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R.E.M. [4/28/99]
Type Encoding Length Size
MPE MPEG-1 2:27 25,601,184

Jennifer Love Hewitt's appearance on Rosie O'Donnell [11/24/98]
240x180 MOVIES (14.985 fps - 11.025 kHz - Stereo)
Type Encoding #1 - 1:45 #2 - 0:22 #3 - 1:22 Lyrics
AVI Indeo 5.06 8,972,444 1,682,132 6,286,928 Love:
O'Donnell I've got a bone to pick with you.
I thought you'd support me in each project I'd do.
But you watch me weekly on TV, my new movie you won't see.
If eight dollars is a problem, then I'll get you in for free.
Come on now Love, I'd see your flick.
Please don't be mad, it's just that horror movies make me sick.
Rosie, don't give me that bull,
'cause you've hurt my self esteem.
And Neve Campbell's angry at you too,
for never seeing "Scream."
It's just that Love, I've got this fear.
"Exit to Eden" gave me nightmares for a solid year.
Now maybe we're just not that close.
Love, it isn't what you think, I'm just to scared.
Well then I'd consider seeing a shrink.
I never miss "Party of Five,"
but I just can't bear to watch a film
that which you might not stay alive.
Now between just you and me,
if they want sequel number three,
then I'll survive, I will survive.
Ooooooh Kaaaaay!!!
MOV CinePak 11,301,473 2,369,679 8,722,107
Type Encoding #4 - 1:33 #5 - 1:27 #6 - 1:05
AVI Indeo 5.06 7,323,700 6,939,360 5,507,756
MOV CinePak 10,013,424 9,308,529 6,958,798
Type Encoding #7 - 0:50 #8 - 0:57 #9 - 1:07
AVI Indeo 5.06 4,030,276 4,755,048 5,350,900
MOV CinePak 5,331,639 6,128,345 7,139,585
Type Encoding #10 - 1:38
AVI Indeo 5.06 8,075,524
MOV CinePak 10,521,639
If you want to play the whole interview straight through, non-stop, you'll have to download the QuickTime Document Movie [298,230] and all ten of the MOV files listed above. Place all eleven files in the same directory and start the QuickTime Document Movie as you would any other QuickTime movie. It will complain about not finding the files. Just tell the program where to find them. Once the files are loaded, just press play.
If you are interested in the song they sang, it is in part 10.
Sung to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

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