[Party of Five]

immediate family

As Nina helps Charlie prepare for the restaurant's re-opening, Bailey is invited to join Annie for a dinner alone. However, after lying to Sarah about it, Bailey is warned against getting involved with Annie by his AA sponsor. As Charlie makes it clear that he doesn't like Griffin, he is stunned when he thinks he's spotted Kirsten. Then, as Julia encourages Griffin to get to know Charlie and Claudia gets Reed a job at the motorcycle shop, Charlie learns that she has returned to live in San Francisco. And after convincing Nina that having dinner with her shouldn't be a threat, Charlie learns that Kirsten is married.

While Griffin tries to improve their relationship by offering to fix an old jukebox Charlie is throwing out, Reed's request for dating advice leads Claudia to believe that he means to ask her out. But after telling Julia about it, Claudia is surprised to learn that Reed is really interested in someone else. Meanwhile, as Julia encourages Charlie to come to grips with Kirsten marriage, following a less-than-romantic dinner together, Annie suggests she and Bailey give up on trying to remain just friends

With Sarah uninterested in being anything more than just roommates, even when her daughter tries bringing him and Annie back together, Bailey realizes they can't. Then, after he and Kirsten agree that everything worked out for the best, Charlie admits he's in love with Nina. Finding that Charlie was totally unaware he was fixing the jukebox causes Griffin to angrily explode at his brother-in-law. As a result of Griffin's harsh words, Charlie makes sure that he knows he approves of him being a member of the family and tries to make amends by offering to have a real wedding for him and Julia.


As Bailey is warned to avoid a romance with Annie, Charlie is stunned by the return of Kirsten; Griffin is convinced that Charlie doesn't want him in the family; and Claudia misreads Reed's romantic intentions.

Directed by: Dan Attias
Written by: Mark B. Perry

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