[Party of Five]

Fools Rush In

As Bailey prepares to move in with Annie, Sarah begins looking for another roommate for a summer beach house. And while Bailey is having second thoughts about moving, Sarah is interested in asking Eric, one of the restaurant's waiters. Although a dinner date with Kirsten and Paul makes Daphne uncomfortable, Charlie refuses to stand up for her decision to work as a stripper. Meanwhile, Griffin unexpectedly wins a romantic weekend for two.

While Bailey is surprised when Sarah asks Eric to move into the apartment now that he's gone, nothing could be more of a shock than when Annie's ex-husband Jay shows up. And while Claudia is stunned when Jamie invites her to his school's prom, Julia isn't at all sure about going away with Griffin. However, sensing that it may be their only chance at reconciliation, she puts everything else on hold in order to go. Meanwhile, after showing up unannounced at a bachelor party to watch her at work, Charlie wants Daphne to quit.

As Eric is preparing to move into his old room, Bailey tells Annie that he doesn't approve of Jay's return. And with Eric's move on hold for now, Bailey is stunned when Jay announces his intention to get both Annie and Natalie back. Meanwhile, as Claudia prepares for the prom, Daphne makes it clear that she doesn't need Charlie interfering in her life. Finally, as Griffin and Julia use their weekend away to put some romance back in their grim lives, Charlie learns that Daphne is pregnant.


Just as Bailey is about to move in, Annie's ex-husband makes an unexpected return; Charlie questions Daphne's choice of jobs as Griffin and Julia win a romantic vacation.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser & Julia Dahl and Ellen Herman

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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