marquita Terry. Det. Lopez: Rose Portillo. Stranger: Aaron Priceman.
[44/7.3/12 (7.1/12:7.5/12)] [44:53]

113 PF-520 4/14/99 4/13/99 3/25/99 171030 the wish
A power failure traps Julia and Griffin in an elevator; returns Charlie to the hospital for a meeting with Paul; and increases tension between Bailey and his new restaurant manager. Meanwhile, Claudia frets about some of the boys at her birthday party.

Ms. [Valerie] Walsh: Mary Ward. Lauren: Julie Warner. Paul: Tim DeKay. Owen: Jacob Smith. [unknown]: Benny Grant. [unknown]: Bryan Buffinton. [unknown]: Erik Austin. Cop: Greg Poland. Deloris: Terry Cain. Gregory: Danny Hart. Joy: Tanya Linette Smith. Nurse: Najla Said. Angie: Chelsea Dodson.
[52/6.9/11 (6.8/11:6.9/11)] [44:46]

114 PF-521 4/21/99 4/20/99 4/08/99 171031 get back
Julia is keeping her relationship with Griffin a secret from the Salinger family. Bailey tells Sarah that in the best interest of Owen, they should all move back in with Charlie and the rest of the family. Kirsten gets accepted into an overseas teaching program prompting Charlie to have second thoughts about their relationship.

Lauren: Julie Warner. Michelle Lo: Melissa Chan. Owen: Jacob Smith. Ross: Mitchell Anderson. Jerry: Wendell W. Wright. Kyle's Mom: Lynn A. Henderson.
[54/6.3/10 (6.2/10:6.5/10)] [44:48]

115 PF-522 4/28/99 4/27/99 4/15/99 171032 fragile
Bailey rejects Lauren's resignation; Sarah takes Claudia to a gynecologist; a lauded alum of Julia's writing class critiques her work; Charlie sees a gift for himself in Bailey's compulsion for control.

Maggie: Heather McComb. Lauren: Julie Warner. Josh: Adam Scott. Cody: Chad Todhunter. [unknown]: Jolie Jenkins. [unknown]: Jacqueline Hahn. [unknown]: Clynell Jackson III. Owen: Jacob Smith. Perry Marks: Olivia d'Abo. Emma: Christine Renee Miller. Bartender: Mancow Muller. Special Appearance by R.E.M.
R.E.M. performs the single, "At My Most Beautiful", from the CD "Up".
[53/6.8/11 (6.5/10:7.1.11)] [44:48]

116 PF-523 5/05/99 5/04/99 4/22/99 171033 i'll show you mine
Bailey asks Sarah to co-host a dinner party to promote the restaurant; Perry and Julia exchange favors; Claudia hesitates to stay with Kirstenm who is offered a great position-in Chicage.

Perry Marks: Olivia d'Abo. Josh: Adam Scott. Cody: Chad Todhunter. [unknown]: Brenda Wehle. Professor Jacobs: David Brisbin. Mr. Briggs: John Patrick Hayden. Kyle: Parry Shen. Amanda: Andi Eystad. Kenia: Margaret Laurena Kemp. Bart: Josh Green. Mr. Bauman: Robert Phelps. Nurse: Karen S. Gregan. Bob: Brian Smith. Nan: Nunei Harrington.
[52/6.9/11 (6.8/11:7.1/11)] [44:51]

117 PF-524 5/12/99 5/11/99 5/06/99 171034 haunted
Daphne returns; Claudia adopts a new look; Sarah goes away to write an introspective essay; Julia lets a comment from Perry disrupt her date with Josh.

Perry Marks: Olivia d'Abo. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Josh: Adam Scott. Cody: Chad Todhunter. Owen: Jacob Smith. Counterguy: Taylor Sheridan. Jeffrey: Michael Santorico. Ricki: Tara L. Buck. Jordan: Christopher Brewster.
[53/6.9/11 (6.8/11:7.1/11)] [44:48]

118 PF-525 5/19/99 5/18/99 5/13/99 171035 otherwise engaged
Charlie and Bailey plan proposals, but one finds the right time; Julia rejects help from Justin on a final exam that is pivotal to her scholarship chances; Claudia tries too hard to fit in with Cody's friends.

Maggie: Heather McComb. Daphne: Jennifer Aspen. Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Cody: Chad Todhunter. Owen: Jacob Smith. Ricki: Tara L. Buck.
[45/7.3/12 (7.0/12:7.5/12)] [44:48]

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