[Party of Five]

i give up

As Bailey juggles his many responsibilities, Griffin puts his motorcycle shop up for sale. And though reluctant to accept an offer from the company that drove him out of business, Julia insists that they may have no other choice. As Claudia's grades at school suffer, Charlie helps Kirsten prepare for a vacation with her husband. However, when Charlie is hospitalized with pneumonia, Paul prefers leaving for their trip while Kirsten makes it clear that she needs to stay. Meanwhile, Bailey drifts dangerously close to flunking out of college.

Charlie is depressed to learn his illness will prolong his radiation treatments. And when Kirsten's caring for him upsets their plans, Paul is none too happy either. As Claudia spends her days at the movies to avoid school and the hospital, Griffin finally agrees to sell the shop. And in one final insult, he's offered a job by its new owner. Meanwhile, as Bailey decides to quit school to devote more time to his family and the business, Charlie begins losing hope for ever being well again.

When Griffin seeks solace from Julia, she's too preoccupied with her family to talk about the job offer. As Kirsten and Paul square off over the time she's spending at the hospital, it becomes clear that she's still in love with Charlie. As a result, Paul must choose whether to take the vacation alone as his wife stays behind. Finally, as Claudia keeps her truancy a secret and Griffin returns to work at the shop, Charlie decides to prepare a will.


Pneumonia puts Charlie in the hospital as Griffin sells to his business rival.

Directed by: Ken Topolsky
Written by: P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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