[Party of Five]

what a drag

Only after he's started seeing her again does Bailey discover that Sarah hasn't mentioned a word of their relationship to her parents. So when Bailey approaches Mr. Reeves for forgiveness, all he gets is a warning to stay away from his daughter, or else. Meanwhile, as Julia comes home from a summer in Europe to begin married life with Griffin, Charlie worries about Owen's sudden fondness for women's clothes.

As a result of her dad's encounter with Bailey, Sarah learns that he isn't going to pay for her to live on campus when she starts school, insisting that she commute from home instead. And Bailey soon discovers that he isn't going to stop there when Mr. Reeves brings charges against him for the drunk driving accident that injured Sarah. Meanwhile, as Julia struggles with getting used to being Griffin's wife and Charlie turns to Owen's teacher for advice, Claudia tries out for her high school's cheerleading squad.

After posting bail, Bailey's lawyer is pretty sure that an otherwise clean record will insure him some leniency. However, Sarah discovers that regardless of what she's prepared to do, her father intends to see Bailey punished. And when Charlie's pleas to the D.A. fall on deaf ears, Bailey is forced to stand trial. Meanwhile, as Julia discovers that family life has moved on during her absence, Claudia learns that she's made the cheerleading squad...as their new mascot. But her humiliation at having to wear a ridiculous costume is soon tempered by an older classmate's attention. Finally, as Griffin tries to ease Julia's obvious discomfort, Charlie takes matters into his own hands with a man to man talk with Owen.


As Julia returns from Europe to be Griffin's wife, Bailey is persecuted by Sarah's angry father.

Directed by: Michael Engler
Written by: Mark B. Perry

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