[Party of Five]

Fools Rush Out

As Charlie is stunned by the news of Daphne's pregnancy, Julia gets word that she's been accepted at Stanford. And while he was once ambivalent about moving in with Annie, Bailey insists that he now wants to get married. However, after Bailey faces down an angry and equally determined Jay, he's stunned to learn that Annie and Natalie are moving back with him. Then, as Claudia tries to anticipate anything that could possibly disrupt her big night at the prom with Jamie, Daphne admits she would be willing to have an abortion. But Charlie suggests she have the baby, even if it means having to raise the child on his own.

As Griffin suggests that Julia attend college in the fall without him, Bailey chastises Annie for refusing to give him a chance before deciding to move. And when he turns to Sarah for support, she claims she's still in love with him, leading the two longtime friends into bed -- together! Meanwhile, when Claudia discovers he had the date of the prom all wrong, Jamie asks their limousine driver to negotiate a truce.

As Julia prepares to leave Griffin and start her life over at college, Claudia gets word that she's been accepted at a Prestigious East coast boarding school. But when she's anxious about what might happen with Jamie, Julia tries to reassure her sister that things don't have to end up like her and Griffin. Finally, after breaking the news to his sisters Charlie joins Daphne at the doctor's office where he gets his first look at their baby.


As Julia prepares to leave for college, Claudia's encounters an unexpected problem with her big prom night; Bailey makes a stand to save his relationship with Annie as Charlie ponders life as a father.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser and P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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