[Party of Five]

empty shoes

As Charlie struggles with the side effects of his radiation treatments, Julia goes to work at the restaurant while also having to help more out at home. But while Bailey is asked to manage Salinger's in his brother's absence, Claudia's offer to help out is rebuffed by Charlie. So, as Julia juggles her responsibilities and Bailey tries putting his own stamp on the family business, Claudia pretends she's fallen asleep on Reed's couch in order to spend the night at his house.

After Bailey takes her off a longtime customer's anniversary party, Julia complains to Charlie, who suggests she start keeping a closer eye on Claudia. However, when Julia approaches her about helping out around the house, Claudia says she's already busy with Reed. As Bailey's quick thinking helps salvage a good tip from Mr. Bancroft, Julia's impatience with a customer prompts her brother to fire her. Meanwhile, Charlie takes it upon himself to help out with an architecture assignment Sarah is struggling with at school.

As Julia seeks consolation from Griffin, Bailey realizes that he's just as capable as Charlie at running the restaurant. And while Bailey wants to keep the news of his success a secret in order to protect his older brother's pride, Charlie insists it's quite all right with him. Finally, as Claudia discovers that a night spent sleeping on Reed's couch doesn't qualify her to be his girlfriend, Charlie continues seeking refuge in Sarah's project.


As Bailey takes over for Charlie at the restaurant, Julia finds her own waitressing job too much to handle; Claudia tries to move her friendship with Reed to romance.

Directed by: Arvin Brown
Written by: P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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