[Party of Five]

of human bonding

As Julia starts a new job, Charlie meets a fellow cancer patient whose illness has inspired him to live for the moment. However, when Charlie joins Kevin following their radiation therapy and is late coming home, he worries his sisters. Meanwhile, after listening to co-worker Jeannie Hanson complain about her husband, Julia realizes her own marriage isn't all that good either. And as Sarah worries about her boyfriend Elliot's sexual experience, Bailey tries winning over Annie's daughter with an ice hockey night at Salinger's.

When he and Sarah arrive at the restaurant for dinner, Elliot ends up joining Griffin at the bar to watch the hockey game as Bailey inadvertently reminds Natalie of her father and ruins her evening. As Julia and Jeannie find Sarah smarting from rejection, Elliot and Griffin retreat to a strip club where the women eventually track them down. And as a result of watching Julia stand up to Griffin, Jeannie is inspired to leave her own husband. Meanwhile, as Sarah questions Elliot about what he expects sexually, Natalie discovers her dad has moved without telling anyone.

Having accused his sisters of going overboard in their efforts to help him, Charlie discovers that even Kevin has limits when it comes to coping with cancer. While Bailey tells Natalie about losing his own father, Sarah learns that Elliot is still a virgin, too. Finally, keeping Jeannie at bay, Julia tries getting Griffin to fight to save their marriage as Bailey's talk cements his relationship with Natalie.


As Charlie finds another cancer victim's attitude an inspiration, Julia empowers a new co-worker to leave her husband; Sarah worries about Elliot's sexual experience past as Bailey tries to win over Annie's daughter.

Directed by: Brian Mertes
Written by: Robin Green & Mitch Burgess and Julia Dahl

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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