[Party of Five]


As Bailey and Sarah start work as apartment managers, Griffin suggests they make some extra money by doing repairs themselves. But the plan backfires when Bailey's efforts to fix Annie Mott's leaky pipes end in disaster. As Julia sets her sights on a new position at the museum, Owen introduces Charlie to an intriguing woman at the supermarket. And while Julia purposely misleads curator Daniel Musser about her marital status in order to get the job, Charlie falls in love with naturalist Nina Ronstadt. Meanwhile, when threatened with being fired as the school mascot, Claudia redoubles her efforts to stay on.

On the eve of his first date with Nina, Charlie falls ill. And though he tries getting through dinner, he's forced to head home early. Then, as Julia's extra hours at the museum cut into her time at home, an accident sends Claudia to the nurse in Reed's arms. Meanwhile, Bailey and Sarah's inexperience sends Annie to the building's owner. But while Sarah suggests a war to drive her out, Bailey's commitment to getting rid of Annie is tested after he spots her at an A.A. meeting.

When she's asked to attend a big fund-raiser at the museum, Julia is ecstatic. But her efforts backfire when Daniel makes a pass at her. After Charlie's illness sends him to the hospital for some tests, Claudia concludes that he's lovesick. And while the news that Annie is an alcoholic causes Bailey to reconsider his harsh treatment, Sarah questions his change of heart. Finally, as Julia asks Griffin to join her at the gala after all, Claudia realizes how much Reed cares about her when he recommends she quit as the mascot.


As Bailey and Sarah get off to a rocky start as apartment managers, Julia's new job leads to a misunderstanding with her boss; dating makes Charlie sick while an accident draws Claudia closer to Reed.

Directed by: Eric Jewett
Written by: Robin Green & Mitch Burgess

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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