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Main Cast
Bailey Salinger
Charlie Salinger
Julia Salinger
Claudia Salinger
Kirsten Bennett [Ep 23-36]
Will McCorkle
Sarah Reeves
Justin Thompson
      Scott Wolf
Matthew Fox
Neve Campbell
Lacey Chabert
Paula Michelle Devicq
Scott Grimes
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Michael Goorjian
      DOB: 06/04/68
DOB: 07/14/66
DOB: 10/03/73
DOB: 09/30/82
DOB: 07/07/65
DOB: 07/09/71
DOB: 02/21/79
DOB: 02/04/73

Opening Title Sequence

23 [PF-201] 9/27/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161821] ready or not
"A little show that had a hard time finding an audience." That's how co-creator Christopher Keyser modestly describes this appealing drama, which was saved from cancellation after its first season by critical acclaim and viewer letters. Tonight's episode finds Charlie and Kirsten dealing with a crisis amid wedding plans; an unexpected visit from Charlie's old girlfriend. Meanwhile, Bailey and Julia also encounter rocky roads to romance. And Claudia longs to be treated like a grownup.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Pamela Rush: Sara Mornell. Holly Blanchard: Monica Creel. Patron at Salingers: Tim Halligan. Erica: Monet Mazur. Sharon: Stephanie Siemiller. Building Super: David Correia.

24 [PF-202] 10/04/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161822] falsies
Pamela's change of heart leaves Charlie and Kirsten torn about their future; Baily longs to escape from his past; Julia and Justin become the "poster kids for the kissing cause" at school; and Claudia enters junior high and sports a new faux femininity.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Keri: Allison Smith. Principal Stickley: Lorinne Dills Vozoff. Pamela Rush: Sara Mornell. Receptionist: Kymberly Kalil. Ms. Stempson: Mari Weiss. Erica: Monet Mazur. Stewardess: Darla Haun. Donald Gross: Phillip Dawkins.

25 [PF-203] 10/18/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161823] dearly beloved
Charlie and Kirsten plan a hasty retreat when friends and family take over their wedding plans; Justin's suspicions mount as he catches Julia in more lies about her wherabouts; and Sarah may have to reveal her true feelings to an oblivious Bailey, whom she has urged to run for school office.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Dudley: Tim Conlon. Mr. Peck: Lance Guest. Gail: Venus DeMilo Thomas. Groom-to-Be: Skye McKenzie. Paul: Curtis Anderson.
[78/6.0/10] [44:11]

26 [PF-204] 10/25/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161824] have no fear
A vulnerable Julia considers going all the way with Griffin; a medical crisis has Charlie searching for a replacement for Joe at the restaurant; and another medical emergency leaves Bailey full of regret and fear.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. Nina: Cari Shayne. Andy Hughes: Vicellous Reon Shannon. Coach: Bradford English. Mrs. Hughes: Esther Scott.
[72/6.9/10] [44:11]

27 [PF-205] 11/01/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161825] change partners...and dance
A fortuneteller's prediction sends Kirsten and a reluctant Charlie to ballroom-dancing lessons; Bailey gets off on the wrong foot with Sarah by advocating an impromptu road trip; Julia is stood up by the elusive Griffin; and Claudia's spill at the skating rink breaks more than her cheery mood.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Thomas: Sam McMurray. Miss Corso: Bette Ford. Ms. Grey: Julie Hayden. Rocky: Steve Fitchpatrick. Policeman: David Fabrizio. Guy with Guitar: Christopher Maleki. Movie Patron: Philip Barney. Singer: Scotty Morris.

28 [PF-206] 11/08/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161826] analogies
A surprise visit from Kirstin's parents makes for cramped quarters-and angry clashes-in the Salinger home; Julia explodes with jealousy when Claudia finally warms to Griffin; and Bailey's need for encouragement is met with a mediocre response from his siblings.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Ellie Bennett: Kathleen Noone. Gene Bennett: Nicholas Pryor. Maggie: Stacy Galina.

29 PF-207 11/15/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161827] where there's smoke
Charlie is put on the hot seat amid suspicions of arson following a fire at the restaurant; Julia stands by her man, despite a troubling incident of betrayal; and Bailey privately fumes as Will sets his sights on Sarah.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Major Holbrook: John M. Jackson. Sam Arbogast: Richard Fancy. Jody Lynch: Marla Sokoloff. Miss Bullock: Dale Raoul. Judge Faulkner: Kate Zentall. Theo: Monté Russell. Ballet Teacher: Zina Bethune. Officer Stempski: Mailon Rivera. District Attorney: Susan D. Moore. Public Defender: Bryan Rasmussen. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[?/6.5/10] [43:34]

30 PF-208 11/22/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161828] best laid plans
Plans go awry at Charlie's bachelor party, beginning with an elevator mishap and ending with Charlie's encounter with a needy woman whose husband is cheating on her. Meanwhile, another encounter at a rock concert prompts a confrontation between Julia and Justin.

