[Party of Five]

here and now

While Sarah wants to take their relationship to a physical level, Elliot seems more interested in joining Bailey's daily workout. And once Annie and her daughter see them lifting weights together, Natalie playfully suggests that Bailey and Elliot are in love. Facing fierce competition that threatens to drive him out of business, Griffin asks Julia for help making a low cost television commercial. As Julia and Griffin find someone to help them, Bailey subtlety tries to determine whether Elliot's sexual orientation -- only to discover that he thinks they're both gay. Meanwhile, Charlie learns that radiation therapy has put his friend Kevin's cancer in remission.

Upon learning that Sarah has invited Elliot over intending to have sex, Bailey isn't sure how to break the news. However, after Elliot dumps her over dinner, Bailey can no longer keep her boyfriend's sexuality a secret. Meanwhile, only after showing their commercial to a TV station sales executive do Julia and Griffin realize they've been ripped off. And as Claudia is assigned to write a letter for a time capsule at school, Kevin presses Charlie to join him in a new business venture. But between Claudia's looking ahead forty years and Kevin's renewed lease on life, Charlie feels alone in dealing with his own cloudy future.

After confronting Elliot about his sexual preference, Sarah decides to make the best of whatever friendship they can have. But the same cannot be said for Elliot's feelings about Bailey. Meanwhile, Griffin comes to grips with the fact that his motorcycle repair business is dead. And as Charlie bitterly explains how he doesn't have the luxury of an optimistic future, Claudia writes of what she's learned from her family's trials and tribulations.


Sarah's boyfriend falls for Bailey as Griffin and Julia fight to keep their business afloat; a friend's good news depresses Charlie.

Directed by: Dan Attias
Written by: Mark B. Perry

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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