[Party of Five]


When Julia interviews for a low paying position at a popular magazine, Griffin agrees they can cut their expenses enough to make up the difference so she can take the job. Seeing how upset she is over her own job, Bailey insists Annie become a licensed insurance adjuster. And as Bailey helps her study, Julia and Griffin try settling into the Salinger's backyard tool shed. Meanwhile, when Griffin's cost cutting efforts include firing Reed, Claudia isn't too happy.

When a parking ticket at work gets her car towed, Julia sees her first week's salary goina down the drain. As Charlie insists he won't suffer any side effects of radiation therapy, Bailey gets Annie signed up for the exam. However, as Charlie discovers that the treatments make him much sicker than he thought, Bailey is stunned when Annie fails to show up. And only after he schedules another does Bailey learn that she never wanted to do it in the first place. Meanwhile, as Charlie tries coping with his disabling side effects, Sarah tells Julia to get a job that pays more.

As Charlie insists that only he can clean out the shed for Julia and Griffin, Claudia gives Reed a job driving her around town. And after listening to Bailey complain about no one wanting his help, Sarah reminds him that it's Charlie who's sick and Annie who's stuck in a job she doesn't like. Then, as Julia finds herself a better paying job gift wrapping at a department store, Griffin and Charlie find common ground over cleaning the shed as Bailey makes up with Annie and gets her take the test.


As Charlie's radiation therapy begins, he's reluctant to accept any help from his family; Bailey is rebuffed in his efforts to help Annie find a new job; and Julia looks for a job to help make ends meet.

Directed by: Vicki Jackson LeMay
Written by: Robin Green & Mitch Burgess

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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