[Party of Five]

go away

After Julia finds a note from Rosalie and confronts Griffin about their affair, Bailey balks at Annie's wanting him to be responsible for keeping her sober. Upset to learn that his cancer treatments may not have worked, Charlie takes Bailey and Julia to a mountain cabin where they used to vacation with their parents. And while returning to the scene of some pleasant childhood memories provides momentary relief, Charlie is soon forced to tell his brother and sister about the inconclusive test results.

Back at home, Kirsten discovers that Claudia is applying to a Massachusetts prep school. And as Griffin turns to Rosalie after being thrown out of the house, Sarah worries about what Annie's drinking will mean for her daughter. As Bailey admits to running away from Annie in order to protect himself and Julia concedes to having second thoughts about skipping college, Charlie admits he's never felt the same since learning of their parent's tragic deaths. Meanwhile, as Sarah intervenes when Annie is too drunk to take care of Natalie, Rosalie convinces Griffin to spend the night. And when pressed by Kirsten, Claudia admits she's afraid of being abandoned once again should Charlie die.

Having ruined their good memories of the cabin with the ill-timed visit, Charlie and his siblings return home. There, Bailey learns that Annie has checked into a rehab program after Sarah agreed to take care of Natalie while she's away. Unaware of what happened while she was gone, Julia arrives at the motorcycle shop unannounced to ask Griffin to come home and work things out. Finally, as Charlie arrives back at the house, he's met with a message from his doctor.


Julia, Charlie and Bailey try leaving their troubles behind by revisiting a childhood vacation spot.

Directed by: Jan Eliasberg
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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