[Party of Five]

parent trap

Between Julia's job search and Charlie's sudden rash, the Salinger household is a hectic one. As Kirsten takes Charlie to a Chinese herbalist for his rash, Bailey is too busy to spend the night together after Annie sends her daughter to stay with a friend. But after Bailey then talks her into a morning together in bed, he's stunned when it costs Annie a job interview. Meanwhile, as Claudia struggles for Reed's affection, Griffin's business is one step away from going under. And the pressures of keeping his business afloat while having to cope with Julia's family crises may be too much for him to bear.

When Griffin decides to borrow some of the money he's holding for him, the plan backfires when Howie unexpectedly shows up looking for cash. As the mounting pressures at home and work cause Griffin to come down hard on Claudia for skipping school because of Reed, Julia accuses him of treating her just like his abusive father treated him. While Annie decides to tell her daughter the truth about her relationship with Bailey, she fails to anticipate how badly Natalie would take the news. As a result, things are put on hold until Natalie can be made to understand. Meanwhile, Kirsten gets Charlie to take up meditation for his rash.

As Charlie discovers that his rash may have been caused by a new laundry detergent, Griffin's equipment is repossessed when he can no longer keep up the payments. And while Charlie is upset over his lack of longer control over the events that effect his life, Claudia begs Reed to restore their friendship. Finally, as Julia points out that Charlie's meditation wasn't all a waste of time, she and Griffin find their own marriage coming apart as Bailey and Annie try to keep from upsetting Natalie any further.


As Bailey's relationship with Annie is tested by her daughter's reaction, Griffin and Julia struggle to keep their own marriage from falling apart in the face of the family's crises.

Directed by: Kevin Inch
Written by: Tammy Ader

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