[Party of Five]

true or false

As Charlie insists that Claudia see a psychologist, Julia asks Bailey if she could continue taking one of his college classes while posing as him. But as the class reawakens Julia's intellectual curiosity, her husband is laying the groundwork for an affair with his boss. Meanwhile, an unsettling middle of the night encounter leads Bailey to suspect Annie is drinking again -- a accusation which she vehemently denies.

As Claudia's therapist suggests reaching out for Charlie's help, Julia's first term paper makes it clear that she's not the same person who began the class. While her professor warns that she cannot continue to attend as a student, she offers Julia job as her research assistant instead. As Griffin and Rosalie try to maintain a veil of secrecy over their budding affair, Bailey fears the worst when Annie misses an important AA meeting. And when he tracks her down at home, she's drunk.

With Claudia still uneasy about her relationship with Charlie, Julia tells Griffin about the professor's job offer. Although giving her his blessing, Griffin is fully aware that it will mean spending even less time together. Then, after seeking Sarah's advice, Bailey tells Annie that he can't take responsibility for her rapidly deteriorating life. Finally, as Griffin and Rosalie are preparing to take the next step toward consummating their affair, Julia finds evidence that her husband is seeing someone else.


As Bailey discovers Annie drinking again, Charlie tries to reconnect with Claudia; Julia finds satisfaction in a college course while her husband is contemplating an affair.

Directed by: Lou Antonio
Written by: Ellen Herman

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