[Party of Five]

positive attitude

As the Salingers prepare for another wedding, Bailey is given just two days to read Moby Dick. And when he turns to Sarah for help, Bailey discovers she's preparing for a dinner date. As Charlie and Julia discuss the wedding plans, Griffin is distracted by the opening of a large motorcycle shop near his own. Meanwhile, as Bailey does his best to avoid Sarah and Elliott's date, Charlie accepts Kirsten's husband's invitation to play racquetball. However, when Charlie passes out during their match, Paul insists on taking him to the hospital.

Though Bailey plans to study at home, he's distressed to learn that Elliott is coming back. However, what really bothers him are Sarah's obvious plans for sex. As Griffin bears down at work, Julia thinks he doesn't want a wedding, forcing him to find a way to placate her and save his business, too. Though lulled into complacency by the results of his blood tests, Charlie learns that he has cancer. As Charlie is getting the news about his Hodgkin's Disease, Bailey heads for the library to avoid Elliott and Sarah. But when Annie tracks him down, he ends up spending the night with her.

To keep his business afloat, Griffin turns to his business partner for a loan, but has second thoughts after Howie asks him to launder some illicit cash. Meanwhile, when Charlie decides to fire their wedding planner, Julia is pleasantly surprised. And when Kirsten arrives to say that she and Paul won't be coming to the wedding after all, Charlie decides to let her know about his cancer. Finally, as Charlie holds off on telling anyone else for now, Bailey learns that Sarah and Elliott didn't have sex after all.


While making amends with Kirsten and her husband, Charlie gets some bad news about his health; Sarah's new romance makes Bailey reconsider seeing Annie, and a new competitor threatens Griffin's business.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: P.K. Simonds

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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