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Season One Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Charlie Salinger
Bailey Salinger
Julia Salinger
Claudia Salinger
Kirsten Bennett
Will McCorkle
      Matthew Fox
Scott Wolf
Neve Campbell
Lacey Chabert
Paula Michelle Devicq
Scott Grimes
      DOB: 07/14/66
DOB: 06/04/68
DOB: 10/03/73
DOB: 09/30/82
DOB: 07/07/65
DOB: 07/09/71

Opening Title Sequence

1 PF-101 9/12/94 [unknown] [unknown] pilot
Six months after the death of their parents, the five Salinger orphans are struggling to keep their family together - and make ends meet. First up: the baby's nanny quits, and eldest sibling Charlie uses family funds to make a risky investment.

Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. P.K.: Johnny Whitworth. Mrs. Kelleher: Maxine Miller. Plumber: Kevin McNulty. Doug: Byron Lucas. Mrs. Elleson: Sandy Tucker. Nanny: Susan McLennan. Pawnbroker: Jay Brazeau. Mrs. Pick: Delores Drake. Janet: Suzy Joachim. Teacher: Alan Lysell. Owen Salinger: Zachary and Alexander Ahnert.
[56/8.9/13] [44:15]

2 PF-102 9/19/94 [unknown] [unknown] homework
Bailey tries to break the ice with Kirsten; Julia's on thin ice at school; and Claudia gets a cool reception from her siblings after embarking on a search for their long-lost grandfather.

Jack Gordon: Alan Young. Libby Dwyer: Bryn Erin. Nina: Cari Shayne. Liz: Laura Innes. Miss Minor: Freda Foh Shen. Abby: Brittany Murphy. Alan Tisk: Graham Heywood. Government Clerk: Lorna Scott. Lorna: Tara Charendoff.
[84/6.9/10] [44:14]

3 PF-103 9/26/94 [unknown] [unknown] good sports
Wanting to be in with the in crowd, Julia offers the Salingers' as a party pad for her party-animal friends; Bailey stands by his principles and risks getting kicked off the football team; and Charlie's noble act backfires.

Adam: Bobby Jacoby. Coach: Stephen Root. Nina: Cari Shayne. Abby: Brittany Murphy. Principal Stickley: Lorinne Dills Vozoff. George Lewis: Larry Poindexter. Jason: David Sheinkopf. Greg: Brett Donowho. Receptionist: Nikki Tyler. Mrs. Peterson: Annie O'Donnell. Grunge Kid: Christian Frazell. Mr. Harlan: Kenneth Lloyd Bowers.
[93/5.4/8] [44:15]

4 PF-104 10/03/94 [unknown] [unknown] worth waiting for
After seeing a school film on sexuality, Claudia has questions no one wants to answer, especially Julia--who has questions of her own. Meanwhile, things heat up between Kirsten and Charlie; and Bailey finds an interest outside of football.

Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Nina: Cari Shayne. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Demanding Customer: Shirley Prestia. Older Woman: Jean Sincere. Lisa: Susan Mohun. Drew: Ladd York. Bartender: Cynthia Lynch.
[89/5.5/8] [44:16]

5 PF-105 10/10/94 [unknown] [unknown] all's fair
Charlie squirms when an old girlfriend surfaces; Bailey tires of being Kate's friend; and Julia tries to look older to land a job, while Claudia, hoping to improve her chances in a violin competition, pretends she's younger.

Rebecca: Susan Diol. Nina: Cari Shayne. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Mike: Tom Gallop. Loren: Doug Hutchison. Tom: David Drew Gallagher. Judge: Barbara Allyne Bennet. Richard: Zach Luna.
[92/5.8/9] [44:16]

6 PF-106 10/17/94 [unknown] [unknown] fathers and sons
Charlie has a hard time trying to fill his father's shoes; Bailey makes a bad first impression on Kate's dad; and the family takes in Julia's old boyfriend, a troubled youth trying to escape an abusive stepfather.

Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. P.K.: Johnny Whitworth. Elliot Bishop: Geoff Pierson. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Police Officer: Rick Fitts. Eileen: Annabella Price. Emmett: Richard McGonagle. Loren: Doug Hutchison. Customer: Tom Simmons. Sharon Bishop: Patti Tippo. Gil: Brogan Roche. Guy in Club: Billy Burke.
[93/5.6/8] [44:14]

7 PF-107 10/24/94 [unknown] [unknown] much ado
The coming of a solar eclipse casts a shadow of gloom over Claudia's plans and foreshadows a family crisis; Charlie's confession clouds Kirsten's hopes; and Julia can no longer keep under cover the secret of her job.

Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Danny: Zachary Throne. Dr. Pennant: Jane Lynch. Martin: Darin Heames. Clerk: Marie Barrientos. Nurse: Cynthia Avila. Theresa: Christa Miller. Nicole: Cynthia Lynch. Bouncer: Ingo Neuhaus.

8 PF-108 11/02/94 [unknown] [unknown] kiss me, kate
As Julia's priorities change, responsibility falls to Charlie, who's saddled with his own priorities. Meanwhile, Bailey pressures Kate to have sex; and Claudia lets a glowing newspaper review go to her head.

Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Bruce Curran: Eric Pierpoint. Margaret: Christine Healy. Nina: Cari Shayne. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Principal Stickley: Lorinne Dills Vozoff. Danny: Zachary Throne. Mona: Kathleen Freeman. Mr. McQuilkin: Michael Kaufman. Dr. Weeks: Robin Pearson Rose. Douglas: Allen Williams. Dan Barton: Christopher Carroll. Nicole: Cynthia Lynch.
[Wednesday 9:00 ET]

9 PF-109 11/07/94 [unknown] [unknown] something out of nothing
The Salingers welcome a houseguest, a freespirited friend of their mother's, who takes Julia under her wing and makes everybody feel special--particularly a vulnerable Bailey. Meanwhile, Claudia's dreams are dashed by a confession by Ross.

Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Greer Erikson: Gates McFadden. Ed Brighton: Darrell Larson. Nina: Cari Shayne. Cynda: Sarah Lassez. Jeannie: Catherine Lloyd Burns. Heather: Carol-Ann Plante. Amanda: Jessica Hecht.

10 PF-110 11/14/94 [unknown] [unknown] thanksgiving
The arrival of Thanksgiving brings back troubling memories for the Salinger kids, whose grief is compounded by news that the drunken driver who killed their parents has been parolled--and seeks forgiveness.

Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. Walter Alcott: John Rubinstein. Annie: Kelli Williams. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Emmett: Richard McGonagle.

11 PF-111 11/21/94 [unknown] [unknown] private lives
A social worker makes an unexpected visit--and Claudia's missing; Julia's job requires her to wear a revealing costume; and Charlie is doing another nighttime disappearing act.

Jane Gideon: LaTanya Richardson. Morgan: Peter Dobson. Loren: Doug Hutchison. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Bill: David Burke. Professor Dwight: Harry Johnson. Terry: Nicole Sullivan. Police Officer: Bob Kane. Customer: Erik Palladino. Dana: Lauren Kenny O'Fallon. Molly: Beth Colt.

12 PF-112 11/28/94 [unknown] [unknown] games people play
Relationships are put to the test as Kate knocks the wind out of Bailey's sails, Kirsten challenges Charlie's one-track mind, Morgan comes clean with Julia, and Artie tires of Claudia's attention-getting techniques.

Morgan: Peter Dobson. Margaret: Christine Healy. Nina: Cari Shayne. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Elliott Bishop: Geoff Pierson. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Bill: David Burke. Sanchez: David Cowgill. Ice Cream Guy: John Ducey.

13 PF-113 12/12/94 [unknown] [unknown] grown ups
Charlie takes a great leap of faith with Kirsten; passion overpowers friendship for Bailey and a fun-loving waitress; Claudi feels unprepared for the internal and external changes confronting her; and Julia feels responsible for Morgan's desperate condition.

Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Meg: Leslie Hope. Loren: Doug Hutchison.
Morgan: Peter Dobson. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[92/5.9/9] [44:18]

14 PF-114 1/04/95 [unknown] [unknown] not fade away
Kirsten moves into Charlie's room and gets the cold shoulder from Julia. Meanwhile, Julia finds an old journal of her mother's hinting of an affair with a musician colleague; Bailey takes risks to please Jill. Claudia considers converting to Judaism.

Avery Baltus: James Sloyan. Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Joe Mangus: Tom Mason. Mr. Thurman: Paul Hayes. Guard: Dennis Napolitano. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter. Diana Salinger: Joyce Kurtz.
[87/7.1/10] [44:15]

15 PF-115 1/11/95 [unknown] [unknown] it's not easy being green
Charlie questions Kirsten's relationship with her academic advisor; Bailey's relationship with best-friend Will takes a back seat to Jill; Julia's timing is off as she tries to rev up a relationship with Justin in driver's-ed class, but learns he's dating her friend Libby; and envy wrecks Claudia's relationship with Artie.

Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Mr. Parker: Louis Mustillo. Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Bill: David Burke. Libby Dwyer: Bryn Erin. Ben Atkins: Mark Moses. Eliza: Cristan Crocker. Ms. Shaver: Mary Scheer. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[91/6.4/10] [44:19]

16 PF-116 1/18/95 [unknown] [unknown] aftershocks
An earthquake leaves Claudia trembling and Jill babbling, but Charlie suspects Jill's odd behavior points to a drug problem. Elsewhere, Julia's relationship with Justin shakes the foundation of her friendship with Libby.

Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Libby Dwyer: Bryn Erin. Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Gwen: Mia Korf. Bill: David Burke. Salesman: Pat Cronin. Repairman: Jeff Doucette. Delivery Man: Richard Ryder. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[89/7.3/11] [44:18]

17 PF-117 2/01/95 [unknown] [unknown] in loco parentis
Bailey tries to rescue Jill, who seems not to want his help; Julia alienates Justin by befriending his mother; Claudia hatches a plan when Artie complains of discord at home; and Charlie's efforts to bond with Owen pay off.

Helene Thompson: Jane Kaczmarek. Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Bill: David Burke. Mrs. Holbrook: Julia Ariola. Dr. Baum: Bruce Nozick. Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Howard: Robert Fieldsteel. Pete: Harry S. Murphy. Barry: Langdon Bensing. Mrs. Baum: Deborah Offner. Tim Dwyer: Keith Bogart. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.

18 PF-118 2/15/95 [unknown] [unknown] who cares?
Everyone is too busy to celebrate Claudia's 12th birthday as Bailey makes an urgent trip to L.A. in search of Jill, business picks up for Charlie, and Julia commits to an unrealistic songwriting deadline with pal Danny.

Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Danny: Zachary Throne. Gwen: Mia Korf. Nina: Cari Shayne. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Lady Jane: Charlotte Booker. Officer: Tim Wrightman. Mary Elizabeth: Betsy Zang. Andrea: Lynn A. Henderson. Hippie: Brett Marx. Vendor: Lonna Montrose. Owen: Brandon and Taylor Porter.

19 PF-119 2/22/95 [unknown] [unknown] brother's keeper
Charlie's siblings don't share his enthusiasm for his once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity, which threatens to break up the family; Bailey, who's unable to grasp logarithms, is reluctantly thrown together with Julia in a 10th-grade math class; and Ross urges Claudia to move on to a more advanced violin teacher.

Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Gwen: Mia Korf. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Gloria Metzler: Debra Mooney. Monica Phillips: Shareen Mitchell. Tom Cullen: David Purdham. Gronemeyer: David Cromwell. Ms. Byrd: Cayce Callaway. Lori: Wendle Josepher. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[89/5.9/9] [44:16]

20 PF-120 3/01/95 [unknown] [unknown] the trouble with charlie
Kate surprises Bailey with a return visit, as does Jill--and both want to continue where they left off with him; Charlie gets no respect when he grounds Claudia and nixes a raise for Bill; and Julia takes dramatic license in her writing, which wins her a prestigious award but humiliates her siblings.

Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Kate Bishop: Jennifer Blanc. Bill: David Burke. Mr. McQuilken: Michael Kaufman. Carolyn Prousky: Jennifer Rhodes. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[82/6.0/9] [44:13]

21 PF-121 3/08/95 [unknown] [unknown] all-nighters
As Charlie prepares to leave the nest, he discovers that he's needed more than ever at home; Jill puts her foot down when Bailey interferes as she takes charge of a school dance marathon; and Julia is in no rush to have sex with Justin.

Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Dudley: Tim Conlon. Artie Baum: Michael Shulman. Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Officer Windlan: Vernee Watson-Johnson. Mr. Fountain: Brent Jennings. Public Defender: Rick Zieff. Kiki Nash: Robin Mary Florence. Madeline: Senta Moses. Man: J. Gordon Noice. Owen Salinger: Brandon and Taylor Porter.
[90/6.0/9] [44:14]

22 PF-122 3/15/95 [unknown] [unknown] the ides of march
Jill's drug problem leads to a tragedy that Bailey refuses to face. Meanwhile, Jill's brother Griffin rejects Julia's kind gestures; Ross encounters roadblocks in his efforts to adopt a child; and Charlie plans a surprise for Kirsten.

Justin Thompson: Michael Goorjian. Jill Holbrook: Megan Ward. Ross Werkman: Mitchell Anderson. Griffin Holbrook: Jimmy Marsden. Kendra Erhardt: Maud Winchester.


The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created for the international sales satellite feed.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. Once a program is listed below the top twenty, the ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 95.4 million homes. One rating point is equal to 954,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

The time within the [ ] is the show's edited length. The length is based upon the syndicated version, which has been reformatted for six commercial breaks (the original has five).

All shows aired Mondays at 9:00pm ET, then moved to Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET, starting 1/04/95 (except as noted).


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