Dudley: Tim Conlon. Monica: Julia Campbell. Honey: Angela Dohrmann. Mr. [Marshall] Thompson: Robin Thomas. Special Guest Appearance: Sophie B. Hawkins. Leo: Robert Bauer. Neil: Dean Cameron. Greg: Sam Seder. George: Charles Walker.
[72/5.8/10] [44:17]

31 [PF-209] 12/13/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161829] the wedding
When Charlie and Kirsten first chose the day for their outdoor wedding, they took a chance on the weather-but not on their feelings for one another. Now that the big day has arrived, there's not a could in the sky-only a flurry of second thoughts for Charlie.

His dilemma causes repercussions throughout the family as Bailey ponders his future with Sarah; Julia contemplates her relationship with Justin; and bride Kirsten turns to her mother for answers.

Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Dudley: Tim Conlon. Ellie Bennett: Kathleen Noone. Gene Bennett: Nicholas Pryor. Photographer: Philip Abrams. Caterer: Suanne Spoke. Server: John Carlos Frey.

32 [PF-210] 12/20/95 [unknown] [unknown] [161830] grand delusions
With little to celebrate at home, Charlie seeks understanding-and forgiveness-elsewhere; Sarah seeks understanding from Bailey during a personal crisis; Justin lets down his guard with Julia but fears it might backfire; and Claudia experiences young love.

Courtney: Brooke Langton. Mrs. Reeves: Alyson Reed. Enrico: Jonathan Hernandez. Sarah's Grandmother: Carol Bruce. Marshall Thompson: Robin Thomas. Dr. Sullivan: Elizabeth Norment. Woman on Airplane: Judy Kain. Concierge: Robert Covarrubias. Coffee Guy: Walter D. Morris.

33 [PF-211] 1/03/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161831] unfair advantage
Julia blames herself when a favorite teacher betrays her trust; Charlie misreads the motives of a fun-loving employee; Sarah seems to be using using Bailey to punish her parents; and Claudia gets into trouble trying to impress wild pal Jody.

Mr. Peck: Lance Guest. Shelley: Julie Bowen. Mrs. Reeves: Alyson Reed. Principal Stickley: Lorrine Dills Vozoff. Mr. Reeves: Mark Metcalf. Jody Lynch: Marla Sokoloff. Parker: Marco Sanchez. Jason: Charlie Heath. Ms. Esser: Alexandra Boyd. Ice Cream Guy: John Ducey. Administrative Assistant: Robyn Johanna.

34 [PF-212] 1/10/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161832] hold on tight
Justin and Sarah find themselves in the middle of an argument between Julia and Baliey; a tax dilemma thrusts Kirsten back into a comfortable familiarity with Charlie; and Claudia reconsiders her violin studies as her friendship with Jody begins to dominate he time.

Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Jody Lynch: Marla Sokoloff. Record Store Clerk: Chris Douridas. Waiter: Steven Basil. Movie Theatre Patron: Lonna Montrose. Usher: Jack Hawkins.

35 [PF-213] 1/17/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161833] poor substitutes
Owen fails to meet Charlie's unreasonable expectations for entering pre-school' Sarah considers making a visit to her biological mother; Julia unexpectedly bonds with Justin's visiting British friend; and Claudia makes it difficult for Kirsten to move on with her life.

Robin: Patricia Heaton. Allison: Poppy Montgomery. Mrs. Reeves: Alyson Reed. Nursery School Teacher: Marietta DePrima. Michael: Douglas Sills. Gil: Billy Burke. Woman: Alison Martin. Frannie: Whitney Taubman.

36 [PF-214] 1/24/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161834] strange bedfellows
Justin's parents disapprove of Julia and Justin's sexual involvement; Claudia strikes a deal with Charlie, who agrees not to date her math teacher; Will and his chatty new girlfriend, plus an opinionated Bailey and Sarah, add up to an uneasy foursome.

Helene Thompson: Jane Kaczmarek. Emily Schrader: Bess Meyer. Marshall Thompson: Robin Thomas. Gina: Alanna Ubach. Jody Lynch: Marla Sokoloff. Mr. Trimble: Daniel Hagen. Bob: Dan Klass. Tony: Dean Lemont.

37 PF-215 1/31/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161835] benefactors
A mysterious benefactor sponsors Bailey for a college scholarship; Charlie, frustrated by Emily's slow-and-steady approach to romance, becomes distracted by an affectionate catering client; and Julia's desperation prompts her to make an uneasy bargain with an ardent tutor.

