[Party of Five]

fight or flight

As things with and Sarah getting increasingly grow testy, Bailey's friendship with Annie puts him in a difficult spot when she wants to pay her rent late. And when Bailey loans her $200, Sarah questions his judgment. Although she's rapidly losing interest in working the museum, Julia manages to keep her job after threatening to accuse Daniel of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, after Nina convinces him to take care of an ailing bird, Charlie discovers she may be going to China for several months.

After Sarah learns that she is already several months behind on her rent, Bailey confronts Annie about her lack of honesty. But he's reluctant to follow through when the owner wants to evict Annie and leaves Sarah to finish the job. Sensing something has gone horribly wrong at work, Griffin arrives at the museum. Upon learning how his wife shamelessly flirted in order to get the job, he attacks Daniel. Meanwhile, Charlie is heartened by the news that Nina's trip to China has fallen through.

When a problem requires him to close the restaurant for repairs, Nina suggests that Charlie take advantage of the time off. After Bailey comes up with a way for her to avoid paying her rent for awhile, Annie thanks Sarah. Realizing that Bailey acted without telling her first, Sarah wonders if he's falling in love. And though Bailey denies it, Annie's kiss causes him to think twice. When accused of not being committed to their marriage, Julia returns to being a docent, a decision that Daniel doesn't hesitate to endorse.


As Annie comes between Bailey and Sarah, Chariie's growing attachment to Nina is jeopardized by her job; Julia threatens to accuse her boss of sexual harassment.

Directed by: Patrick Norris
Written by: Julia Dahl

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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