[Party of Five]

Free & Clear

Following a Tarot card reading predicting a major decision in Charlie's future, Joe reveals he's been approached about selling the restaurant. And while the money and freedom it would present Charlie with an opportunity for change, his siblings have no hesitation about wanting to keep the restaurant themselves. Meanwhile, Julia and Griffin seek the advice of a therapist to heal their crumbling marriage. And as Bailey gets word that his community service obligation has been fulfilled, Claudia's hard-nosed debate opponent asks her out on a date.

While Charlie has second thoughts after agreeing to buy out Joe, Bailey is more convinced than ever that they shouldn't sell. And as the therapy sessions persuade Julia to forgive Griffin's infidelity, Claudia is upset when Jamie fails to show up for their date. Once Charlie changes his mind again, Julia considers using her share of the proceeds to return to school. However, Griffin accuses her of making the decision without him, sending them back to square one in the process of saving their marriage.

Coninced that running the restaurant is what he really wants, Bailey approaches Charlie about taking it over. So, as Claudia discovers that Jamie is the son of their father's old rival, Charlie again agrees to keep the business in the family. And as Bailey prepares to take on the responsibility, Charlie turns to refashioning his own life by starting a romance with Daphne. Finally, as and Claudia vow that the family feud ends with them, Sarah is stunned to hear Bailey talk of getting back together with Annie.


An offer to buy the restaurant prompts Bailey to want to run it himself; as Julia and Griffin head into therapy to save their flagging marriage, Claudia falls in love with the son of an old family rival.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Robin Green & Mitch Burgess

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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