[Party of Five]


Already uncomfortable with Sarah's suggestion that they be roommates, Bailey is made even more so by a community service assignment to talk about alcoholism at his old high school -- the same one where Claudia has just started. As Bailey tries to get out of it, Sarah is bilked by a crooked landlord. And though he offers to pitch in once he's got a job, Bailey's criminal record proves to be a handicap. Meanwhile, as Charlie struggles to start dating again, Griffin hides his business problems from Julia.

After buying a motorcycle for a customer who decides he doesn't want it after all, Griffin worries about keeping his business afloat. And as Charlie's next date falls flat after revealing he has children to care for, Bailey's self respect plummets after of losing the job and learning Claudia avoided the school assembly. With Bailey disappointed in Claudia for skipping school to avoid being embarrassed by him, Charlie lashes out at Julia after finding her and Griffin making love in the laundry room. Meanwhile, after Claudia encourages him not to give up, Charlie is the one with second thoughts when his next date has two-year-old twins.

Although he balks at her buying new clothes for work, Griffin still won't let Julia know just how shaky their finances are right now. But once he pressures him about the buying the bike as promised, Griffin is relieved when Howie offers to invest money in the business instead. Hoping to make amends with Bailey, Claudia lets him know about an apartment manager's job. And as Bailey gets Sarah to apply so they can live there together, Charlie arrives at Julia and Griffin's apartment to apologize.


Griffin tries to keep his business problems from Julia and Charlie fails at getting back into the dating game, Bailey discovers his criminal record will make it hard to find a job.

Directed by: Lou Antonio
Written by: Amy Lippman & Christopher Keyser

© 1998 Columbia TriStar Pictures
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