[Party of Five]

truth be told

Deciding to reveal the news about his cancer, Charlie begins by giving Claudia a sanitized version of the truth. After devastating Bailey with his story, he finds Julia too preoccupied over her own problems to tell her just yet. As Charlie seeks comfort from Kirsten, Claudia's faith in her brother's honesty is shattered upon learning just how serious his disease really is. Meanwhile, when Bailey tries giving him the benefit of his own experience as a recovering alcoholic, Charlie has little patience for his advice.

After realizing she'll have to get a paying job, Julia learns about Charlie's condition from Claudia. And when she doesn't show up at the hospital like everyone else, Charlie is upset. While Charlie complains that she doesn't care about anyone other than herself, Julia points out that he's the one who didn't tell her he was sick. Meanwhile, as Claudia and Bailey's advice become too much for him to bear, Charlie turns to Kirsten for help, only to find tha@t she's worried about being the next one to disappoint him.

As Charlie tries dealing with his radiology treatments alone, Bailey criticizes Sarah for trying to console his brother behind his back. And deciding to help, Julia and Griffin arrive at the Salinger home to find a place where they can live. Realizing that he's alienated Kirsten, too, Charlie's siblings anxiously await him to return from the hospital. But instead of being angry, Charlie is afraid of what lies ahead and ready to accept whatever comfort and care his family can give.


Charlie and his family struggle to come to grips with his cancer.

Directed by: Steve Robman
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

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