[Party of Five]

opposites distract

As Annie nervously returns home from rehab, Charlie's new girlfriend is directing and starring in a musical she and her friends have written. However, when the leading man drops out at the last minute, Daphne persuades Charlie to step in. With Justin home from college, Julia tells him about her rocky marriage. And though Griffin wants a few days to visit a friend in New Mexico, word of Justin's return makes him think twice about going away. Meanwhile, when Annie realizes that they are using sex in order to avoid talking, she asks Bailey to leave.

As Justin makes his dislike for Griffin clear, Daphne persuades Charlie to forgo a job offer. And after another fight with Julia, Griffin warns Justin to steer clear of his wife. But given the chance, Justin makes it clear that he thinks Griffin and Julia's marriage is a bad idea. Then, as Daphne senses the Salingers looking down on her, Annie's candor about her problems make Sarah uncomfortable. And once Bailey asks for her help too, Sarah insists that he and Annie work it out themselves. Meanwhile, Griffin decides to take the New Mexico trip after all -- until a fight with a newlywed couple at the airport lands him in jail.

After Julia bails him out, Griffin's injuries from the fight make it hard for him to get around. But despite Justin's complaints, she insists on taking care of her husband. In the wake of a bad review, Charlie inspires the cast to continue on with the show. And as Claudia begins to grow weary of her own boyfriend's ceaseless attention, Bailey and Annie lock themselves in a room together to talk things out. Finally, excited by the prospect of a better times ahead with Annie, Bailey encourages a disappointed Sarah to go away for the summer.


As Justin threatens Julia and Griffin's chances of reconciliation, Bailey is unsure about Annie's return from rehab.

Directed by: Julianna Lavin
Written by: Lisa Melamed

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