Kathleen Eisley: Brenda Strong. Emily Schrader: Bess Meyer. Miller West: Richard Speight, Jr. Mr. Trimble: Daniel Hagen. Mr. Rosenthal: Michael Mantell. Jacob "Jake" Gordon: Carroll O'Connor. Martin: Dan Cashman.
Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.

38 [PF-216] 2/07/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161836] comings and goings
Desperate for family connections, Claudia immediately warms to Jake, but Julia eyes him with suspicion. Meanwhile, Sarah, who's longing for ties that bind, meets with disappointment from newcomers in her life; and Charlie gets a taste of his own medicine.

Jacob "Jake" Gordon: Carroll O'Connor. Robin: Patricia Heaton. Kathleen Eisley: Brenda Strong. Emily Schrader: Bess Meyer. Salesman: Richard Arquette. Coffee Guy: Walter D. Morris.

39 PF-217 2/14/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161837] valentine's day
The surprise return of Griffin takes the wind out of Justin's sails on the eve of his romantic date with Julia; Baily makes Valentine's Day plans involving a monster-truck show, which Sarah begs off to be with an old friend; and Charlie whisks Kathleen away from her harried, workaday world.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Kathleen Eisley: Brenda Strong. Sean: Ivan Sergei. Terrell: Aaron Lustig. Court Officer: David Dunard. Very Bad Poet: Andrew Hawkes. Room Service Waiter: Rafer Weigel. Emcee: Ana Gasteyer. Vice Principal Weeden: David Richards. Doorman: Clive Rosengren. Owen Salinger: Andrew and Steven Cavarno.
[83/6.9/11] [44:16]

40 PF-218 2/21/96 [unknown] 2/15/96 161838 before and after
Julia shuts out Justin in her rush to have her problem "taken care of"; Bailey and Sarah face increasing pressure to rush into sexual intimacy; and Jake encourages Claudia to face the music concerning her damaged violin.

Jacob "Jake" Gordon: Carroll O'Connor. Doctor: Elizabeth Norment. Mom: Dee Freeman. Clinician: Edith Varon. Girl: Susanne Wright.
NOTE: There are no opening theme credits.
[62/8.3/13] [44:23]

41 [PF-219] 2/28/96 [unknown] [unknown] [161839] altered states
Julia, in pain, turns to an old friend for comfort; Sarah's sexy new stage attitude turns off Bailey, who can't cope with her changes; and Charlie feels increasingly trapped by an overbearing Kathleen.

Griffin Holbrook: Jeremy London. Kathleen Eisley: Brenda Strong. Matt: Danny Masterson. Agent: Robin Polk. Guy #1: Christopher Jon Jaynes. Guy #2: Scott Ferguson.

42 PF-220 3/20/96 3/20/96 3/19/96 [161840] happily ever after
Bailey issues a painful ultimatum after discovering more harsh truths about Jake-including evidence of his other family. Meanwhile, a trusting Claudia gives Jake the benefit of the doubt; Charlie's lies backfire; and Justin and Julia drift further apart.

Kathleen Eisley: Brenda Strong. Lauren Gordon: Susan Egan. Terrell: Aaron Lustig. Jacob "Jake" Gordon: Carroll O'Connor. Waiter: Woody L. Bryant. Owen Salinger: Andrew and Steven Cavarno.

3/27/96 3/27/96 3/21/96 161841
spring breaks
spring breaks part II
Fan loyalty was one of the forces that kept this acclaimed family drama afloat after a rocky first season. Ratings improved during its sophomore year and now the series celebrates another victory: Fox has renewed it for next fall.

But the Salingers have little to celebrate tonight. The latest development in Charlie and Kathleen's relationship may cost the family their dad's restaurant. "It's all we have left of him," cries Claudia. As Charlie's angry siblings turn their backs on him, Charlie turns to Grandpa Jake-and to ex-fiancee Kirsten-for support.

Kirsten Bennett: Paula Michelle Devicq. Kathleen Eisley: Brenda Strong. Matt: Danny Masterson. Jody Lynch: Marla Sokoloff. Ian Mathers: Gabriel Olds. Michael: Douglas Sills. Corey: Kate Hudson. Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Jacob "Jake" Gordon: Carroll O'Connor. Teacher: Freda Foh Shen. Derrick: Christopher Miranda. Guy: Ramsay Midwood. Jim [Trowell]: J. Skylar Testa. Wedding Organizer: Lauri Johnson. Othello: Aaron Michael Metchik. Nurse: Niecy Nash. Owen Salinger: Andrew and Steven Cavarno.
[2 hrs]


Supporting Cast Birthdays
Owen Salinger       Andrew and Steven Cavarno       DOB: 07/01/92

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