[Party of Five]

sickness, health/richer, poorer

With the approach of Julia's wedding, Charlie has yet to tell anyone other than Kirsten that he's sick. And not wanting to make a scene at his sister's wedding, Bailey tells Annie that she can't come with him. However, when Sarah reveals that she's bringing her new boyfriend, Bailey admits to his own affair and asks Annie and her daughter to attend. Meanwhile, as Julia plans an intimate surprise party, Griffin learns that getting out of his deal with Howie comes at a high price. And when Charlie tells Nina about his cancer, she does her best to keep him thinking positive.

On the day of the wedding, Griffin insists on going to work first, leaving Julia to get ready at the house as Bailey shows up with Annie and Natalie. As Charlie learns that his treatments are going to disrupt the plans Nina has made for them, Griffin's efforts to resist another illicit deal only get him beat up by Howie right before the wedding. So when Griffin arrives bloodied, Julia grills him about what really happened. Meanwhile, after Natalie accidentally ruins the wedding cake, Bailey Charlie try finding another on short notice as she gets sick and locks herself in the bathroom.

As most everyone else is struggling to free Natalie, Griffin admits he's in trouble. Despite being fraught with doubts, Julia still agrees to go ahead with the wedding. And as the mounting pressure proves overwhelming for Charlie, Nina asks that he find someone else to share his troubles with. Apologizing for all the trouble, Annie then makes matters worse when she accepts Elliot's offer of a ride, forcing Sarah to drive home alone. Finally, Julia tries reassuring Griffin, and herself, that things will be fine.


On their wedding day, Julia doubts Griffin's commitment, while Charlie and Nina grapple with his illnesses effect on their relationship; Bailey's bringing Annie and her daughter disrupts Julia's wedding.

Directed by: Rodman Flender
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

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