[Party of Five]

of sound mind & body

Learning that Claudia has been missing class, Bailey and Julia are determined to straighten things without telling Charlie. But already upset after Charlie asks Kirsten to take Claudia and Owen in the event he should die, Bailey must tend to an emergency at the apartment. And when Julia can't get someone to watch Owen, they both miss the meeting with Claudia's counselor. Meanwhile, Griffin begins to catch the eye of his new boss, Rosalie.

After each of them realize that the other never made the meeting, Bailey and Julia assure Ms. Huffinan that they will straighten things out at once. But when the counselor calls the welfare department, a caseworker arrives at the house to pick up Claudia and Owen. Meanwhile, Kirsten's husband Paul won't agree to be the children's guardian as Griffin sees that Rosalie has more than just a passing interest in him.

At the Child Welfare office, caseworker James Day will only agree to release Claudia and Owen to Kristen. Told of what's happened, Charlie demands to be released from the hospital so he can clear things up . But when his doctor insists he stay, Bailey and Julia are sent to meet with Day, who says they are in danger of losing their younger siblings. Realizing she must present a more stable image, Julia asks Griffin for help. And after they make their case with Day, he agrees to let Claudia and Owen return home as Charlie is finally released from the hospital.


With Charlie in the hospital, Bailey and Julia are threatened with the loss of their younger brother and sister; Griffin's new boss makes a pass at him.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Lisa Melamed

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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